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Turn on your speakers and DON’T use your mouse – Automatic.

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2 Turn on your speakers and DON’T use your mouse – Automatic

3 Proverb: He who fails to understand a look will not be able to understand a long explanation.

4 Proverb: If you fall seven times, get up eight times.

5 Proverb: Patience is a tree with bitter roots and sweet fruit..

6 Proverb: What good is it to run when you are going down the wrong path?

7 Proverb: When you are overwhelmed with happiness, don’t make any promises. When you are overcome with anger, don’t answer any letters.

8 Proverb: When you speak, try to make your words better than silence.

9 Proverb: A wise man could sit on an anthill, but only a stupid man would stay there.

10 Proverb: Pining about the past is like chasing the wind.

11 Proverb: Once the cart has broken, everyone will tell you where the potholes are.

12 Proverb: If you are patient during a moment of anger, you will avoid a hundred days of sadness.

13 Napoleon I : The line is very fine indeed between the sublime and the ridiculous.

14 Oscar Wilde : Questions are never indiscreet, answers sometimes are.

15 Alessandro Manzoni: It is worse to wallow in our errors than to agitate ourselves with questions.

16 Werner Karl Heisenberg Ideas are not responsible for what men do with them.

17 François Fénelon: Run away from flattery, but try to deserve it.

18 James Russell Lowell: If youth be a defect, it is one that we outgrow only too soon

19 Antoine de Saint-Exupery The entire world will make way for a man who knows where he is going.

20 Mahatma Gandhi: “We must always seek to ally ourselves with that part of the enemy that knows what is right”

21 Robert Green Ingersoll: In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments. There are consequences.

22 Marcel Jouhandeau: Since nothing is more precious than time, there is no greater generosity than giving it away.

23 Harold MacMillan: The past should be used as a trampoline and not as a couch.

24 Good Day

25 Fratern@lly

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