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Virtual Voodoo Doll By Steel Door BEGIN THE TORTURE.

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1 Virtual Voodoo Doll By Steel Door BEGIN THE TORTURE


3 Voodoo HomeRENAME “That would be cool!” “You want to touch my monkey?” “You’re dumb!” ”I’m STUPID!” MORE TORTURES Piano Crush Purple nurple Shoot Shrink torso Tornado Brine Bee hive Lightning Very low stab Yank off leg Arrow Cut open stomach Blow up head Break an arm Cut off arm Cut off head TORTURES I’m STUPID! You’re dumb! You want to touch my monkey? EWW! SAYINGS That would be cool! TORTURE VISUAL ? This page was to congested to add any more tortures!

4 Instructions Before you begin torture, you must first SELECT AN INDUVIDUAL in the VOODOO HOME screen. This will connect you to the live DarkVooDoo web. Where you will then be able to actually torture you’re victim. Then go back to the VOODOO HOME screen, and click BEGIN TORTURE. OR click re-name and pick a new name for your victim, AND change their face! The rest is self-explanatory. Mu-hahahahahahaha! Voodoo Home

5 Select an Individual Please press the CONNECT button. DarkVooDoo web is currently telepathically scanning your mind, searching for the person you want to torture. Individual selected. You may now begin torture. Or rename them. Disconnected. Voodoo HomeConnect Disconnect RENAME

6 Disclaimer This is all a joke. No actual harm is done to anyone. (However unfortunate that may be.) There is no DarkVooDoo web. There is no possible way anyone is selected on-line. There is no possible way anyone’s face is changed by using a computer. Selected individuals DO NOT have to call themselves by their ‘new selected names’. Any actual harm done was probably their own fault. Voodoo Home

7 Re-name Victim & Re-design face My new name is: TO THE TORTURE ROOM CHANGE GENDER CLICK TO CHANGE HAIR COLOR stinky fat stupid lazy retard drunk boy girl dad mom monkey whale Erkel hairless Mr. Ms. Mrs. CLICK TO CHANGE EYE COLOR CLICK TO CHANGE MOUTH CLICK TO CHANGE CHEEKS

8 TORTURE VISUAL MORE TORTURES TORTURES Chickenify Axe Annihilate Gut-buster alien Fish attack Pig Anime Freeze RENAMEVoodoo Home

9 TORTURE VISUAL RENAMEVoodoo Home TORTURES MORE TORTURES Contract Faded zoom Rotate ¼ turn Shrink/grow Ascend Sink Boomerang TV off-ify ? Here you must click each button twice for the victim to come back.

10 How to add this slide show to your own… First, on the slideshow you want to get from, make a button. Then right click on the button, and click action settings. In the action settings menu, click the ‘hyperlink to:’ button. Then on the ‘hyperlink to:’ button drop-down menu, scroll down until you see ‘Other PowerPoint Presentation’. Click on it. Then look for VIRTUAL VOODOO DOLL and click on it. Then click OK Then select which slide you would like it to go to. Your done! You can now get from one slide show to VIRTUAL VOODOO DOLL! Voodoo Home

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