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THE YUCK FACTOR What a difference a century makes!

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1 THE YUCK FACTOR What a difference a century makes!

2 The Bathroom  People still had to use the bathroom  No plumbing  What did they do?

3 Chamber Pots  Porcelain pots in wealthy homes  Matched china set  Kept in your chambers  Under your bed

4 Fancy folks hid them too…

5 But… you can’t flush a pot…

6 The Gallier Bathroom  Looked like furniture  Still a beautiful pot  Flushed out into courtyard with gravity dropping it down into a ditch.  Cesspool collected waste  Honeydippers cleaned it out.

7 What did enslaved / poor people use?  Privies / outhouses  Located outside  Like a port-o-potty

8 You can’t flush an outhouse…  Honey Dippers or Night Soil Men visited homes  Came with wagons at about 4 in the morning  Through carriageway  Removed waste  Brought it to a pier  Dumped it in river


10 Bathing  Once a week  Maybe more in summer  Father in water first  Then mother  Then oldest… down to the youngest

11 Sitz Bathtub  Thought it would help digestion  Sit in tub  Let belly etc soak in water

12 The streets…  Bath water  Chamber pots  Animal bones  Trash from household meals  And…  Horse poop!

13 Trash!  Trash was everywhere!  Rain made it wet but didn’t wash it away.  Swampy, smelly  Ditches along street were full- could fall into them!  Corners had bridges between sidewalks

14 The Worst Stench  The levees that keep the water out also kept the waste in.  Because the city is so low, the waste can’t drain away like in other places.  New Orleans is also a very wet city.  There were deep puddles of pee and pooh on the streets at all times!

15 Dealing with the Smell  People did not know how to get rid of the bad smell back then.  So, instead of removing the bad smell, they covered it up with a good smell.  Courtyards were filled with citrus fruits and roses.  Flavored bath salts and flower bouquets helped!

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