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1 It is not the right angle that attracts me, nor the straight line, rigid, inflexible created by man. What attracts me is the curve, free and sensual. The curve I meet in the mountains and rivers of my country. I can see it in the clouds of heaven, on the waves of the sea and the body of the woman preferred. The hole universe is made of curves. - Oscar Niemeyer - Production Area in Laterza (TA) - Italy CURVET Photovoltaic Catamaran in Hyde Park. London

2 All the photos in this presentation are of CURVETS works Uffizi Museum in Florence - Italy Capitolini Museums in Rome - Italy

3 CURVET Has the Capability To produce glass in Large sizes & different shapes We produce glass for different Industries We bend glass up to 7 mts by 3 mts

4 Curvet is specialized in bent and flat glass, both in small series and large quantities for all sectors and industries, from automotive to interior design, from construction to marine or safety. Azimut-Benetti and Ferretti YachtsPublic Bus Stop - Holland Policlinico & Fatebenefratelli Hospital - Italy

5 Azimut-Benetti and Ferretti Yachts Trains BusesPhotovoltaic Catamaran - England

6 Innovation is the key point of Curvet’s ability to satisfy customers demand world wide, along with flexibility to accommodate large and small requirements. Bathroom Furnitures Swimming Pools Home Furnitures

7 Glass is eco-friendly and recyclable, a natural material, our products are durable and light diffusive; free of maintenance and easy to clean. Tough and protective at the same time, glass represents also a modern solution for energy-saving. Ventilation Towers - Italy Capitolini Museum - Italy

8 Arca Regler GmbH Group in Tönisvorst - Germany

9 There are many different types of bending; Regular Radius Bending and Standard Bending: Using; - Float Glass - Insulating Glass - Laminated Float Glass (with PVB min. thick 0.76 mm) - Tempered Glass (through thermic or chemic) Laminated Tempered Glass (with PVB min. thick 0.76 mm - Laminated Heat-strengthened Glass (with PVB min. thick 0.76 mm) - Heat-strengthened Glass

10 Cylindrical bending St. Martin Crypt. London Panoramic Lifts - Italy

11 Conical and Spherical Bending Conical Glass Spherical Glass Lingotto Building. Torino

12 Cylindrical Glass with Flat Parts

13 Special Curves and Shapes: “L”, “S”, “U” and Column Shapes “L” Shape Glass “Column” Shape Glass “U” Shape Glass “S” Shape Glass

14 Curved Insulating Glass

15 Curvet offers all types of glass to meet various demands and applications. Insulating glass Selective R eflective Low-e Float Printed. Frosted, Laminated Solar controlled, Mirrored Anti-bacterial, anti-reflective Slip resistant, extra clear - low iron Pyrolytic coating, Colored enamel of lacquer Reinforced, Protective, Fire resistant, Parsol: Coloured

16 Our applications incorporate numerous configurations and dimensions; we can easily work at all kinds of projects and realize many different shapes, all based on our advanced technologies.

17 Special Coatings for Glass Curvet offers custom-made solutions and its glass can be characterized by: protective films; uv-control; isolation system; security, safety, anti-vandalism; patterns; colouring; specialities; picture reproduction, silkscreen printing; coloured glass, pvb in colour and prints; transfer printing; acoustic; anti intrusion; photochromic; with L.E.D; Curvet Shield ®; doctor brill ®

18 Noise barriers, cantilevers, partitions, domes, lifts, staircases, fascades, shop fronts, and more Curvet incorporates all kinds of modern stylish designs and a myriad of different colours and effects, whilst maintaining and enhancing the inherent safety aspects and practical uses of this versatile product.

19 Light Waves installation in Brindisi Airport - Italy "LIGHT WAVES" Installation by Carlo Bernardini is a special audiovisual and three-dimensional project in Brindisi airport. Its main goal is to develop an untouchable sensation of the space, modifying the perception of the space itself. It is based on 4 laminated glasses, optical fibers and OLF surfaces plus an audiovisual projection of the sea to the floor, on the base of the glasses. Both videos and sounds of the waves are very suggestive. The basement is characterized by a dark local stone and symbolizes the land.

20 Interior Design Natuzzi, Upper and Philips are just some of our best clients

21 Curvet: Household Appliances – Elica & Miele Groups

22 Curvet – Special Coatings for Glass Curvet offers also an exclusive water-repellent patented coatings like curvet shield ® and doctor brill ® Curvet Shield and Doctor Brill are International Patents: these are water-repellent treatments which work by coating the surface of the glass so that water forms into mercury-like droplets which bead up and simply slide from the surface, leaving it dry and stain-free. With a single application it is possible to reduce cleaning and maintenance by as much as 90% as the surface can easily be kept clean by wiping with a damp cloth.

23 Numerous are the partners and worldwide known brands which work and co-operate together with Curvet, Inox Arabia Group. Each of them is involved in a different sector, from construction to architecture and urban furniture; from interior design and lighting to transportation and marine; from household appliances to advanced technologies.

24 Curvet Working Process Curvet can offer the best service in terms of production, consultancy, assistance and installation, backed up with the latest professional and personalized solutions. The first step in our production process is: Planning: documents and requests are carefully analyzed; technical advices are set-up and followed by a technical development; projects are quoted and sent to clients. PLANNING MOULDS

25 Curvet Working Process Planning is followed by: Production: first we arrange for prototyping samples, when PPS is confirmed we start cutting, shaping, beveling and drilling the glass considering its own specific characteristics. FORATURA DRILLING CUTTING SHAPING BEVELING DRILLING BEVELING CUTTING

26 Curvet Working Process The next step is: Toughening and Bending: characterized by toughening or chemical toughening; gluing process; bending without toughening or bending with toughening. It just depends on the specific characteristics of the product. BENDING WITH TOUGHENING TOUGHENING

27 Curvet Working Process Toughening process is followed by: Heat Soak Test: it is followed by Fusion and Lamination; whenever necessary there is also the Double Glazing Process; it just depends on the specific characteristics of the product. DOUBLE GLAZING HEAT SOAK TEST FUSION LAMINATION DOUBLE GLAZING

28 We hope you are able to benefit from the dedication Inox Arabia give to the development of perfection in the construction industry.

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