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Commercial Controllers Ziggy Korona - Product Manager January 8, 2007.

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1 Commercial Controllers Ziggy Korona - Product Manager January 8, 2007

2 ESP-MC Controllers

3 ESP-MC Key Features and Benefits  Easy, ESP Style of Programming  Advanced Irrigation Management: –Cycle+Soak TM : Prevents Runoffs –Overlapping programs (all four): Shortens watering window –Upgradeable to Maxicom² ® and SiteControl  Unrivaled Reliability –Advanced surge and contamination protection: Safeguards your investment Commercial Applications with up to 40 zones

4 Advanced Irrigation Management  Up to 40 stations  Four independent programs  Custom, cyclical, and odd/even day cycles  Water budget from 0 to 300% ESP-MC

5  Cycle+Soak™  Overlapping program operation  Upgradeable to Maxicom² ® and SiteControl  Programmable Delay between stations Advanced Irrigation Management ESP-MC

6 Maintenance  Sensor override switch with LED  Diagnostic circuit breaker  RASTER™ Wiring Test –OPEN: Open Wire –SHORT: Short Wire/Solenoid –PASS: Normal Operation ESP-MC

7 ESP-MC Wall-Mount and Pedestal Options  ESP-MC - Standard metal cabinet  PED-DD16 - Deep drawn pedestal  ESP-MC-SS - Stainless Steel pedestal  Front Panels

8  Diagnostic circuit breakers  Non-volatile memory  Advanced surge protection  Contamination resistant design Reliability ESP-MC

9  Surge protection for over 20,000V – up to 10 times better than competition  Multiple levels of surge protection –Gas tubes –Powerful filters (inductors, MOVs)  Grounding bar Advanced Surge Protection

10 ESP-MC Contamination Resistant  Contamination Resistant Front Panel –Overlay with membrane switches –Rubber boot on the sensor switch –Battery compartment with door –Strategically positioned gaskets  Internal Cabinet Frame with Gasket  Coating of the Output Board Circuitry

11 ESP-LX Modular Controllers

12 ESP-LX Modular Positioning  A member of the popular ESP family of controllers, the ESP-LX Modular is a modular controller that fits the specification from a high-end residential to a commercial installation

13 ESP-LX Modular Key Benefits  Flexible Meets diverse landscape requirements and saves you money.  Reliable Safeguards your investment.  Easy to Use Easy to program, install, and troubleshoot. Ideal for high-end residential and commercial applications with up to 32 zones

14 ESP-LX Modular is Flexible  Flexible Modular Design –4 and 8 station modules –Expandable up to 32 stations –Modules are hot-swappable* –Any module can be installed in any slot*

15 ESP-LX Modular is Flexible  Flexible Programming Options –Contractor Default™ program with restore timer* –Seasonal Adjust by program* –Seasonal Adjust by month* –Sensor Override by station* –Master valve selectable by station –Cycle+Soak™

16 ESP-LX Modular is Reliable  Superior Water Resistance –Outperforms the competition in water resistance tests (with cabinet door open)*  Superior Surge Protection –Outperforms the competition in surge tests*  Program Protection –Non-volatile 100 year program memory –Lithium battery for time/date retention during a power outage with 10-year life*

17 ESP-LX Modular is Easy to Use  Easy to Program –Proven, industry-leading ESP programming style* –Huge, easy-to-read display* –Programmable in multiple languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Chinese (separate model)* –Easily clear one program* or all programs –Easy (on the dial) manual station and program starts

18 ESP-LX Modular is Easy to Use  Easy to Install –More wiring space than competitors* –Quick connectors for field wires* –Effortless and secure module installation* –Easy module removal* –Dedicated 24VAC power connection for sensors*

19 ESP-LX Modular is Easy to Use  Easy to Troubleshoot –Program Review feature* –Program Run Time feature* –Valve Run Time feature* –Test All Valves 1-10 minutes –RASTER TM Wiring Test* –Enhanced Diagnostic Feedback TM * –Externally visible alarm light*

20 ESP-LX+ Controllers

21 ESP-LX+ Key Features and Benefits  Easy, ESP Style of Programming: Easy to program, read, understand  Superior Reliability (Strong Cabinet, Advanced Surge Protection): Safeguards your investment  Advanced Water Management: Meets landscape requirements High end residential and light commercial applications with up to 24 zones

22 Water Management  Four independent programs, each with 6 start times  Four independent day cycles  Water budget from 0 - 300%  Programmable delay between stations  Programmable days off  Rain delay  Sensor bypass switch ESP-LX+

23 Maintenance  Quick-release door  Sensor override switch with LED  Diagnostic circuit breaker  RASTER™ wiring test ESP-LX+

24 Reliability  Non-volatile memory  Recharging battery circuitry  Advanced surge protection  Increased water resistance ESP-LX+

25 TBOS (Turf Battery Operated System)

26 Battery-Operated Controllers TBOS™ “No power? No Problem!” Easy Rain

27 TBOS Positioning  Applications with multiple valves when –No power –Difficult-to-wire or -access –Susceptible to vandalism  Examples –Center Strip Medians –Cul-de-Sacs –Transportation Corridors –Remote Locations –Construction Sites –Temporary Locations

28 TBOS Key Features and Benefits  Advanced Irrigation Management: –3 independent programs –odd/even cycles –2-way communication  Reliability and Durability –waterproof (IP68) –rugged case –3 year warranty  Vandal Resistant: Fewer field replacement, fewer callbacks, less liability  Large Base of TBOS/UNIK Users –Over 10 years experience in the field: Piece of mind

29 The TBOS System Control Module Field Transmitter Potted Latching Solenoid

30 Latching Solenoid Transmitter Control Module The TBOS System

31 TBOS Field Transmitter Standard Mode Use with UNIK or TBOS Control Modules 3 independent programs 7-day calendar 8 start times per program Run time: 1 min. to 12 hrs. Low battery indicator Sequential or simultaneous operation Manual station or cycle start Rain-off mode

32 TBOS Field Transmitter Turbo Mode Use with TBOS control modules Even, odd, and odd-31 cycles 1- to 6-day cycles

33 TBOS Potted Latching Solenoid  DV/DVF  ASVF  PGA  PEB  PESB  GB  EFB  BPE  BPES Fits all Rain Bird turf valves:

34 TBOS Solenoid Adapters  Black adapter for Irritrol (Hardie / Richdel) and Buckner valves  Brown adapter for Superior and Champion valve actuators

35 TBOS Rain Sensor Connection A switch sensor not requiring a power source can be connected directly to the sensor terminals (rain sensor e.g. Rain Bird RSD Rain Sensor, freeze sensor, etc.) “SENSOR”

36 TBOS Rain Shutoff Device Alternative to Rain Sensor

37 Thank You

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