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Sustainability in Facilities Management Pat King Landscape Architect / Sustainability Coordinator

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1 Sustainability in Facilities Management Pat King Landscape Architect / Sustainability Coordinator

2 About Old Dominion Old Dominion University – State-assisted, doctoral research institution Locations – Main campus in Norfolk, Va situated on more than 188 acres bounded on one side by the Elizabeth River and on another side by the Lafayette River Northern section of the campus has shaded brick walkways and stately buildings Southern end of the campus features newer academic buildings which line an eight-acre lawn – University operates centers in Northern Virginia, Virginia Beach, Tri-Cities and on the Peninsula.

3 Sustainability Initiatives The Facilities Management at Old Dominion University working to promote sustainability vision: – Minimize ecological foot print – Become a leader with other higher education institutions Outdoor & water-related sustainability initiatives – Sustainable landscaping – Smart irrigation – Indoor water efficiencies – Rain catchment & underground water storage – Waste management & awareness

4 Sustainable Landscaping Practices Landscaping around low water requirements – Low maintenance, low water, plant pallet that is used for all landscape projects. – Bermuda sod used widely Can survive during the drought months Go dormant in extreme drought but recover once there is rainfall Generally takes two years of irrigation to establish Low water requirements for Established Plants Extensive mulching and related sustainable landscaping practices

5 Community & State Tree Programs ‘ ODU Urban Tree Trail’ – educates public visitors and residents about native and non-native trees on campus. – Self-guided trail running a.4 mile loop – Interpretive signage to educate on 30 different tree species. ‘Remarkable Tree Places of Virginia’ – ODU added to the list – Documents the states' largest, oldest, most historic, beautiful and beloved trees

6 Why Smart Irrigation? Need Smart Irrigation that can minimize water (and operational) requirements – Flexible, controllable irrigation systems that are easy to use and manage – Based on weather system that replaces water lost through evaporation specific to a zone and landscape type – Rain gauges that keep system off when there is adequate rain fall Chose WeatherTRAK by HydroPoint Data Systems – Leading provider with smart water management systems – Chosen Based off 4 criteria: Technology, Intellectual property, Team and Market potential – Worked with Smith Turf for selection and installation

7 Smart Irrigation: The Solution WeatherTRAK Pro2 Central – Installed 37 controllers in Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach How it Works – Zones through out Grounds are established with the controller and scheduling engine – HydroPoint Climate IQ Center delivers weather data to the controller – WEATHER-TRAK ET automatically schedules irrigation based on smart evapotranspiration (ET) to address landscape needs and local weather conditions – Centralize tool that shows visibility into the whole system – No standalone PC - all information maintained in the cloud

8 Achieving Operating Efficiencies Operational efficiency – Able to manage the system from the internet or smart phones, minimize travel time – Customizable alerts



11 WeatherTRAK saving on Water & Water- Related Costs Plant Management – Eliminates landscape over/under watering, increasing plant health Risks & Damage – Reduce hardscape damage from overwatering – Lower slip/fall damage from wet areas Sustainability Impacts – Reduces water runoff that would enter the urban storm drain system – By July of 2013, reduce irrigation water consumption by 25%

12 Indoor Efficiencies: Water Reduction in Dorms 75% of shower heads in campus residences are low flow at 1.5 gallons per minute. 75% of spigots in wash basins are low flow. Standard water closets are being replaced with water reduction water closets where applicable. Housing has increased the number of front loading washers requiring less water.

13 Rain Water Collection GOAL: – Establish additional rain barrel collection systems – By March of 2013, reduce Irrigation water consumption by 20% by using cistern collection The Facilities Grounds Division has established two above ground water collecting Systems. There are also two cisterns that can hold up to 24,000 gallons

14 Storm Water Management Storm Water Management Plan – Meet DCR guidelines to protect and improve water quality in the Chesapeake Bay. ODU storm-water management program – The Grounds Division monitors and cleans up trash that falls into the ponds everyday.

15 Rain Gardens to Manage Run-Off Rain garden at Engineering and Computational Sciences Building – Temporarily hold and soak in rain water runoff that flows from roofs, driveways, patios or lawns – Removes up to 90% of nutrients and chemicals and up to 80% of sediments from the rainwater runoff – 30% more water to soak into the ground compared to a conventional lawn

16 Waste Management Strategies Converting to Power at Refuse Derived Fuel Plant – Wheelabrator Technologies Power Plant – Materials are sorted from 55 dumpsters from ODU – Waste is burned to create steam and electricity Composting – 30 yard compost yard debris dumpster to the Tidewater Green – Grounds Department use Greencore bags Compacting – 40 cubic yard compactor on site – Waste is taken to a Solid Waste Processing plant Results: Waste to landfill reduced – 59 dumpsters on campus – Only 1 goes to the landfill

17 Waste Awareness: The Elizabeth River Project Goal: Making one of the most polluted rivers in VA safe to Swim by 2020 Key Programs – RiverStar Homes with rain barrel system – “Scoop the Poop” Pet waste stations have been installed in campus areas. Success to date – Removal of tons of toxic sediment – Restoration of wetlands – 17 species of native fish and shellfish have returned

18 Waste Awareness: 2012 Game Day Challenge Contest for Universities to Promote Waste Reduction from pre-game events Focusing on recycled, mixed and compostable materials Targeting the tailgating community

19 CONTACTS Patricia King/ Hydropoint / Smith turf & irrigation

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