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Using Microsoft Excel 2002. MIS 1b Section 12: Call No. 43891 We will meet as follows : Tuesday 9:00-10:15Mendocino Hall 2004 Thursday 9:00-10:15Mendocino.

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1 Using Microsoft Excel 2002

2 MIS 1b Section 12: Call No. 43891 We will meet as follows : Tuesday 9:00-10:15Mendocino Hall 2004 Thursday 9:00-10:15Mendocino Hall 2004

3 MIS 1b Registering for MIS1b does NOT automatically enroll you in 1c. These are separate classes, although they appear to be one. You must enroll as soon as possible for the 1c classes of your choice, or you may have to take another section which may make managing your schedule a bit difficult.

4 MIS 1b Challenge Exam If you want to try the “challenge” exam instead of taking these classes all semester visit this web page:

5 MIS 1b MIS 1b is an introduction to spreadsheets using the spreadsheet standard adopted by the College of Business Administration, Microsoft Excel 2002 Prerequisite: MIS 001A, instructor permission, or a passing score on the MIS 001A competency examination. Graded Credit/No Credit. 1 unit.

6 MIS 1b Richard Barnes Office: Tahoe Hall - 2121 Office Phone: 916-278-6614 E-mail: Website: http://nostabo.brinkster.net Office Hours: Tuesday 10:30 – 11:30 am …or by appointment.

7 MIS 1b Required Text Exploring Spreadsheet Software Xiaobing Zhao (Pearson Custom Publishing, 2002 ) Available at the Hornet Bookstore.Hornet Bookstore

8 MIS 1b Additional help for this course can be found on the Internet using several sources such as: …and, of course from Microsoft…Microsoft

9 MIS 1b Exam Disk You need to give me one blank 1.44 floppy disk by October 24 th. This disk will be used for your final exam on Friday November 7 th. Without a disk you will NOT be allowed to take the test. The disk must be labeled with your full name, section number, and complete Social Security number.

10 MIS 1b The “official” MIS department syllabus can be found online at: …or, view my “revised” version at…

11 MIS 1b The “Catch 22” of the MIS 1 courses is that you need to know something about computers to learn how to use them.Catch 22 Basically, you need to be told a few things that may not make a lot of sense just yet…trust me…everyone starts somewhere. If you are totally new to using PCs you will need to pay attention. But more importantly ask when you are lost. The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask because you think it is stupid!

12 MIS 1b The computers in the CSUS classrooms and Computer Labs are Personal Computers (PCs) that use Microsoft Windows XP as their operating system, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 for their web browser and Microsoft Office XP as their business software suite. You will find various “brands” of computers in the labs, such as IBM, Gateway or Dell, but they all run the same software in the same manner.

13 MIS 1b To use a computer in one of the University’s computer labs you will need a Saclink account. This account will not only allow you to use the labs, but it will give you dial-up access to the internet, an e-mail account and the ability to use CasperWeb to view your schedule, grades and to register for classes.

14 MIS 1b The class lectures will follow the chapters of the text: Lecture 1 - Introduction to Excel 2002, Chapter 1 Lecture 2 - Chapters 2 and 3 Lecture 3 - Chapters 4 and 5 Lecture 4 - Chapters 6 and 7 Lecture 5 - Chapters 8 and 9 Having and Reading the text is highly recommended for passing this course…we will be covering a lot of material very quickly!

15 MIS 1b Unfortunately I won’t be available as a personal tutor for this course…I will be available during class and during my office hours. You may find that some days I choose to stay in the lab for my regularly scheduled office hours…this is to help you succeed. However, this will not always be the case. You can always contact me by e-mail: The College of Business has tutors available for you to use FREE. The tutoring center schedule can be found on my website at:

16 MIS 1b A now a word about safety… For convenience and security you should protect your assignments by using new diskettes…for sure give me reliable ones for your final exam, and… …get a web mail account such as HotMail, Yahoo mail,HotMailYahoo mail Eudora mailEudora mail, or one of the many others. With these services you can “store” your work online by e-mailing it to yourself. It beats using floppies…and is much safer!

17 MIS 1b And whatever else you do… …Backup your Homework! Save your assignments to another floppy, or better yet to a hard drive…not a hard drive in one of the school’s labs, but to one you have control over, such as a home computer. If you lose your homework…it’s your problem!

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