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Essential Oil Solutions for Maternity and Infant Care Created By: Marty Harger, Licensed Massage Therapist Balance Wellness Center, Heber City, UT Stephanie.

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1 Essential Oil Solutions for Maternity and Infant Care Created By: Marty Harger, Licensed Massage Therapist Balance Wellness Center, Heber City, UT Stephanie Fritz, Licensed Midwife/Certified Professional Midwife, Sierra Vista, AZ

2 Essential Oils & Pregnancy – An Alternative to OTC Medications & Prescriptive Drugs “Essential oils have been used safely for hundreds of years by thousands of pregnant women in the form of perfumes, bath essences, and scented soap.” --- Jane Buckle, RN, PhD – Clinical Aromatherapy – Essential Oils in Practice, 2003 “Aromatherapy is nurturing and comforting, and promotes a sense of happy well-being in pregnant women; it can also help ease some of the discomforts of pregnancy. One of the interesting links between aromatherapy and pregnancy is that pregnant women have a heightened sense of smell. This needs to be taken into consideration when choosing which essential oils to use …” ---Gill Farrer-Halls – The Aromatherapy Bible, 2005

3 How Can You Naturally Approach Pregnancy, Labor & Post-Partum Care? With Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

4 What Is An Essential Oil?  Natural aromatic compounds found in plants  Steam distilled or cold pressed extraction  Powerful, safe benefits without side effects (Oil sacs on peppermint leaf)

5 Brief History of Essential Oils Used for 1,000+ yrs : Egypt, China, Greece, India, Mesopotamia Rediscovered in early 1900’s in France Widely used today in Europe, Australia and Asia Significant growth in U.S.

6 The Powerful, Medicinal Properties of EOs Have Been Used for 1,000’s of Years! Analgesic Antibacterial Antibiotic Antidepressant Antifungal Anti-Inflammatory Antioxidant Anti-parasitic Antiseptic Antispasmodic Antiviral Astringent Decongestant Digestive Disinfectant Diuretic Expectorant Immune System Strengthener Sedative/Relaxant Stimulant

7 Aromatic Diffusion Purify rooms or change emotion Diffuser Drop in hands Drop on tissue Spray on a surface or nearby Just open/smell from bottle Topical Application Apply directly to skin or in a carrier oil Internal Use In a capsule, under the tongue, in water or honey 3 Simple and Safe Models for Use Very safe and gentle Keep out of eyes, ears, and nose Dilute with oil, not water Check for skin sensitivity with first time use

8 Recommended Oils Application Great, natural way to bond with your child throughout their life! All oils require repeat application every 3-4 hours Always store oils safely – on high shelves! Infants – highly diluted – Best choices: diffuser, on feet diluted – OK to apply to torso if highly diluted Toddlers + Young Children – Under 6 = ¼ normal dosage – Under 12 = ½ normal dosage – Best choices depend on area of concern: Diffuse, apply to feet, dilute and apply externally Ok for internal use in water or capsule if they can swallow it Ears – drops onto cotton ball – wipe around outside of ear. Cotton ball in ear. Teenagers + College age – same as adult dosage and application

9 Essential Oil Safety  Very safe and gentle with few side effects  Keep out of eyes, ears, and nose  Dilute with Fractionated coconut oil, not water  Skin sensitivity primary safety issue  Follow all label directions

10 Know the Quality of Your Source! Seek counsel from experienced oil users Why do some oils say “external use only” and “keep away from children”?? When in doubt…use topical Lavender only – Avoid inexpensive “aromatherapy” oils – Source for highest quality available Remember, LESS IS MORE for effect Don’t expect your doctor to know!

11 © 2008 DōTerra Intl, LLC Confidential and proprietary information. Unauthorized duplication strictly prohibited. Therapeutic Health Benefit Synthetic Perfume /Industrial Food GRAS Standard Essential Oil Production & Quality

12 Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade ™  PURE—Every batch GCMS tested, 100% natural, no artificial ingredients, fragrances, or fillers  SAFE—Certified to be free of pesticides and other chemical residues  POTENT—Standardized active compounds Highest Quality Essential Oils in the World

13 Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade™ essential oils— a natural healthcare alternative. The product statements in this presentation have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. dōTERRA essential wellness products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.


15 “Safe” Essential Oils for Pregnancy? “ I use ALL dōTERRA essential oils during pregnancy both internally and topically,. I don’t know of ANY adverse reaction to these oils during pregnancy, but I can only say this about dōTERRA, not about any other brand.” --- Stephanie Fritz, Licensed Midwife/Certified Professional Midwife – Sierra Vista, AZ dōTERRA CPTG™ essential oils are safe for use during pregnancy!

16 Establish a Daily Health Routine for You & Your Baby  Apply Balance & On Guard to feet every morning.  4-5 drops Frankincense under tongue a.m. and p.m.  10 drops of Grapefruit in a capsule  Apply to feet before bed, a few drops of your favorite “stress free” oils Roman Chamomile, Bergamot, Frankincense, Lavender, Serenity  Lifelong Wellness Pack daily the most complete prenatal vitamin and supplement program

17 © 2008 dōTERRA Holdings, LLC, Unauthorized duplication prohibited dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack © 2008 dōTERRA Holdings, LLC, Unauthorized duplication prohibited Omega 3 & 6 + Essential Oils, Anti-Oxidants, Vitamins & Minerals

18 Apply Breathe Blend, Lavender, Wintergreen or Peppermint on chest and under nose Add a few drops of Eucalyptus, Lemon, Breathe Blend or Lavender to a warm bath to help open up sinuses Diffuse any of these oils in the bedroom while sleeping Allergies, Colds & Sniffles

19 Add a few drops of Serenity Blend to a tissue and put in pillow case to alleviate anxiety at night or apply topically Apply Balance Blend to feet each morning and evening for grounding. Diffuse 2-3 drops each of Geranium, Lavender, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang to promote peace & calm Anxiety & Worry Oils work differently on different people. You may also want to try a combination of equal parts Bergamot, Roman Chamomile & Frankincense Stephanie’s Did You Know? “There is substantial evidence which suggests that a mothers physical and mental wellness during pregnancy can affect not only the outcome of their pregnancy but the well being of their child later in life. The best thing you can to do to ensure the well being of your baby is to minimize both physical and emotional stress as much as possible. Regular therapeutic massage and use of dōTERRA essential oils during pregnancy helps you AND your baby!”

20 To clean surface cuts or wounds – apply Melaleuca or Purify Blend Apply Helichrysum for tissue repair – bad bruises, cuts Use White Fir or Lavender on areas of pain relief or on wounds 2-3x a day. Use Deep Blue Blend or PastTense topically to help alleviate pain & soreness Cuts, Bruises and Pain Relief

21 3-4 drops of On Guard Blend in a capsule, taken internally. Or apply “neat” to feet several times a day. Drops of Lavender in a bath or apply Peppermint on the temples, forehead & behind head to help lower a fever Diffuse a few drops of Melaleuca or Cypress to help quell flu symptoms Diffuse Breathe or Eucalyptus at night to help ease congestion Flu & Viruses

22 Apply a few drops of Peppermint, Frankincense, Wintergreen and PastTense Roll-On on forehead, temples and at base of brain stem and massage in For migraines, steam inhale a few drops of Lavender, Frankincense or Peppermint or combine all 3 in equal parts and apply topically to key areas Headaches or Migraines

23 Apply a few drops of Deep Blue Blend, PastTense Blend, AromaTouch Blend, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Wintergreen or Lavender on sore muscles and massage into body. For leg cramps, soak feet in a warm bath with 5 drops Geranium, 10 drops Lavender and 2 drops Cypress To reduce stretch marks – apply Lavender and Myrrh to skin with Fractionated Coconut Oil Muscle Aches, Leg Cramps & Stretch Marks

24 Apply 3-5 drops of Peppermint, Ginger or DigestZen Blend just below your ribcage. For some – just open the bottle and smell it for relief. To combat morning sickness, mix 2 drops Lavender, 2 drops Sandalwood and 2 drops Ginger into carrier oil and massage abdomen Mix Peppermint and Wintergreen in a tissue and inhale as needed Put 2-3 drops of Ginger or Peppermint into a capsule and swallow Nausea, Indigestion, Motion Sickness

25 Apply 3-5 drops of Lemon, Grapefruit or Cypress into a carrier oil and massage into hands, feet & ankles. Elevate legs. Put 2-3 drops of Grapefruit or Lemon into every cup of your drinking water and enjoy! Swelling & Water Retention Stephanie’s Did You Know? Your pregnant body doubles its fluids by 28 weeks! dōTERRA Essential Oils help your body’s natural ability to improve circulation. ---a particularly great aid for pregnant women.

26 Oils can be used to bring body back to pre-pregnancy state, and to balance emotion and spirit Apply Clary Sage to lower abdominal area to promote uterine contractions and assist in passing remaining tissue Apply Deep Blue Blend, or a combination of Eucalyptus & Peppermint to abdomen for pain relief Continue application of blend of Clary Sage, Geranium and Lavender to balance body/mind/spirit In the event of Miscarriage Remember to address your emotional wellbeing with am/pm application of blends such as Balance, Elevation and Serenity, or single oils such as Frankincense + Wild Orange or Sandalwood + Citrus Bliss.


28 Balance – Apply to feet to helps instill confidence throughout the labor process to insure a relaxed state of mind and ease of delivery. Helichrysum – contractive effect – pulls together dilated tissue, circulation stimulating, tonic for uterus & endometrium, natural antidepressant, for bruising, swelling, bleeding and tissue regeneration Serenity Blend – Reduces anxiety, stimulates circulation, calming, antibiotic, antiseptic, disinfectant, anti- inflammatory Deep Blue, PastTense or Peppermint to ease pain from back labor Clary Sage – may facilitate birth, estrogenic oil, euphoric, helps respiratory/breathing Peppermint – drops in toilet assists in emptying bladder Best Choice Oils for Labor Diffuse oils in the delivery room if possible!

29 Stephanie’s Delivery Tip For perineal support – Combine dōTERRA’s Fractionated Coconut Oil and Helichyrsum to create a lubricant oil for crowning. Pour the mixture into hands and apply it all over perineal area. Helps with swelling, helps to avoid stretching and tearing, helps prevent bruising of baby’s head. Recipe once Labor has started: 15 drops carrier oil plus 4 drops Helichyrsum, 2 drops DigestZen, 2 drops Peppermint, 5 drops Ylang Ylang, 2 drops Clary Sage…massage to inside of ankles, lower stomach & low back for nausea and muscle pain.

30 Frankincense on the crown of head and back. Balance on the bottom of feet to align the body Myrrh on the umbilical cord to help seal tissue and protect all systems of the body (drying effect) Oils for the New Baby


32 Essential oils that provide natural hormone balancing and “grounding” of the psyche can be diffused, massaged with a carrier oil, or applied “neat”: Clary Sage Grapefruit Lemon Sandalwood Vetiver Balance Blend Elevation Blend Postpartum Depression Stephanie’s Tip: Daily health choices make a difference! Frankincense – 5 drops under tongue Lifelong Wellness Pack

33 Dilute 1:1 drops of Myrrh, Geranium or Sandalwood with a Fractionated Coconut Oil for dry, cracked nipples Mastitis (breast infection) can be addressed using Melaleuca, Thyme, Clove, Rosemary or Lavender with 2 drops of carrier oil to 8 drops of essential oil. Massage into breast and onto lymph nodes under armpit Increase milk flow: 2-3 times a day massage EITHER Basil or Geranium or Clary Sage into breast tissue – avoiding nipple. Breast Feeding

34 Cesarean Scar Suggestions 5 drops Helichrysum and 5 drops Lavender with 1 T. sunflower or or liquid lecithin and apply on location. 1 drop Lavender, 1 drop Lemongrass, 1 drop Geranium on location to help prevent scar formation.

35 Substantially dilute amount of oil used. Premix for ease of use & store in cool, dry place Infant Massage – 5 Tbsp of Fractionated Coconut Oil + 1 drop Lavender + 1 drop Roman Chamomile Sniffles & Stuffy Nose: – Diffuse Breathe blend or Eucalyptus & Lavender, or Lemon & Melaleuca Infant Care

36 Calming and Soothing – Massage or diffuse with Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Frankincense, Serenity or Balance Blend (diffuse) Teething – Diffuse Lavender or Roman Chamomile – Apply Infant Massage blend to jaw Diaper Rash or Cradle Cap – Melaleuca & Lavender diluted in Fractionated Coconut Oil

37 Overall wellbeing Fractionated Coconut Oil and Frankincense on their back every day to balance all important body systems Baby Powder Alternative Add 20 drops of Lavender to 8 tbsp Cornstarch Colic or Tummy Aches Apply diluted DigestZen to stomach in a 1:1 ratio if needed, or apply neat Diaper Rash Mix Sandalwood or Myrrh in a carrier oil and lightly coat area Use Lavender or Helichrysum or Melaleuca Teething Mix 2 drops of Clove to 1 tbsp Fractionated Coconut Oil and apply to gum line Well Baby Care

38 Maintain Your Daily Health Routine for You & Your Baby Preventative healthcare means continuing to create a daily habit so you don’t have to remember the details while caring for you and your newborn!

39 Want to Know More? Get a few great reference books Attend other classes offered in our area Listen to webinars from experts on line

40 CHOOSE TO: Empower yourself to care for your family’s needs Use the preventative, healing power of dōTERRA’s essential oils ---tested every batch, every time! Help the earth with a natural, plant-based health solution ©2009 dōTERRA INTERNATIONAL,LLC

41 How to Purchase?

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51 Thank you for joining us. Enjoy dōTERRA’s wonderful oils… a true “gift of the earth”!

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