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Introduction to Screen and Irssi Or, the good way to use IRC.

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1 Introduction to Screen and Irssi Or, the good way to use IRC

2 PuTTY SSH client: or package “putty” You can also SSH from Linux terminal Connect to We are going to use the login server as a “bouncer” to connect to IRC

3 Screen Terminal emulator Allows you to keep programs running even when you are not logged in Useful for “idling” in IRC “screen -dr” to reconnect session

4 irssi Command-line IRC client Can join multiple channels at once Configuration can save nick, server, channels /connect to connect to a server /join to join a channel Typing /help will list every command Typing /help will give usage

5 Pick and register a nick /nick to change nick Decide on a nick and stay with it Register your nick with Freenode so other people don't use it:  /msg NickServ register  /msg NickServ identify  If you have questions:

6 Remove your name from /whois Try /whois  You will see your bronconame and full name  You should remove this info /set nick /set user_name /set real_name

7 How to find SWIFT /connect /join #swift-help  Friendly, helpful channel – only stupid questions are the ones answered by Google search /join #swift  Unfriendly, sometimes hostile/nsfw (think 4chan)  If you don't understand what someone told you to do, don't do it – go ask #swift-help  More social, alumni hang out here

8 Autoconnect / Autojoin /network add freenode  “freenode” is arbitrary, must be used in next 2 commands /server add -auto -network freenode /channel add -auto #swift-help freenode To make windows stay, use “/layout save”, then “/save” To automatically identify to NickServ, use:  /network add -autosendcmd “/msg NickServ identify ” freenode  WARNING: Your password will be stored as plaintext

9 Ignore joins and quits Levels:  Joins: people enter channel  Parts: people leave channel  Quits: people leave For a particular channel:  /ignore #swift-help joins parts quits For all channels:  /ignore * joins parts quits To remove, preface level with “-”  /ignore #swift-help -joins

10 Commands screen -dr (detach and reconnect) In screen: Ctrl+a, Ctrl+d (detach current session) In irssi:  /connect, /join  /help (lists and explains commands)  /network, /server, /channel, /set, /save, /layout  Alt+, Alt+

11 Links PuTTY download screen help irssi help Freenode FAQ (nick registration help)

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