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2 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation Final Test, Finishing and FAREL Product Portfolio and Special Capabilities Company strengths Plans and programs Package Technology Roadmap Services and CEC BOM Company overview and organization Outline

3 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation Outline Final Test, Finishing and FAREL Product Portfolio and Special Capabilities Company strengths Plans and programs Package Technology Roadmap Services and CEC BOM Company overview and organization

4 4 5/2/2015 Cirtek Electronics Corporation

5 Company overview 5 5/2/2015 Cirtek Electronics Corporation Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corporation Cirtek Electronics Corporation (“CEC”) Primary purpose is to engage as an independent subcontractor for semiconductor assembly, test and packaging services Cirtek Electronics International Corporation (“CEIC”) A BVI company which provides marketing, logistical and administrative support, including collection to CEC. Company Structure

6 6 5/2/2015 History  Established in 1984 as independent Subcontract Assembly & Test Provider  Accredited by International Quality institutions CIRTEK has grown to provide world class turnkey solutions that include services from package design development, wafer probe, wafer back grinding, assembly packaging and final testing of semiconductor devices up to drop shipments to Customer's end users. Competitive pricing and easily adaptable to customers needs Cirtek Electronics Corporation Company overview CIRTEK TODAY High quality products, while providing production flexibility Competitive pricing and adaptable to customers’ needs. 25 years experience outsourced assembly & testing solution provider Profitable despite several economic downturns, debt free company Growing client base composed of companies located around the world

7 Company overview 7 5/2/2015 Cirtek Electronics Corporation Cirtek assembles and tests semiconductor devices at its manufacturing complex located on a 20,000 square meter property in Biñan, Laguna. Its manufacturing facility is composed of two buildings, with a total floor area of 14,100 square meters. 1800SQM of clean room Class 10K. We offer general line and captive line assembly models A Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) registered company as an ecozone export enterprise at the Laguna Technopark for the manufacture of standard integrated circuits, discrete, hybrid and potential new packages.

8 Company overview 8 5/2/2015 Cirtek Electronics Corporation Business Strategies To develop partnership with its existing and potential customers to provide world class quality solutions through management expertise focused on specific applications to meet customers specification, high reliability and multi chips products. Partnership with Customer to grow business together 1 To offer dedicated or captive line models for assembly and test services in order to efficiently produce the customer’s mature and stable products through shared investment Captive Line Development 2 To continuously focus on Innovations and re-Engineering in its production and assembly techniques and capabilities, and to co-develop new technologies with customers Technology Development 3 To actively seek strategic investments opportunities such as, alliances, joint ventures, and/or acquisitions that will be consistent with the Company’s overall business strategies Mergers and Acquisitions 4

9 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation Organizational Structure PRESIDENT & CEO Jerry Liu EXECUTIVE VP/ GEN MANAGER Jorge Aguilar VP FOR ENG’G & PURCH, IND’L MGMT, Raul Santiano FINAL TEST MANAGER Walter Alegarme ACCOUNTING MANAGER Susan Lumba CFO Tony Buyawe DEVELOPMENT ENG’G. Raymond Tecson SUSTAINING ENG’G Chona Morales FINAL TEST SUPERVISOR Manny Olandria PROBE TEST SUPERVISOR Roderich Ignacio MULTI DIE TEST SUPERVISOR Rey Reyes QA DIRECTOR Luz Veril QA / FAREL SECTION MANAGER Zeny Puedan QC/QA SEC.MANAGER Jacqueline Blancaflor VP- Global Business Development Norman Chang SENIOR DIRECTOR SALES & MKTG-CS Antonio Callueng MULTICHIPS BUS. MANAGER MeAnn Canoza IC BUS. MANAGER Miles Besana DISCRETE BUS. MANAGER Medy Chua QFN /DFN BUS. MANAGER Wilson Padre NEW PRODUCT BUS. MANAGER Rosendo Cerezo HERMETICS BUS. MANAGER Laarni Arnesto CUST SERVICE TEAM HUMAN RESOURCE DIRECTOR Milet Cruzada

10 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation Outline Final Test, Finishing and FAREL Product Portfolio and Special Capabilities Company strengths Plans and programs Package Technology Roadmap Services and CEC BOM Company overview and organization

11 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation Cirtek Services  Wafer backgrinding(8” maximum diameter / 4 mils thick capability)  Wafer mapping(8” maximum diameter / ASCII format)  Wafer probing(6” & 8” wafer diameter)  Die sales inspection(Commercial / Military / Medical level of inspection)  Full assembly(Refer to package portfolio)  Marking(ink / laser)  Final test(Refer to test capabilities)  Tape and reel(SOT, 150 / 300 mil SOIC, QFN / DFN)  Tape and Ammo(TO-92 straight / spread leads)  Drop shipment(To any point as required)  Ship to Stock Serve as your HUB/Distribution center Sort + Assy + Test + Drop shipment

12 Build of Materials 5/2/2015 Cirtek Electronics Corporation Cirtek Standard Materials Leadframe Molding Compound DA Epoxy Stamped LF Copper A194 PPF -NiPdAu Etched LF Plating – Spot Ag Configuration: Matrix HDLF Single/Dual Sumitomo – G600, G770 Hitachi 9220HF10 Cookson3200LS Toshiba KE955WY-white Plating – 100% Tin Gold Wire ( Mils) 84-1LMI/SR NC AT - HT QMI 529HLV CRM 1076NS Eutectic DA Solder paste Sn5Pb95 Sn10Pb90 Copper Wire ( Mils) 0.80, 0.90, 1.0 mils 1.0, 1.65, , 1.3, 1.5, 2.0 mils Aluminum Wire ( Mils) 1.25, 5.0, 10 Plating –SnPB (85/15) Copper Clip Attach Sumitomo 6710/6600 NittoG300LC

13 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation Outline Final Test, Finishing and FAREL Product Portfolio and Special Capabilities Company strengths Plans and programs Package Technology Roadmap Services and CEC BOM Company overview and organization

14 14 5/2/2015 Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corporation QFN/DFN Packages QFN Body SizeSmall Body Size 0.50 x 0.25 x 0.30 / 02L 1.00 x 0.60 x 0.46 / 02L 1.10 x 1.60 x 0.46/ 02L 1.27 x 0.76 x 0.76/ 02L 2.20 X 1.78 x 0.76/ 02L 2.50 X 1.70 x 0.76/ 03L Customer Specific 6.00 X 6.00 x 0.90/ 02L 2.00 x 2.00 / 08L 3.00 x 3.00 / 08L 3.00 x 3.00 / 16L 3.50 x 3.50 / 20L 4.00 x 4.00 / 24L 5.00 x 5.00 / 28L 7.00 x 7.00 / 32L 8.00 x 8.00 / 52L DFN Body Size Product Portfolio 2.90 x 1.80 / 04L 1.70 x 1.35 / 08L 2.00 x 2.00 / 08L 2.50 x 1.35 / 12L 3.00 x 1.35 / 12L 3.30 x 1.35 / 16L 3.00 x 3.00 / 10L 4.00 x 1.60 / 16L

15 15 5/2/2015 Cirtek Electronics Corporation SOIC Packages 150 Mils Body Packages300 Mils Body Packages 08L- Stand 14L - Stand 18L 20L 24/28L Exposed Pad Version Product Portfolio 08L- 150 Mils 16L – 300 Mils 16L – QSOP 16L - Stand 16L Standard – Clip Attach TSOC 6L– 150 x 150 x 55 mils

16 Product Portfolio 5/2/2015 Cirtek Electronics Corporation Plastic Dual In Line Package 300 Mils Body Package Single In Package 600 Mils Body Package 08L 14L 16L 18L 20L 24/28L 8L, 9L

17 17 5/2/2015 Cirtek Electronics Corporation SOT Packages SOT 23 Packages TO 92 Packages SOT Packages 03L 06L TO 92 -Stand 05L SOT89 TO 92 - Flat SOT223 SOT 143 Product Portfolio

18 18 5/2/2015 Cirtek Electronics Corporation Hermetic Packages Metal Can ( TO 3- TO 5) SMT/COB Assy T-Hole Oscillator Small Metal Cans Hybrid Assembly Build of Materials Materials  Customer Specific  Consignment  Flexible Arrangement Product Portfolio

19 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation Other Special Assembly Capabilities Multi die on standard 150 mil 2 die up to 32 die, Custom LF design by Cirtek (SOIC) package Standard silicon die attach cylindrical crystal through resistance welding LF design by Cirtek 300 mil (SOIC) Pack. Multi die embedded ceramic crystal Mounted die in PCB NC and conductive epoxy Transfer over mold process 300 mil (SOIC) package Copper Clip attach on SOIC/QFN ESD and Power Devices Die to Die Bonding Cylindrical Crystal Control IC Copper clip Multichip on Standard Package

20 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation PCB Passive component attached with solder GaAs dice attached with conductive epoxy Gold wire Non-hermetically sealed using conductive epoxy Metal lid Hermetic Module Assembly

21 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation CHIP CAPACITOR 1 CHIP RESISTOR 2 PRESCALER DIE LEGEND: Prescaler-Static divider Module Assembly

22 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation Outline Final Test, Finishing and FAREL Product Portfolio and Special Capabilities Company strengths Plans and programs Package Technology Roadmap Services and CEC BOM Company overview and organization

23 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation Company strengths 1 Certified to the latest quality standards 2 Solid management team and expertise 3 Ability to adapt to customers’ needs 4 Full turnkey solutions 5 Growing customer base of diverse clients 6 Strong brand name and proven track record 7 A PEZA-registered entity

24 24 5/2/2015 Cirtek Electronics Corporation Cirtek’s manufacturing practices are designed to be compliant with industry requirements and to exceed customer’s expectation. Manufacturing applies latest quality system standards, which include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, QS-9000/TS-16949, BABT and DSCC, as well as certified facility by UL Company strengths 1 World Class Quality standards

25 Sales and Marketing Product Realization 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation Quality Management System map Internal Quality Auditing – MOP Customer Service - COP Management Review Customers Satisfaction Purchasing Billing QA /IQA Inspection Warehousing Process Design and Dev’t Production Planning Control Process Control Inst / Doc’n Assembly Mfg FA-REL Final Test Delivery Customers Requirements Calibration Process Engineering Maintenance Facilities MIS Training HR EMS 5 Support Process Main Process MOP COP NOTE: Support process that has no arrows meaning it will support the whole organization.

26 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation Continual Improvement Process C U S T O M E R S R E Q U I R E M E N T S C U S T O M E R S S A T I S F A C T I O N Information Input Output Cirtek Quality Management System


28 Company strengths 28 5/2/2015 Cirtek Electronics Corporation Management team is composed of highly experienced individuals from various semiconductor and OSAT companies. The Cirtek Team has over 150 years of combined management and engineering package design expertise specific to semiconductor industry. Lean organization and prudent decision making. Focused and goal oriented. 2 Solid Management Team and Expertise

29 Company strengths 29 5/2/2015 Cirtek Electronics Corporation 3 Ability to adapt to customer’s needs Customer requirements  World class quality standards  Excellence in manufacturing  Clean room (Class 10K) facility and practice 5S (Japanese) Discipline  On-time Delivery  Competitive pricing  Flexibility / Responsiveness Technical abilities which provide customers a full range of turnkey solutions Customer satisfaction as evidenced by the awards received from several customers

30 Company strengths 30 5/2/2015 Cirtek Electronics Corporation Provide vertically integrated manufacturing solutions to its customers. ++ Higher productivity / efficiency Lower cost Faster time to market Package Design & Development Assembly & Packaging Test, Pack & drop ship to end Customers 4 Full Turnkey Solution

31 Company strengths 31 5/2/2015 Cirtek Electronics Corporation 5 Growing customer base of diverse clients A growing portfolio of customers. CHPI currently has 42 customers around the world The Company’s customers are located in various countries, with the bulk of revenues contributed by customers located in Europe and the USA USAAsiaEurope % Contribution to revenues per region

32 Company strengths 32 5/2/2015 Cirtek Electronics Corporation Continuous production growth and generating employment. Delivering profit and dividend every year. Financially strong Years Proven Track Record

33 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation Company strengths * The Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) is an attached agency to the Department of Trade and Industry tasked to promote investments, extend assistance, register, grant incentives to and facilitate the business operations of investors in export-oriented manufacturing and service facilities located inside selected areas throughout the country As a PEZA*-registered entity, the Company enjoys certain incentives like tax holidays, duty free importation of materials and reduced power rate vis-a-vis non-registered entities which enables it to price its products competitively. Tax incentives Ecozone power rate + Ability to price products competitively Company savings Entitlement to 5% gross income tax (GIT) incentive. Secure new 4 year income tax holiday (ITH) for new projects Reduction of 12.5% to 13.5% on power cost 7 A PEZA-registered entity

34 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation Outline Final Test, Finishing and FAREL Product Portfolio and Special Capabilities Company strengths Plans and programs Package Technology Roadmap Services and CEC BOM Company overview and organization

35 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation Plans and Programs This will enable us to support 400 Million units of additional new business from existing and potential customers. Sustaining cost reduction program, higher quality product and stable process through automation and re- engineering. To develop new packages through innovation to maximize yield and satisfy or exceed customer expectation. Concluding and enabling Cirtek to realize new potential business in the pipe line worth US$11.8 Million by 2012 and to expand product portfolio. 1 Expansion of Manufacturing facility and Capacity Innovation and Re- Engineering Completion of current projects and programs with customers 2 3 New Potential business: Power MOSFET QFN Open cavity moisture / pressure sensor for automotive Opto Couplers Exposed Cavity Power Amplifier – HSOP Current protection devices

36 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation Outline Final Test, Finishing and FAREL Product Portfolio and Special Capabilities Company strengths Plans and programs Package Technology Roadmap Product offerings, Services and CEC BOM Company overview and organization

37 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation Package and Technology Roadmap  HYBRID ASSY  Package Development Roadmap  PDIP  SOIC NB  SOIC WB  STD TO92  SOT23  SOT143  FLAT TO92  SOT89  METAL CAN  SMT  SMT-COB  SOIC EPAD  CERAMIC ASSY  TSOC  SOT23  SOIC W/ CRYSTAL  1.2X0.76X0.76 DFN PACKAGE  1.0X0.5X0.48 DFN PACKAGE  COL / CLEAR PACKAGE DFN  AIR CAVITY QFN / DFN  POWER QFN USING CU CLIP  OPEN CAVITY SENSOR  PCB / LGA / SIP  JEDEC STD QFN / DFN  SOD323  SOT223  HSOP / DSO  0.5X0.25X0.30 DFN PACKAGE  FLIP CHIP ASSY  MSOP  16 QSOP  LED ASSY  TO272  WLCSP

38 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation Package and Technology Roadmap  Cost Reduction / Development Roadmap  Brass / steel leadframe (10% lower than Cu)  Soft solder / Eutectic Die attach  Ribbon bonding  Auto Clip attach  Die attach film  Copper wirebond (90% lower than Au)  AuSn Eutectic die attach  BSOB bonding  AuAg wirebond (20% lower than Au)  Chinese leadframe supplier (20% lower cost)  Korean Cu wire supplier (21% lower cost)  Low loop profile ( 3% lower Au cost)  Mold compound selection GE300LC2 (21.8% lower cost)  Ag plating thickness reduction (5% lower cost)  MGP / automold conversion (14% lower cost)  Technology  Material  Ultra High Density Leadframe ( High Volume)  High Density Leadframe (12% productivity improvement)  Matrix Leadframe  Stacked Die attach

39 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation Outline Final Test, Finishing and FAREL Product Portfolio and Special Capabilities Company strengths Plans and programs Package Technology Roadmap Services and CEC BOM Company overview and organization

40 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation

41 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation Final Test Summary  WAFER PROBE CAPABILITIES  Wafer Prober  EG1034 – 4” and 5”  EG2001 – 6”  EG2080 – 8”  Ink/Inkless less Process  ASCII format

42 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation Final Test Summary  TEST CAPABILITIES  Mixed signal device  CREDENCE ASL-1000, EAGLE ETS 500D, LTX  Discrete device  TESEC 881-TT, FROTHINGHAM CV3000B  Linear device  KEITHLEY, GENESIS  RF / IF device  HP RACK & STACK, HP84000  Digital /Asic device  FAIRCHILD SENTRY, SIEMENS S725  OPTO relay device  TESEC, HIPOT  Protection device  TESEC, KEITHLEY  MULTI BIN/POST TEST MARKING  SOT 89, 223  TO92

43 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation Final Test Summary  TEST / TAPE & REEL CAPABILITIES  Integrated test and TNR handlers  SRM S248 – SOT  SRM XD16 – SOT  SRM S12 – SOT  VECTOR T20 – SOT  QMT 1500 – SOT  SRM 248XS – TDFN  ASM FT2030 FLEXIPACK – SOIC  SRM 244XS – SOIC  ISMECA –NX16 – DFN ( 0402)  Test handlers (SOIC/PDIP)  MCT 3608/5100  MT 8305/8588/8704  AETRIUM 2020 DTS  TNR handlers (SOIC)  G6 Visdynamics  Systemation TO 485 with 3D vision  STI 8028 / ST 60

44 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation

45 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation  Internal / external inspection  High / low power microscope  X-RAY  SOFTEX 100  Decapsulation  DECAP AS2000  Autoclave  NAPCO 8110-TD test chamber  Open / short test  TEXTRONICS curve tracer  85% / 85 o C moisture soak  ENVIRO SYSTEM chamber  Temperature cycle  ENVIRO SYSTEM chamber  Polisher / grinder (cross sectioning)  SBT–MODEL 900 Failure Analysis Capability

46 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation  Die shear  MIL STD  Bond strength  MIL STD  Mark permanency test  MIL STD  3 mins soaking time using 30 strokes  Solderability test  MIL STD / JESD22-B102D  8 hrs steam 100 o C  Temperature cycle  MIL STD 883E /JESD22-104B  10 cycles 10 minutes / cycle  Low -65 o C (+0, -10 o C)  High 150 o C (+15 o C / -0 o C) +150 o C (+15,-0 o C)  Stability bake  MIL STD  o C Reliability Test Capability

47 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation  High temp storage  JESD22-A103B  500 hrs 150 o C  Auto clave  JEDEC 22A 102-C  15 PSI for o C  Fine leak  MIL STD 750D / Test Condition D  30 secs soaking 125 o C  Moisture soak  IPC / JEDEC J-STD-020C  168 hrs soaking 85% RH / 85 o C temp Reliability Test Capability

48 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation ↗ Cost competitive ↗Continue to Innovate and re- engineer to add value to production and cost ● Abundance of skilled workers ●Very low turn over rate ●Educated workforce → Philosophy - Long Term Relationship → Strategy – Partnership for Business Growth → World Class Quality -External manufacturing of Customer WHY CIRTEK as ASSSEMBLY & TEST SUBCONTRACT PARTNER? QUALITY FIRST MIND SET STABLE COMPANY PROVEN TRACK RECORD GROWING COMPANY FLEXIBLE & RESPONSIVE

49 5/2/ Cirtek Electronics Corporation

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