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Circus Performers. The Ringmaster Presentador del circo.

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1 Circus Performers

2 The Ringmaster Presentador del circo

3 The ringmaster is the person that controls the circus. Some times he tells jokes, but most important of all is that he is loud so that the audience can hear him.

4 Tightrope walker EQUILIBRISTA

5 The job of a tight rope walker is very dangerous. He must walk high in the air above the audience. A tight rope walker needs very good balance because the rope is very thin. If he falls, He will die.

6 In New York in 1974 a man walked between the Two Towers. They were metres over 400metres high.

7 Jugglers Malabaristas

8 Every circus has jugglers. To juggle you have to be very skilful and practice a lot! It is very difficult. Can anyone juggle? A juggler can you use balls, rings and even fire and knives. Sometimes they can even juggle on unicycles. Unicycles are bikes on with only one wheel.

9 Clowns

10 Clowns are always at the circus. They are silly, and funny. They tell jokes, wear funny clothes and do stupid things.

11 Some people, like me, are frightened of clowns

12 Magicians Magos

13 Magicians are very clever and mysterious people. They wear top hats and long capes. W1U&feature=fvst At the circus they take rabbits out of hats, they can make people disappear, they can even saw people in half.

14 Knife throwers

15 Knife throwing is the most dangerous thing that happens at the circus. Every year lots of people are injured because the knife thrower makes a mistake.

16 Animals

17 Normally the animals at the circus are animals that are not from Spain or England. Elephants, Lions, and tigers live in the jungle and the desert. Some people think its is cruel that they are kept in cages say that they are treated badly.


19 A strongman has to lift and carry very heavy things, like elephants.

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