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Panther Prep (Public Speaking) North Central High School

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1 Panther Prep (Public Speaking) North Central High School

2 Introduction Purpose and direction of presentation
Organization of thoughts and words Effective delivery skills and techniques Practice with different types of speeches: Informative Persuasive Demonstrative Special Occasion Group Debate

3 Getting Started Why learn to speak in public?
Success in the school/workplace can be tied to a person’s ability to effectively communicate. Some opportunities are unavailable to people because the opportunity includes a public speaking component. Ability to address one’s peers allows for the ability to express one’s opinions and concerns. Make a contribution.

4 The Communicative Act There are 5 steps in the communication process:
Speaker wishes to communicate an idea Speaker encodes the idea into a message Message is sent through a channel to a audience Audience receives and decodes message Audience responds to the message.

5 Breakdown “What we have here is a failure to communicate” - Cool Hand Luke A breakdown in communication can usually be tracked down to a missed, altered, or ineffective step in the act of communication. The speaker, message, channel, and audience are all responsible for the act of communication.

6 Reasons for Fear People are often afraid to speak in public because:
Lack of information Lack of confidence Nervousness Embarrassment Fear of making a mistake Looking “stupid” Sounding “stupid”

7 Confidence The key to overcoming the fear of public speaking is fostering confidence. Eye contact with the audience, facial expression, body movement, personal appearance and strength of voice all convey confidence externally. Knowledge of the subject and proper preparation and mental state breed confidence internally.

8 Preparation Preparation is the key to success in a public speaking environment. Preparing a speech includes determining a purpose of a speech, analyzing the intended audience, gathering information, organizing information and delivery. Delivery includes not only what is said but how it is said.

9 Step-by-Step The steps of preparing a speech are:
Identify purpose or need for speech Identify/analyze perspective audience Gather information (research) Organize information (outline) Rehearse delivery (edit) Energize (counter nervousness) Deliver

10 Impromptu Speech 1 Self-Introduction
PREPARATION: Take 5 min. to write down some notes that you want to include about yourself. DELIVERY: You will have 2 min. to deliver the speech. (NO SCRIPTS) Be sure to include all of the following in your speech: Name Location (Home) Family Info Work & Hobbies Purpose for Attending Ultimate Goal & Plan Nickname or Anecdote

11 Impromptu Speech Self-Introduction

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