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AGM – 2013 IN REVIEW For the Attention of The Directors Neil Aitken Jarrod Miller.

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1 AGM – 2013 IN REVIEW For the Attention of The Directors Neil Aitken Jarrod Miller


3 ABOUT US Jarrod and Neil are two blokes who like to do stupid stuff, drink rum, sit on a boat and laugh their asses off.

4 N EIL A ND JARROD AGM Executive Summary In line with strategy, 2013 has seen a shift from a large number of smaller dumb things to a small number or large stupid things. Humor levels are consistently high ( again, in line with strategy ) The list of achievements has been substantial Best joke line of the year ‘Chubby Checker’ Permanent Residency opens the door of real opportunity for Neil Jarrod is enjoying life at Alliance and in the city Nett girlfriend position is 0 for 2013 Investments in this area have not paid off.

5 Stupidity By Month S TUPIDITY B Y MONTH TREND IS CHANGING 2013 Regression Analysis Above : In previous years, stupidity was more evenly distributed throughout the year. Regression analysis reveals that we are undertaking a smaller number of much stupider things. This is likely to be due to Age Time comittments Eau De Vie White Water Rafting Aerobatics Big Buck Hunterathon New York Dee Buying a boat This slide deck

6 2014 SWOT Analysis S WOT ANALYSIS IS A POOR MAN ’ S PESTE Strengths Neil We have a good laugh with whatever we do Jarrod loves Alliance Weaknesses Jarrod Crippling boat expenses Insufficient exercise for Neil Opportunities Redundancy ? Own business ? Permanent Residency Threats Age Getting fatter Girls becoming more mental ?

7 M ARKET S UMMARY A NALYSIS JARROD : Key AchievementsNEIL : Key Achievements Finding Harlem and hanging out until we became regulars Buying a boat and sailing it north from Melbourne Finding a way to stay in Australia Getting dream job of Web Ops Manager at Virgin Getting Permanent Residency Moving WP to Responsive Design and starting to make a small amount of money out of it Gave up smoking Winning Winter Series Sailing in 2013 on Ratty Twooey Winning ‘Best Out Of Office’ and doing well on email pranking Sailing up to Pittwater as skipper twice / Happy Dude Getting better at boat jobs and maintenance generally. ‘Finding’ sailor Jerry’s Coming up with the idea for New York Neil’s birthday present – stuff he actually wanted Awesome Walking Dead book Strong cross fit exercise investment JOINT : Key Achievements Buying bottles of Sailor Jerry’s at Harlem Finding Harlem Going to NY, New Orleans and Niagra Falls Concorde Hidden Cocktail bars Nearly exploding the boat using petrol stove Audi experience day Sailing to Pittwater

8 A CCOUNTS Accounts ( Girls Acquired And Divested. ) Girls JarrodNeil Jan10 Feb10 Mar10 Apr01 May1 Jun11 Jul1 Aug1 Sep0 Oct11 Nov1 Dec0 Nett Position :00 Text removed to protect the innocent More Mental ?

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