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Role Changes. Introduction Brendon Bourne Flight Examiner Civil Aviation Authority Role Changes.

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1 Role Changes

2 Introduction Brendon Bourne Flight Examiner Civil Aviation Authority Role Changes

3 Role Changes throughout your career Each level of your training comes with added responsibilities:  PPL Pilot to Commercial Pilot  Commercial Pilot to C-Cat Flight Instructor  C-Cat Flight Instructor to B-Cat Flight Instructor  B-Cat Flight Instructor to A-Cat Flight Examiner Other Role Changes you may encounter:  Change in Organisation  Change in Type of Operation

4 Focus: Becoming a C-Cat Flight Instructor 1. Responsibilities 2. Attitude 3. Communication

5 1.Responsibilities To provide quality flight Instruction Understand what you are teaching Know your material Keep up to date Revise often Ask someone more experienced Understand your Student Background Learning styles Goals Temperament Interests and lifestyle

6 Responsibilities – Flight Instruction Pre-flight Briefing and De-brief Adequate briefing Prepares your student mentally Situational Awareness Debriefing every flight Not just about $$ Demanding a high standard of performance Train to higher standard Flight test standards are a minimum Early training and habits set a platform for later training Demand Ideal

7 Responsibilities To be a good Role Model You are no longer just a Commercial Pilot buzzing around the country only responsible for yourself........ You are now in charge of looking after and teaching a student to not only experience the joy of flight but to keep themselves and their passengers safe and alive.

8 “ What is a good role model?”

9 65% of people are Visual Learners “Monkey see monkey do!”

10 Responsibilities – Role Models Students look up to their instructors Students imitate their instructor’s behaviour Much like children, students will learn the “Rights and Wrongs” and acceptable practices from their instructors


12 Responsibilities – Role Models To be a GOOD ROLE MODEL every instructor must: 1. Meticulously observe safety practices 2. Observe all CAA rules and regulations on every flight 3. Teach and display courtesy to other airspace users 4. Maintain a professional image and appearance 5. Display and teach good decision making 6. Know your own limitations 7. Teach your students to be aware of their limitations and be guided by those limitations

13 Attitudes Your Attitude Attitude “good attitude” Choices Rapport Self Analyse Teaching Methods “GET HOME Syndrome- be self aware

14 Attitudes Students Attitude “There are old pilots and there are bold pilots but there are no old bold pilots!” Macho Impulsive Anti-authority Resignation Invulnerability HOW DID YOU DEAL WITH IT?

15 Communication Reliance on technical language to express ideas often impedes effective communication. KISS Keep It Simple Stupid Communication succeeds only in relation to the reaction of the receiver Questioning

16 SUMMARY..... Key elements for successfully coping with role change.... Prior Knowledge Confidence Get a mentor Be open to new ideas Maintain your standards Never compromise on safety Watch, listen, learn Value staff and their input Don’t stress, nobody’s perfect, it takes time to settle into a role Do your best + have fun “GOOD LUCK”

17 Questions.......

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