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SCOTLAND AND THE NORWEGIAN MODEL Is Scotland on the road to becoming the ”New Norway”? Let’s explore…

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1 SCOTLAND AND THE NORWEGIAN MODEL Is Scotland on the road to becoming the ”New Norway”? Let’s explore…

2 Election Victory for the SNP 5 May 2011: The Scottish National Party (SNP) won a majority in the elections to the Scottish Parliament SNP formed a majority government for Scotland (In minority govt since 2007) Party leadership pledged to hold a referendum on Scottish independence within the lifetime of the new parliament The starting point for two themes we will be exploring: 1. The SNPs use of Norway as a model for a future independent Scotland (today) 2. The constitutional implications of the SNP’s bid for Scottish independence (later)

3 Address at Prestonfield SNP-leader Alex Salmond’s victory speech was held at Prestonfield House Hotel in Edinburgh Here he outlined his plans of holding a referendum on Scottish independence, in Scotland

4 Our Focus Today Who are the SNP and what are their policies? Which role has the Norwegian model played in the SNP´s argumentation for independence?

5 The Scottish Parliament A devolved assembly: Parliament with legislative powers for Scotland Executive led by Scottish ”First Minister” The United Kingdom remains a unitary state: British Parliament can withdraw powers, or abolish Scottish Parliament altogether – in theory at least… The Scottish Parliament at Holyrood in Edinburgh

6 Neighbour: the Palace of Holyrood

7 Who are the SNP? The SNP is a single-issue separatist party Formed in 1934 - one of the oldest in Europe Primary objective: The creation of an independent Scottish state Political platform: Social democratic (usually to the left of Labour) Party logo: A stylised combination of the cross of the Scottish flag the Satire, and the Scottish national symbol of the Thistle

8 The Flags – and what they tell us

9 The Policies of the SNP The main objective of independence takes precedence over other issues. How does the SNP argue for independence? Nation-state argument: Scotland is a historic nation which “deserves” to become an independent state, that is the only “natural” thing Economic argument: Scotland would be better off as an independent state, than it is today within the British union Comparisons: Contrast between Scotland and the rest of the UK, and England in particular Use of “model countries” of a similar size – ex. Norway

10 The Norwegian Model Argument: Norway has been a preferred model for the SNP’s vision for an independent Scotland over time Why? Useful to compare oneself with a largely ”successful” country? Are there many actual similarities between Scotland and Norway?

11 Similarities: Scotland - Norway Oil & Welfare It’s Scotland’s oil! Social democratic SNP admires Norwegian welfare model The Norwegian State’s Oil Fund since 1996 – Scottish equivalent? It’s the economy stupid! Norwegian model provides the SNP with a seemingly solid economic argument for independence Natural resources in general Scotland has similar types of natural resources to Norway Could they become the backbone of the economy of an independent Scotland ?

12 Fish Farming

13 A Scottish Embrace?

14 Conclusion Why does the SNP use Norway as a model for a future independent Scotland? 1. An election strategy: Set Scotland apart from the rest of the UK/England 2. The ”New Norway”: The SNP genuinely believes in the comparison, and thinks that an independent Scotland can go the ”Norwegian way” – Scotland can become the new Norway - What do you think?

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