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Kelley's world By: Kelley Calandrelle. Table of contents My name Cannon Ave Zebra Kat and I The race.

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1 Kelley's world By: Kelley Calandrelle

2 Table of contents My name Cannon Ave Zebra Kat and I The race

3 My name My name sounds sweet like honey, drips off of other people tongues like a rain drop from the sky. It is like a song you can sing over and over again. Gets suck in other people heads all day long. my name means war to some people who cross my path unfair or untruthful. My name is helpful to other people to remember, sort and sweet. This special name fits me well, better than my grandmothers name of bitterness and uptight. Something I would never be even on my bad days. Some people like to rhyme my name with other things to make it sounds fun and weird which I don’t mind. My name is who I am Kelley Nicole Calandrelle and I am proud to be her.

4 Cannon Ave The sun goes down on cannon Ave it seems like the darkness in people comes out in every little person. Screaming and yelling loud slams of houses doors I the same every night like a play repeating over and over again but only on Saturday nights is when everyone is peaceful on the street. And the same sweet night you can sit on your roof and look at the stares and think everything is all right. And this is my safe heaven. I like it because I'm on top of everyone's problems looking down and I know I'm safe out of their reach. It’s the only place that I know will forever be safe to me. Nice quite to read a good book, do homework, write silly little poems and songs or talk on the phone to someone you love. But when that sun comes up all of Cannons Ave street problems clear up and go away until the sun goes to sleep and then people problems start to show.

5 Zebra new and shinny, bold black and white stripes all two big black eyes that’s my favorite stuff animal I took it everywhere with me, to parks, school, sleepovers, out to restaurants and walks, when he has my right hand mom has my always say “to leave that striped toy home” I always ignore her that “stupid animal is my best friend” and I put the little stuff animal under my shirt and walk out the door. When I get into the car I put my little friend in the seat next to me and buckle him up so he wouldn't get hurt if the car crashes. My little old worn black and white stuff animal missing one big black eye, sit on my book self with dust on it never touch on eight years. I feel sorry for the little guy all alone with big kids books. I will never get rid of him cause no child will love him like I do.

6 Field Trip Friday field trip day in government class me Kat and Aimee to the court house. We walked into a lager room and had to sit on hard wooden benches that made by but go num. the right wall is cover in a big window. When you look out it all you can see is the tops of other buildings and the blue sky. We stayed in the court house until around lunch time I knew it was lunch time cause my tummy stared to growl and me Kat and Aimee stars to giggle very soft so we wouldn’t get yelled at. We left the court house and we all stand rubbing are butts to wake them up. Lunch was at the strip mall were Wal-Mart is me Kat and Aimee whet to KFC and ate. We had one hour to eat and we got done in ten minutes. So we diced to go to pet smart and look around we walked to the cats and played with him for a while and joked about to hide them under are shirts and sneak them out. We when passed the new make up store and Kat made silly faces at the people in the store. We when into dicks and played with there baseball bats and basketballs too! Time went by fast so we had to leave, we went back to the bus and headed are way to the jail. We when in and had to go passed a metal detector of course Kat had set it off and got put to the side and had to get pad down. But it was a bobby pin that set it off. Are tour guide took us around explaining what cell is what and we got to observation room were there's a glass in the room we could see out but the prisoners couldn’t see in but one silly prisoner went up to the glass and he could see us and me Aimee and Kat looked at him and waved and smiled and he did the same thing back and then more prisoner stared to come to the glass and waved at us too. The tour was over and we had to go back to school but we will always remember the filed trp.

7 The race The speaker yells out the race I m running “first call” he says I tie my shoes as tie as they can so they wont fall off I go over to the bull pin and check in I get my number and sit down at the bench that they always have for people are waiting to run. I'm sitting there with my stomach in knots and I'm feeling dizzy to the point I'm going to throw up. I hate the being of races were you have to wait until you line up and get at the starting line. Its too late to get out of the event I check in and every thing. How I hate this, the lady takes us to the starting line and we all stand there waiting of Corse me I'm shaking like crazy. Waiting on that stupid gun to go off so I can run for my life. The gun goes off and I go into a trans and black out for about three laps until I realized I'm running and I'm in a good spot when I hit that last one hundred I have to give it my all I take off like a bullet and I go passed about two people then I'm done the race coming in third out of six or so people isn't bad at all.

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