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Beginning with Senegal Myth of Africa. Súnúgal.

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1 Beginning with Senegal Myth of Africa

2 Súnúgal



5 Common Stupid Questions & Assumptions Your parents must be in the military if you’ve traveled outside the United States. If you’re a tall male you must basketball players? What!?! You’ve never been arrested? Are you a rapper ? All Black teenagers have children. You’re pretty, are you mixed? Don’t you live in the projects?

6 Awful things said about Africa Africans live in trees. Do people in Africa wear clothes? Are lions roaming free in the streets? Everyone has HIV/AIDS in Africa. All of these are stupid, rude, and highly offensive.

7 Let’s erase these ideas by educating ourselves about Senegal.

8 The purpose of this presentation Show Senegal location A Give you a different picture Share pictures with you of everyday life Jewelry Senegalese Clothes Show you some famous places

9 By the end of the presentation, you should know: 1. The number of countries in Africa 2. The capital of Senegal 3. The color of the Senegalese flag 4. A national dish 5. The Senegalese handshake 6. How to greet in Woolof

10 Facts about Senegal Dakar is the capital. National dish is Ceebe Jin. National sports are football and Senegalese wrestling

11 Facts about Senegal The national languages are Woolof, Arabic, and French. Dakar is the fashion capital of West Africa. 98% of the population are Muslim.

12 Senegalese Culture Remove your shoes at someone’s house. Always acknowledge and respect the eldest person in company. Women are protected and educated.

13 Senegalese Culture Senegalese ceremonies Children go to Qur'an and regular schools. Men are allowed to have as many wives they can afford.

14 Communal Dining

15 CFA-Senegal Currency

16 A Mosque: A mosque is like a church where Muslims go worship.

17 Dekh Rebha aka “ The Pink Lake ”


19 An University

20 School Trip to Goree Island

21 The Last Slave House -Goree Island

22 Goree Island Museum

23 The Door of No Return -Goree Island

24 The Balboa Tree

25 Sobo Badé


27 Apartments in Senegal

28 Homes in Senegal


30 Inside a friend’s house

31 The Bus

32 Famous Senegalese

33 Visuals Senegalese dresses Waist beads & Gold CFA (paper money & coins) Artwork-the bus and fishing boat

34 Question & Answer Session

35 Want to know more. Send an e-mail to Ms. Audrey Gardner

36 Jërëjëf

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