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Sometimes in life we can feel a little blue,. or like we just want to put our head in our hands,

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1 Sometimes in life we can feel a little blue,

2 or like we just want to put our head in our hands,

3 or worse, sometimes life can just seem overwhelming.

4 Maybe we are upset because we had a fight with our significant other,

5 or are not getting along with our in-laws.

6 Maybe it’s the stress associated with our job,

7 like trying to figure out that new computer program,

8 or the crazy supervisor that’s always on our back.

9 Or perhaps it’s that promotion we just can’t seem to ever get,

10 or something simple like getting behind in our paperwork,

11 all of which makes us feel like just crawling under our desk.

12 Maybe it’s the unrealistic expectations we receive about how we should look

13 or that last few pounds we just can’t seem to take off,

14 which leads us to be disappointed with what we see in the mirror.

15 Or perhaps it’s disappointment about how our bodies change as we age.

16 Ok, extreme disappointment about how our bodies change as we age.

17 Sometimes it’s something small, like the irritation from being put on hold a really long time,


19 or having a bad hair day.

20 or a really bad hair day.

21 Ok, it’s time to sue our hairdresser.

22 Sometimes it’s something bigger like getting negative feedback about ourselves that’s hard to hear,

23 which can lead to the feeling of being attacked,

24 worthless,

25 or like we just don’t measure up.




29 which can make us feel very afraid,

30 and wishing we could just blend into the background to hide.

31 Or perhaps it’s unrealistic expectations from others that we have unlimited energy to do everything,

32 be able to juggle all the balls,

33 or solve the world’s problems,

34 while internally we feel like we are ready to scream,


36 Sometimes to cope with life’s pressures we just need to take a step back and re-evaluate,

37 put our problems in perspective,

38 and spend a little quality time on some of the simple pleasures of life.

39 For some people that may be enjoying a favorite morning beverage all alone,

40 or sharing a cup of tea with a friend.

41 For others it’s a favorite adult beverage.

42 Just as long as they don’t go too over the top and regret it the next morning,

43 and leave incriminating evidence that can embarrass them later.

44 A better alternative might be a trip to the grocery store,

45 to stock up on some healthy snacks,

46 like salad,

47 vegetables,

48 more salad,

49 more vegetables,

50 and more salad.

51 Ok, every now and then you’ve got to treat yourself. There is only so much salad and vegetables you can take.

52 Just don’t be afraid to try new health foods.

53 Be brave….get beyond the first bite.

54 Try a little more,

55 and eventually you might grow to love it.

56 Some people might make the meal special by breaking out the good dishes,

57 or dressing up the table with some flowers.

58 Of course for some people, nothing beats the midnight raid of the fridge,

59 for a midnight snack,

60 leading to a carbohydrate induced deep slumber.

61 Just don’t forget to combine it with fiber!

62 For others a treat might be enjoying some good exercise, so they go digging in their closet,

63 and break out their favorite tennis shoes,

64 and get out to play some football,

65 basketball,

66 skateboarding,

67 catch with a friend,

68 or an indoor exercise like weightlifting,

69 or yoga.

70 Others may enjoy doing something that reminds them of their childhood, like playing in the park,

71 jumping in a pile leaves,

72 blowing soap bubbles,

73 playing with toys,

74 or taking a bath with a yellow rubber duckie.

75 Others enjoy snuggling under the covers,

76 with a teddy.

77 Or better yet, a big teddie.

78 Others unwind by taking a trip to the spa,

79 which may include a sauna and soak,

80 followed by a relaxing massage,

81 and assorted other pampering,

82 which leaves them feeling like royalty.

83 Others unwind by taking a vacation

84 to some exotic location,

85 or a trip to the beach,

86 to soak up “the rays”.

87 Just don’t forget the sun protection, and to drink plenty of water,

88 or retreat indoors if it gets too hot!

89 Others may enjoy a trip to the opposite climate,

90 like the mountains,

91 to play in the snow,

92 or get to be a “snow bunny” by a warm fire.

93 Some people just enjoy their own back yard,

94 or activities like the pleasures of gardening,

95 watching things grow,

96 or just the satisfaction of pulling the weeds!

97 Others may enjoy getting dressed up,

98 having their hair done,

99 and going out with the girls.

100 While others enjoy a relaxing drive alone.

101 For others, their home is their castle,

102 where they can listen to some music,

103 play a favorite video game,

104 or grab the remote,

105 a big bowl of popcorn,

106 and cuddle up in bed with a favorite movie.

107 For some, happiness is spending time with family,

108 getting a reassuring hug,

109 or a kiss.

110 For others, happiness comes from being struck by cupid’s arrow,

111 and finding that special someone,

112 with whom you can enjoy a little cuddle,

113 or perhaps playing dress up,

114 donning something adventurous,

115 and having a playful roll in the hay.

116 For others with more difficult problems, they might find it helpful to visit a professional therapist,

117 talk it out,

118 or have a good cry.

119 Others may prefer a more private approach, and opt to read a self help book at home.

120 Sometimes the very best medicine in life is having a good laugh at yourself,

121 or sharing a laugh with a friend.

122 Try to remember, even though we seem different, we are really all alike,

123 and we are all in this together.

124 No matter how challenging life’s obstacles may seem, we can choose to overcome them.

125 With the right perspective, we can feel on top of the world,

126 ready to jump with joy,

127 and relish all the little treasures life has to offer.

128 So when life seems difficult, remember to take some time to slow down,

129 smell the roses,

130 smile,

131 laugh,

132 and accept who you are,

133 no matter how silly.

134 If you learn to love yourself,

135 love others,

136 and accept all the strange and unusual experiences life has to offer,

137 you’ll find true peace and happiness!


139 Created by Marlene Larkin With appreciation to the House Rabbit Society and all who submitted pictures to Show me a bunny!

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