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Be EPIC Successful SEO Company Structure and Responsibilities.

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1 Be EPIC Successful SEO Company Structure and Responsibilities

2 Why should you be EPIC? Successful SEO Company Structure and responsibilities As an owner of an agency that has an army of staff spread out over offices in four countries, structure is a key ingredient for success, followed by process and communication protocols. In this session, I will talk about my vision of a successful SEO company, and how having a vision has always been my biggest factor in leading me to where I am now with my agency and my clients.

3 Who am I? Father of 5 kids and REALLY love what I do I have been doing Internet marketing (Including Search) since 1998 – Owner of Nordic eMarketing – 45 people in five countries Written two books on the subject of Internet Marketing On the Search Engine Marketing Professionals ( board of directors On the Bing Advertising Advisory Board Frequent speaker and lecturer about the topic Focus on Global Internet Marketing – Worked with Dell, Expedia, Symantec, Fujitsu and more

4 Everybody awake?


6 The E in EPIC stands for Entrepreneurship – The beginning, it all about the idea Entertainment – Having fun while doing it Enabling – Give you staff the option to take the journey with you and enable them to show what they are all about Expectations – Manage expectations Ethics – Make sure that you are ethical, honest and forth coming in your relationship with clients and other stakeholders

7 The P in EPIC stands for Personal – Take it personally Patience – Success will not happen over night People – No company is bigger than its employees Prospects – Learn from both from success and failures when dealing with possible clients Processes – Make sure that you have process in place

8 The I in EPIC stands for Ideas – Never kill the first idea Intelligence – Invest in intelligence Insights – Education, reeducation and more education Innovation – The key to progress Informative – Pass on knowledge

9 The C in EPIC stands for Creative – Think out side of the box Clients – Service your clients and maintain a great relationships – Don’t be afraid to terminate “stupid” clients Cooperation – Find like minded people/companies and partner up Component – Different components apply to different projects so be flexible Chaotic – Phoenix rises from the ashes of chaos (fire)

10 be EPIC

11 BIG THANKS Kristjan Mar Hauksson @optimizeyourweb

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