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By Group 1 Gimnazjum Nr 6 w Zespole Szkół w Zawierciu.

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1 By Group 1 Gimnazjum Nr 6 w Zespole Szkół w Zawierciu

2  1. What is The Bermuda Triangle?  2. The Triangle Area  3. The history  4. Sci-Fi Theories  5. Scientific theories  6. My opinion Table of contents

3 What is Bermuda Triangle? The Bermuda Triangle is the area between Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. In the Bermuda Triangle many ships and planes have disappeared and were never found.


5 The Triangle area The boundaries of the triangle cover the Straits of Florida, the Bahamas and the entire Caribbean island area and the Atlantic east to the Azores. The more familiar triangular boundary in most written works has as its points somewhere on the Atlantic coast of Miami; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and the mid-Atlantic island of Bermuda, with most of the accidents concentrated along the southern boundary around the Bahamas and the Florida Straits. The area is one of the most heavily traveled shipping lanes in the world, with ships crossing through it daily for ports in the Americas, Europe, and the Caribbean Islands. Cruise ships are also plentiful, and pleasure craft regularly go back and forth between Florida and the islands. It is also a heavily flown route for commercial and private aircraft heading towards Florida, the Caribbean, and South America from points north.

6 The area of the Triangle varies by author

7 The history The Bermuda Triangle has had strange sightings since the 1600’s. In Columbus's log it said he saw strange things like weird lights and his compass not pointing north in the area of what is now the Bermuda Triangle. Then hundreds of years later, ships and planes have had disappeared. People who have escaped from the watery death have said it was a supernatural experience, but scientist say there is a logical reason.


9 Sci-Fi Theories One theory is that a giant sea animal lives in the triangle. It takes ships and pulls them down. A oceanographer named Anton Brunn found a 6 foot eel in a tadpole stage. It is expected to grow 72 feet long. Also there was a sighting of a monster jellyfish. There is the thought of a giant octopus that pulls people off the ship and eats them, but I think that is a stupid theory. Who knows, there may just be a something in the Bermuda Triangle.


11 Scientific Theories Probably one of the best theories is the gas theory. Carbon dioxide is a gas that freezes at much warmer temperatures than water. The triangle is full of carbon dioxide and that means that when boats pass through the triangle they can freeze on the base making them sink from the weight. The gas can also explain plane disappearances too. When the engine starts it can cause the gas in the air to ignite making the air craft explode. The explosion can also explain the strange lights in the triangle. This theory can explain a lot and I like it.


13 Our opinion Both of these theories are possible but I think the gas theory is the best. I explains it all basically. It tells how ships and planes disappear and where the strange lights come from. I don’t think the sea monster theory explains enough.


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