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HTML 207 HTML e-Newsletter Donna Carnduff Susannah Finley.

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1 HTML 207 HTML e-Newsletter Donna Carnduff Susannah Finley

2 HTML207: HTML e-Newsletter Good Design Follows Good Content Grammar = Credibility Know Your Audience Call to Action – Where does it point? Writing for the Web

3 HTML207: HTML e-Newsletter Subject Line – short, descriptive, find out more Best Practices in Writing Email Subject Lines Magnetic Headlines Article Titles Action Items Above the Fold Writing for Your Newsletter

4 HTML207: HTML e-Newsletter UTWrdmrkPlainLong-420px.gif header-earth.jpg soil-samples.jpg template.html Download Template Files

5 HTML207: HTML e-Newsletter (free) Downloaded Original Premailer Copy Or…Find Templates Online

6 HTML207: HTML e-Newsletter Understand Current Code Standards Code Standards Adapt for Your Organization Top links Main content Footer Preview the Document Customize Your Template Code in DW

7 HTML207: HTML e-Newsletter Consider Title (will be subject line) Create permanent image folder Add alt tags to images Send mix of images and text Use absolute paths for images, links Open a new window Build your image resources Best Practices

8 HTML207: HTML e-Newsletter Microsoft to Ignore Web Standards in Outlook 2010: Enough is Enough outlook-2010/ Guide to CSS support in email clients Stupid HTML Email Design Mistakes How to Code HTML Newsletters (All New Version) MailChimp Guides Resources

9 HTML207: HTML e-Newsletter UT Listserv site Hotmail Turned my Headings Green Resources

10 HTML207: HTML e-Newsletter Pre-Mailer Move Styles Inline

11 HTML207: HTML e-Newsletter What are your options for uploading? Dreamweaver CyberDuck (Mac) CyberDuck WinSCP (PC) WinSCP VolSpace Post to the Web

12 HTML207: HTML e-Newsletter Distribution List Internet Explorer Outlook File -> Send -> Page by email… Send as e-Newsletter

13 HTML207: HTML e-Newsletter Safari Mail/Entourage File -> Mail Contents of This Page Send as e-Newsletter

14 HTML207: HTML e-Newsletter Send from a PC Send from a Mac Test in email clients: Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 Hotmail / Windows Live Yahoo iPhone Gmail Send and Evaluate

15 HTML207: HTML e-Newsletter Put styles back in the a { text-decoration: underline; color: #C96501; } a:link { text-decoration: underline; color: #C96501; } a:visited { text-decoration: underline; color: #C96501; } a:hover { text-decoration: none; color: #C96501; } a:active { text-decoration: none; color: #C96501; } Span around each link this is a link Link Color in Gmail, Headers in Hotmail

16 HTML207: HTML e-Newsletter Campaign Monitor Homepage Features Pricing HomepageFeaturesPricing Mail Chimp Homepage Features Pricing HomepageFeaturesPricing Emma Homepage Features Pricing HomepageFeaturesPricing Constant Contact Homepage Features Pricing HomepageFeaturesPricing Fee-Based Services

17 HTML 207: HTML e-Newsletter Ask now... or … Ask later at 974-9900 or email us at or Questions?

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