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“Drawing the Shades”. Written by: April L Elliott.

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1 “Drawing the Shades”

2 Written by: April L Elliott

3 With music from: Tori AmosMy Chemical Romance NirvanaDashboard Confessional Cherry MonroeFall Out Boy U2Counting Crows The Strokes Kelly Clarkson

4 Dedicated to: k,b,b,a And the 25 other interviewed and the nameless survivors whose stories remain unknown.

5 for those who had the courage to share...

6 …what they hid from everyone else...

7 …because they believed...

8 …it might save someone.

9 Rape & Sexual assault are not uncommon phenomena

10 If everyone in this room stood up who knew someone who had been raped...

11 …roughly 1/4 of you would be standing.

12 DO IT

13 If you know someone who has been attacked...


15 Look around the room

16 Rape is NOT somebody else’s problem

17 Forget the law

18 Forget what you have learned in the past

19 What is RAPE?

20 Rape is pain, anger, bitterness, loneliness, traumatic, sad, unnecessary, violating, violent and unforgettable.

21 Rape is forced or threatened unwanted sexual activity with someone you know or have just met.

22 Rape can happen at anytime, or with anyone…it doesn’t matter how you’re dressed, what you’re doing, or if you’ve gone out with that person before.

23 STOP Rape is WRONG at anytime & any place, with anyone

24 What is CONSENT?

25 Consent is given when 2 people have EQUAL POWER in any given situation

26 Consent is freely giving your permission WITHOUT fear or pain

27 with CONSENT you have RESPECT

28 without CONSENT you have RAPE

29 “I never thought anything like that could ever happen to me.”

30 1 in 6 women will be raped in their lifetime

31 Women aged 18-29 run a greater risk of being raped than any other population group

32 1 in 5 women will be assaulted by an acquaintance during their stay at college.

33 Over 90% of these women know their attacker

34 A woman is most likely to be assaulted between her first day of school and Thanksgiving Break on campus as a freshman

35 Men can be victims of sexual assault.

36 The majority of these will be male-on-male assaults, 74% will know their attacker

37 Almost no male victims will report the attack

38 “It’s like even before it happened, I never had a voice.”

39 “And the nightmare just goes on.”

40 Every 21 hours there is a rape on a college campus

41 The average rape lasts 2-4 hours

42 Every 2.5 minutes a sexual assault occurs in the United States

43 67% of all rapes occur at night, 2/3 of those between 6pm and midnight

44 Rape in the United States is 10 times higher than in England

45 And more than 40 times higher than Japan

46 “I would have gone to court, but no one cared.”

47 Only 39 % of rapes are ever reported

48 Less than 5% of rapists will go to jail

49 Only about 1% of male students who rape are prosecuted

50 Most rape cases are settled out of court

51 “I’m not stupid, I could smell the trouble, and the beer, and the hatred.”

52 80 % of all rapes are alcohol and drug related

53 75% of male students involved in rape had been drinking or using drugs

54 65% of female students involved in rape had been drinking or using drugs

55 68% of acquaintance rapes happen at a party

56 32% of acquaintance rapes happen in a residence hall room

57 Nearly ¾ of those rapes happened when victims were so intoxicated they were unable to consent or refuse.

58 “Never mind, I need a drink, I’m messed up.”

59 Excessive alcohol and/or drug use could also be an indication someone needs help

60 Stay alert for behavioral changes

61 “You can’t be a college student today and honestly think that sort of thing is right.”

62 43 % of college-aged men conceded to using coercive behavior to have sex, but did not admit that it was rape.

63 In a UCLA study 35% of college-aged men said they would violently rape if they knew they could get away with it

64 In a similar Virginia study, 38% of male students said they would

65 16% of male students who had committed rape, took part in gang rape

66 MYTH: Women say “No” when what they really mean is “Maybe” or “Yes”

67 About 1/3 of women surveyed reported that they HAD said NO, they did not mean YES or MAYBE

68 ATTITUDE: Power, aggressiveness and getting what you want are part of “being a man” in our society

69 These myths and attitudes lead to:






75 And: RAPE

76 “I didn’t get up for a week. I had to heal up before I could deal with being alive…”

77 No 2 survivors will react the same way

78 Reactions may vary from depression or apathy to insomnia or anger and shame

79 Male victims often become homophobic and question their sexuality after a rape

80 Male victims are more likely than women to become perpetrators of sexual assault

81 If you or a friend are raped or sexually assaulted:

82 Get to a safe place

83 Call your RA, Health And Wellness Educator or a PEER

84 Call RWU Public Safety or the Police

85 Go to Women and Infants Hospital or Rhode Island Hospital in Providence

86 Don’t go through this alone

87 There are several resources where you can get help: Health Services Counseling Center Office of Judicial Affairs/ Community Standards A Team CARE member Department of Public Safety Bristol/Portsmouth Police Sexual Assault & Trauma Resource Center of RI

88 Now that you have felt the emotional side of rape...

89 …and you’ve seen the undisputed facts...


91 “How do I feel?”

92 “What can I do?”

93 Don’t be afraid to get involved

94 “Do you hear me?”

95 Special thanks to: Virginia Commonwealth University, Rape Abuse and Incest National Network & Students like you for making this possible

96 Special Thanks to… Gordon “GW” Wood and Stage Crew (thanks Pam!) Division of Student Affairs The CAST of RWU students: Bill Fleming Audrey Rostohar Zack Gregus Emilie Larrivee

97 Powerpoint updated by RWU student Krystle LaChance Music updated by RWU students Krystle LaChance and Kristal Feliciano

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