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1 Paper Moons. 2 Paraphrasing Many a man would rather you heard his story than granted his request. Many men would rather you heard their invented stories.

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1 1 Paper Moons

2 2 Paraphrasing Many a man would rather you heard his story than granted his request. Many men would rather you heard their invented stories than you directly gave them whatever they asked for.

3 3 The ruinous imbalance of trade 贸易逆差 If the value of exports exceeds that of imports, the nation is said to have a favorable balance of trade. The reverse situation is an unfavorable balance of trade, or imbalance of trade.

4 4 Protective tariffs 保护性关税 If tariffs (taxes collected by a government on goods coming into a country) were raised, imports could be restricted.

5 5 An intellectual mercenary Who was paid to speak at the conference in order to persuade people to support or adopt an opinion, for propaganda.

6 6 Strategic Defense Initiative 战略主动防御计划 / 星球大战计划 Proposed by Reagan in 1983 to develop a strategic defense system based in part outside the earth ’ s atmosphere. By this system, the enemy nuclear missiles were to be obstructed midway before they could reach their target.

7 7 Supply-side economics 供应经济学 A cut in taxes by government will encourage investment and so increase production (supplies), which will in turn slow down inflation and lead to economic growth. According to the theory, a tax cut will not reduce overall tax revenues, because economic prosperity will compensate the effects of lower tax rates (by Reagan administration).

8 8 Paraphrasing Townsend is a large and shambling man, nearly always dressed in a rumpled suit but blessed with an evangelist's talent for sincerity and a sophist's gift of phrase. Townsend is fortunate enough to have the natural ability to put on a very sincere expression when speaking, and to speak extremely fluently and persuasively.

9 9 Paraphrasing They hadn’t marched to the music of as many different drums in the ideological wars. The other consultants, being younger than Townsend, hadn’t participated in as many debates on different points of views as Townsend had.

10 10 Bow ties and suspenders

11 11 Chinese Cross Talk The lesser performer (捧哏) who puts up a straight face pretends not to see the point of the major performer’s (逗哏) witty remarks. Actually he does this to sacrifice himself by appearing stupid.

12 12 Paraphrasing Townsend kept smiling and shaking his head until the lesser consultants subsided into respectful silence. Murray was kind enough to ask the straight-man’s question. …until the junior consultants sank into silence. Murray, appearing stupid, was kind enough to ask a silly question.

13 13 Paraphrasing They are in love with the idea of a thing, not the thing itself. They have a passion for the associations that the thing brings to them, not the thing itself.

14 14

15 15

16 16 Who are they?

17 17 Do cameras tell a lie?

18 18 Breakfast at Tiffany’s

19 19 Paraphrasing Political promises belong to the realm of surrealist fiction. Promises made by politicians are whatever happens to occur to their minds at the moment of speaking and so have no rational basis.

20 20 Explanation “ Heavier than adjectives, or even balanced phrases, but still metaphors. Metaphors of power.” Tanks are more powerful than adjectives (words or phrases). If you use adjectives to describe the US military power, other nations will not be scared. What is important is not to use the weapons in wars but is the idea of power that goes with the weapons. In this sense, weapons are still metaphors.

21 21 Discussion Topics 1. What fascinates you most about America? Do you think studying in America will make you more Chinese or American? Why? 2. How are college students in love with the idea of a thing rather than the thing itself? Why? 3. Are luxury foreign goods anything more than expensive status symbols? Why? 4. Why do some female stars strive hard to seek a billionaire or the like as their mate? Cite examples. 5. Should China’s wealthier citizens maintain a lower profile, out of consideration for the country’s poor?

22 22 Translation (1) 1. 上周我偶然遇见了我在大学里的一位老同学,他目前 受雇于一家中美合资企业。 2. 我忠心地感谢你给予我的支持。 3. 他病得很严重,幸好医生一接到我的电话就赶来了。 4. 这位心理学家受雇于一家外资医院。 5. 这家公司为了推广新产品,召集了一些媒体机构开了 个新闻发布会 。

23 23 Translation (2) 6. 人们向他尽情地鼓掌,这是他当之无愧的。 7. 该公司为这个地区的各个城镇供应粮食、棉花以及其 他日用品。 8. 他们答应为我们提供我们正急需的粮食和药品。 9. 一位好老师有权威,但很少有必要用它。

24 24 Key to Translation (1) 1. Last week, I ran across an old friend of mine in the university, who is now in the employ of a Sino-American joint venture. 2. I sincerely thank you for the favor you bestowed upon me. 3. He was seriously ill, fortunately, the doctor came at once in answer to my call. 4. The psychologist is in the employ of a foreign-funded hospital. 5. In order to promote their new product, the company rounded up some media authorities to have a news conference.

25 25 Key to Translation (2) 6. He deserved the applause ungrudgingly bestowed upon him. 7. The company furnished every town and city in the district with food, cotton and other daily necessities. 8. They've promised to furnish us with the food and medicine of which we are badly in need. 9. A good teacher has authority but rarely has occasion to employ it.

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