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2 What type of lettuce is used in Caesar salad? (220)
Romaine lettuce

3 What is the most popular American salad green? (220)
Iceberg (head) lettuce

4 What are the 4 basic parts to any salad? (221)
Base Body Garnish Dressing

5 What type of salad green is appropriate to use with mayonnaise based dressing? (221)

6 What does a garnish do? (222)
Enhances the appearance of the salad while also complimenting the overall taste

7 What are the 5 main types of salads? (224)
Green – tossed and composed Bound Vegetables Fruit Combination

8 What are bound salads bound together with? (225)
Some type of heavy dressing such as mayonnaise

9 What are the cooked primary ingredients in a bound salad? (225)
Meat Poultry Fish Egg Potato Pasta Rice

10 The two types of green salads are … (225)
Tossed Composed

11 How should you handle garnishes that might become soggy or discolored
Add them just prior to serving Examples include croutons or avocadoes

12 What are the two fruits that cannot be added to gelatin raw or they will not allow the gelatin to set? (232) Raw pineapple Raw papaya

13 Fruits such as apples and bananas will discolor after being peeled or cut. What do you need to do to them to keep it from happening? (233) Dip them in a combination of lemon juice and water to keep their fresh appearance. Do not soak the fruit in the mixture or it will ruin the flavor of the fruit.

14 What is a starter salad? (234)
They are served as an appetizer to the main meal. They are smaller in portion size and consists of light, fresh, crisp ingredients to stimulate the appetite.

15 What is another name for an accompaniment salad? (235)
Side salad

16 What is an intermezzo salad? (235)
It is intended to be a palate cleanser after a rich dinner and before dessert.

17 The proper way to store loose greens is with dampened paper towels and between which 2 temperatures? (237) 36 to 41 degrees

18 You cannot store greens with tomatoes or apples because they will wilt due to what gas they emit? (237) Ethylene Gas

19 How long at what temperature can fresh greens be held at? (237)

20 How many days can unopened produce be stored? (238)
1 to 3 days

21 What is the best way to clean salad greens? (239)
Dip them in and out of water.

22 The first Chinese food introduced in the United States is? (240)

23 What is vinaigrette? (244) The simplest form of salad dressing and is made from oil and vinegar

24 What is the standard recipe for basic vinaigrette? (244)
3 Parts Oil 1 Part Vinegar

25 What is a suspension? (244) A temporary mixture of ingredients that eventually separates back into its unique parts

26 Foie Gras comes from what country? (244)

27 Tell me about Balsamic vinegar. (245)
It is a special wine vinegar aged in wooden barrels for 4 to 50 years. It has a dark brown color and sweet taste. It has a sticky consistency due to high sugar content

28 What is an emulsion? (245) A mixture of ingredients that permanently stays together.

29 What is the oil we use in class that has a greenish color to it? (245)
Olive Oil

30 Which vinegar has a neutral flavor? (245)

31 What is an emulsifier? (246)
An ingredient that can permanently bind dissimilar ingredients, such as oil and vinegar, together on a molecular level. Eggs are good emulsifiers.

32 What is the ingredient that thickens mayonnaise? (248)
Egg yolks

33 What is the most stable and thickest emulsified dressing? (248)

34 How do you make mayonnaise? (250) 6 Steps
Place egg yolks in an appropriate sized stainess steel bowl. Add dry ingredients and whisk until frothy and well blended. Drizzle oil slowly into mixture, whisk rapidly. As mixture thickens, slowly alternate adding small amounts of vinegar or lemon juice and oil until all are used. Check seasoning. Serve the dressing at once or refrigerate it.

35 What is dip? (251) A hot and cold mixture that accompanies certain food items, with the purpose of complementing or enhancing the food’s flavor.

36 Tell me about Hummus. (252) This is made with chick peas, garlic and tahini (from the Middle East)



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