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Terri Werdmuller Industrial Engineer, MBA. My Path… 1 year study abroad – Lived in Denmark and completed a 5 th year of high school – Learned a new language,

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1 Terri Werdmuller Industrial Engineer, MBA

2 My Path… 1 year study abroad – Lived in Denmark and completed a 5 th year of high school – Learned a new language, traveled around Europe with my classmates and host family – Had no choice but to learn to “mesh” and live with a different family, culture, friends, perspectives on the world – I realized how small my world was and how huge the real world is

3 My Path… 2 years at Cabrillo Junior College – Completed most of my general ed- Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, English/writing, History, etc – Smaller classes, figured out “office hours”, learned there are a lot of really smart people in the world and eng professors are a bit odd… – Figured out how to blend work, sports and studies Dr. Wei Mei Gaspari – Physics Could not understand a word She said, literally and figuratively. Dr. Sue Broadston – Physics Lived in a permanent happy world and found excitement in EVERYTHING!

4 My Path… 3 years at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo – BS Industrial Engineering with a minor in Fine Arts Engineering for my career, fine arts because I loved it Chose industrial engineering because it sounded the most interesting Took me a FULL 3 years with full loads and summer quarter Worked part time in the food service dept. Why? Free meal for every shift I work… – Summer intern-ship with an aluminum extrusion company First experience in a truly industrial environment… Showed me first hand the passion someone can truly have for their work and the opportunities it provides to them – “Dan” could barely read and write, missing 1 front tooth and the other was gold, but he loved his job and could build/create anything you needed with his hands

5 My Path… Mfg Engineering job with Watkins-Johnson in Scotts Valley, Ca. – A professor, Dr. Balasubramanian was doing consulting for them and providing free student labor thru class projects – I snuck in on a class project tour to “check the place out” and then sent them a cold call letter looking for potential job opportunites. I’m sure a good recommendation from Dr. Bala was probably the key factor to me getting a job with them…. 3 years at Santa Clara University – MBA program, 2 nights a week while working full time at my job since they were paying for my school – Group projects and study sessions every Weekend, basically NO LIFE

6 Transfer Student Life Missed out on dorm life, but I was okay with that – Been to summer camp as a kid and felt the dorms would be the same… – I missed out on creating deep & lasting friendships Wish I had joined more clubs in my first year – At first I viewed the “clubbers” as nerds or a little weird, but soon realized I too was a nerd…. – I missed a lot of opportunity to connect with the community, industry and to learn from experts Went away to school with a boyfriend at home, it worked for us- but not sure I would recommend it…. – Missed out on some of the college social experiences since I was going home quite often on weekends or he was visiting me – Limited my willingness of where to live after graduation and therefor my job opportunities

7 College Survival Hard Work – I was not a text book smart student, but I was a disciplined hardworking student – To learn it, I had to try it, do it, picture it, practice it Office Hours – I survived by taking full advantage of professor office hours – Professors want to help students that are serious and eager to succeed – Established a relationship with professors, I ACCEPTED THEIR HELP!!! Creates opportunities for projects, internships, jobs, learning and guidance Study groups / Project groups – Find a small group of students in your major or similar field that you really click with – Take classes together, especially the tough ones- Physics, circuits, programming, etc Top Ramen, my bicycle and The Goodwill….

8 Student Life “The foolish man learns nothing from anyone, the wise man learns something from everyone” Look for opportunities for mentoring by professors, industry experts, teacher aides, bosses, etc. – Grant work, intern-ships, industry projects – Explore your interests, understand your strengths, be open to listening and trying My high school aptitude test recommended that I become a plumber. At the time I thought it was ridiculous, but looking back it was pretty accurate…. Remember Aptitude ≠ Job Title After school, you will likely never have the opportunity or time to learn so many things from so many great people CARPE DIEM = the enjoyment of the pleasures of the moment without concern for the future

9 Realize Your Priorities There is no such thing as EQUAL or BALANCED priorities in your life – Human nature ALWAYS has a top #1 followed by a #2, #3, etc in priorities – Figure out your priorities and stick to them When faced with a decision, what forms or drives your choice? – The key is to ensure you have your priorities in the correct order for you School? Social? Health/fitness? Work? Money? – They change with time and circumstances Revisit and remind yourself often of what your priorities are and why

10 Success in College Yes, it is good grades – but there is more! It is important to “learn how to learn” – Learn how to solve a problem, where to start? – Learn how to step back and review or take in a situation and come up with a viable solution – Learn how to fail and how to struggle, learn to persevere – Learn how to succeed in a group or on a team, how to handle disagreement, gain buy-in, communicate with tact – Learn how to follow-thru, meet commitments and be accountable – Learn that it is ok to admit you don’t know, learn to let others teach you – For some of us – “C” = Complete & “D” = Done…. (No, I did not get a “D” in college)

11 Career Tips – The 4 C’s C ommunication – Written communication PROPER GRAMMER, SPELLING, succinct emails Emails and texts can easily be misinterpreted If the topic is emotional, write your email but DON’T send it right away. Take a break, come back to it later and re-read/re-write it prior to sending. Once sent, it is too late Pay attention to who is on “CC” – Verbal communication Eye contact, firm hand-shake, confident posture, confirmation that you heard and understood what was said – Reply/confirm When you receive an email with actions, or a request for action ALWAYS confirm back that you got it and what is the status Provide real time updates, don’t wait until the deadline to say that you are going to be late or that you have a question – Always communicate with respect and politeness The job world is VERY SMALL, each industry is even SMALLER

12 Career Tips – The 4 C’s C ommitment – Provide a true and real commitment Never give an unrealistic commitment because that is what you think the person wants to hear Push yourself but be honest with what you can do – When you give a commitment, do whatever is needed to make your commitment Others on the project or in various parts of the company are depending on you to complete your portion / your commitment If it truly is not possible then provide an update/status as soon as you know. Don’t wait until the day of to say you are going to be late – Never ask/expect someone else to so something that you would not be willing to do yourself If above and beyond is called for, show your support by participating as well

13 Career Tips – The 4 C’s C ustomers – every job function has at least one – Get your hands dirty, know your customer Who, What, When, Where, Why, How Don’t debate or argue, just listen and understand Life is more than your cubicle!! Get out from behind your desk and go learn from the “do-ers” The folks on the floor in production, laboratories, quality, receiving, shipping, etc are very wise on the realities of what works, what does not work, what is smart and what is stupid. Learn from them, they will keep you from doing the stupid and the dumb

14 Career Tips – The 4 C’s C omfort Life begins at the end your comfort zone!! – Don’t be afraid to take on new challenges and learn new skills

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