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Parent Information Session 14 th October Welcome.

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1 Parent Information Session 14 th October Welcome

2 Timetable Introduction – Mr Hairon 4 x 15min workshops (7.15, 7.35, 7.55, 8.15pm) Maths – Mr Conway – Jade Class E-safety – Mr Jewels – Opal Class Handwriting (KS1) – Mrs O’Sullivan – Garnet class Behaviour and Growth Mindset – Mr Hairon - Hall Read Write Inc (Reception & KS1) – Mrs Ingles – Emerald class Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (KS2) – Mrs Fisher – ICT suite

3 Key Data 2014 Results (Figures in brackets 2013 England) KS2Level 4Level 5Expected Progress More than Expected Progress Reading100% (86%)70% (44%)100% (88%)44% (30%) Writing100% (83%)42% (30%)95% (91%)37% (30%) Maths98% (85%)58% (41%)98% (88%)42% (31%) KS1Level 2Level 3 Reading98% (89%)47% (29%) Writing95% (85%)23% (15%) Maths93% (91%)33% (23%)

4 Ofsted Actions - Teaching Ofsted Development Point While teachers usually offer pupils advice on how they can improve their work, pupils do not have enough opportunities to make these improvements. Actions / Commentary Ofsted noted considerable improvements in marking. In many classes pupils improving their work is embedded practice, but this good practice needs to be consistent across the whole school. This will be a focus of book monitoring this year.

5 Ofsted Actions – Leadership & Management Ofsted Development Point School leaders’ checks on the quality of teaching do not take enough account of the progress made by pupils over time. Actions / Commentary Our current monitoring schedule has brought about improvements in the quality of teaching. However, we will amend this schedule and introduce termly “Progress Reviews” for teachers. During one week we will consider all the evidence to support a judgement on the quality of teaching over time. Previously, judgements were made on specific aspects of teaching. Periodic drop-ins will continue throughout the year to ensure that standards are maintained.

6 Ofsted Actions – Leadership & Management Ofsted Development Point Subject leaders do not have a precise enough understanding of the areas of weakness in teaching in their area to be able to remedy these effectively. Actions / Commentary As the new National Curriculum is assessed over the course of this year, core subject leaders will analyse assessment information to identify whole school strengths and weaknesses. Linked to teachers’ appraisal, new subject leaders have been appointed to work in teams to monitor the implementation of the new curriculum. At the end of the year subject leaders will write a subject evaluation which will include actions to improve their subject area.

7 Learning to Learn at Brookmans Park School

8 Mindsets Fixed I worry about how clever I am. I don’t want to look stupid. Even if I’m doing well to begin with, I lose interest when it gets hard. I feel clever when things are easy and I am doing better than other people. Growth Intelligence is something I can increase. I can improve myself through my own efforts. I love to learn something new – even if I don’t look clever. I am excited by challenge and have a go at difficult tasks.

9 It’s ok to make mistakes Fixed Mindset I don’t want people to know about my mistakes or if I find something really difficult Ignores useful criticism and feedback Growth Mindset It’s ok to make mistakes because I can learn from them Learns from criticism and enjoys receiving feedback

10 Growth Mindset - Further reading Dr Carol Dweck (2006) Mindset – How you can fulfil your potential Matthew Syed (2010) Bounce – The myth of talent and the power of practice

11 Mr Hairon’s Stick Man (September)

12 Self Portrait - 1 st attempt (October)

13 Maths Test Scores Who is making the most progress in maths? MonthAnn JonesBen Smith September1913 October2015 November1918 December2019

14 Learning to Learn At Brookmans Park School we love learning and facing new challenges. We aim to have a “Growth Mindset” and believe that we can all improve. In order to succeed we need to have the following attributes: Effort Perseverance Determination

15 Effort To succeed we need to work hard. We need to concentrate and remain focused.

16 Perseverance To succeed we need to keep going and never give up. We need to practice and have patience.

17 Determination To succeed we must be motivated to do our best. We must be committed to our goals and have the confidence and courage to have go.

18 The Chilli Challenge Self-differentiation. In certain activities children are encouraged to choose the level of challenge that they feel is appropriate. Mild, Medium, Hot, Super Spicy

19 Behaviour Policy 6 Golden Rules House Points Star of the Week Headteacher’s Awards

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