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Ivy Language Academy Student Group: University Students Term 1.

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1 Ivy Language Academy Student Group: University Students Term 1

2 Going out He is going out with her. Meaning: He is dating her. Lets all go out together tonight. Meaning: An invitation to go somewhere with a group of people. 约会 外出

3 Awesome Example Sentences This food is awesome ! My girlfriend is awesome ! This place is awesome ! Meaning Really great; fantastic; amazing This food is delicious ! My girlfriend is amazing ! This place is spectacular ! Note: To show “awe” means to show amazement; to be really impressed by something An awesome party 太棒了,非常精彩

4 Energetic Example sentences Billy is really energetic right now. Did you give him candy? Meaning : Fully of excitement and enthusiasm. A person who likes to do many things. 精力充沛

5 Piercing Example Sentence Did you get a new piercing? Wow! It looks really cool. Meaning: To attach a piece of metal by putting a hole in the skin. 打孔,穿洞

6 Cool Example Sentences: Nice shirt Kelly. It looks really cool. This song is cool. I didn’t know you could play guitar. That’s cool. Meaning: Interesting, good, hip, culturally acceptable 酷,棒

7 Belly Button Example sentences: Is your belly button an inny or an outty? Did you get a belly button piercing? Meaning : Part of the tummy or stomach area that used to be connected to your mother. It is either a hole or a piece of skin that sticks out. 肚脐

8 Wow Example Sentence Wow! This food is really good! Meaning: Expression showing excited in interest in something. 哇

9 Tongue Example Sentence: Stick out your tongue please. Meaning: A red muscle in your mouth used for speaking and tasting 舌头

10 Kiss Example Sentence: Did he kiss you? Meaning: When two people show they care for each other by touching their mouths together 亲吻

11 Disgusting Example Sentence: This food is disgusting! Meaning: Very unattractive or unpleasant; something that does not look, smell, taste, or feel good. 讨厌,让人不喜欢

12 To wonder Example Sentence: I wonder what it would be like to be President of the U.S.A. Meaning: To think or imagine something. 想,疑惑

13 Woman/Man of your dreams Example Sentence: She is the woman of my dreams. I hope we get married some day. Meaning: The person you must want to date or be romantic with. 你梦中的女人或男人

14 Express yourself Example Sentence: When you learn English, its important to express yourself. Please let him express himself. Meaning: To speak or do something that shows how you feel or what you think about something. 表达她自己 / 你自己 / 他们自己

15 I’d Example Sentence: I’d like to eat some pizza right now. Meaning: A short way of saying “I would” 我愿意

16 Totally Example Sentence: I would totally go out with her. Meaning: Definitely; sometimes used to show agreement 完全地,绝对地

17 Kind of weird Example Sentence: Something smells kind of weird. Its getting kind of weird. Meaning: A little uncomfortable and strange. 有点奇怪

18 Ivy Language Academy Student Group: University Students Term 1

19 # Expressions/Grammar ExplanationExample Sentence Chinese 17 Going to last If something is "going to last" then it will continue for a long time. I'm not sure its going to last. 将要持续, 会长久 18 Man,…. OR …man "man" is an expression between friends that is used to show comfort of familiarity Man, you’ve got fo find some way to make it last. 语气词, 与 熟人说话时 使用 19 Sound stupid If something "sounds stupid", then it is not a smart thing to say, or is bad to say for some reason. But, this is going to sound stupid. 听起来很蠢, 很笨 20 What about them/it? This expression is used when you feel like something is not bad or there is nothing wrong, but the person you are talking to thinks there is something wrong. Yeah, so, what about them? 那他们 / 它 呢,他们 / 它会怎样? 为他们抱不 平的语气

20 # Expressions/Grammar ExplanationExample Sentence Chinese 21 At least Expressions used to show the lowest critera or standard you are willing to accept. I asked her if she could stop wearing some of them, at least when we were together. 至少 22 I was, like, what? Many people say "I was like" or "she was like" when referencing a conversation that happened in the past. I was, like, what? 表示过去的 状态 23 You/he/they don’t get it. To not understand something I don’t know, man, I think you just don’t get it. : 你 / 他 / 他们 不明白, 没 懂 24 You cant let (A) get between (B) and (C) Expression showing that A is causing problems in the relationship between B and C You cant let a few pieces of metal get between you and the woman of your dreams. 你不能让 A 站在 B 和 C 之 间, 意思是 A 会在 (B) 和 (C) 产生问题

21 # Expressions/Grammar ExplanationExample Sentence Chinese 25 Its bad enough that… now… An expression to show that were bad before, but now are worse. Its bad enough that she's getting pierced. Now she wants me to do it, too? 意思是事情 原先已经很 坏了, 现在 更坏了 26 Its no big deal. It's not important. Why not, man? Its no big deal. 不重要, 没 关系 27 turns… on If something turns you on, then you are sexually attracted to it. And you know if it turns michelle on… 使 … 产生性 兴奋 28 and, you know… A word used when trying to persuade someone, by showing that its something they would probably agree with. And you know if it turns michelle on… 你知道, 在 劝说, 叙述 的过程中经 常使用

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