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Turning Talent Into Productivity Open doors are a great management practice.

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2 Turning Talent Into Productivity

3 Open doors are a great management practice

4 Open doors are a portal to drama

5 Efficiency Outcomes Process Teams Accountability Management Empathy Responsiveness Team-work Resources Individual Coaching & Development Leadership Loyalty

6 In changing times, lead first, manage second. “ “ ”

7 Change Mindsets Change Mindsets Change Reality Change Reality Quit Typical Responses to Trends BMW Drive

8 Great leaders work to perfect employee circumstances “

9 Great leaders work to bullet proof employees

10 Employee satisfaction surveys work

11 Actually, most just survey victims

12 Why do we survey for engagement? BUSINESS RESULTS

13 A Story



16 The Design Flaws

17 Design Flaw #1

18 All employee are NOT equally credible. Treating their opinions as equal is INSANE.

19 Perfecting employee circumstances will drive engagement. Design Flaw #2

20 Perfecting employee circumstances drives ENTITLEMENT, not engagement.

21 Design Flaw #3

22 Engagement doesn’t drive results. Personal Accountability drives both engagement AND results.

23 If…If… Treating all employees responses the same is insane. and Perfecting circumstances creates entitlement. and Personal accountability is the true driver of performance.

24 Then…Then… It’s time for a different approach to engagement.

25 Employee Value = Current Performance + Future Potential - Emotional Expense

26 Personal Accountability Reality Based Leadership Change Capitalization Organizational Alignment Driving for Results Emotional Expensiveness

27 There is no “I” in team

28 There is an “I” in win

29 The Mindset that results happen because of one’s actions, not in spite of them Accountable people believe that they choose their own destiny Personal Accountability

30 The willingness to do whatever it takes to get results. The ability to stay the course in the face of obstacles and setbacks. The acceptance of the consequences of our actions, good or bad. The perspective to see success and failure as learning experiences to fuel future success.

31 There are no stupid questions

32 There are VERY STUPID questions

33 Why doesn’t anyone tell me anything? Why do they keep changing? When will they get it? Personal Accountability, by John Miller

34 What? How? “I” Action Personal Accountability, by John Miller

35 Reality-based Leadership

36 The average person spends Two hours a day arguing with reality

37 Event Thinking Feeling Actions Results Reality Based Thinking

38 Right or happy?

39 After the story... How can I help? What is the next right action?

40 The minute you start judging... You STOP serving You STOP leading You STOP adding value

41 Organizational Alignment

42 Everyone has a right to their opinion and should be included in the decision-making process

43 We have all been replaced by Google

44 Does My Opinion Count? Decision Role: Decision Consultant Informed Role: To do whatever it takes to make it work

45 Capitalizing on Change

46 Change is hard

47 We have been soft on change


49 Work with The willing

50 Resistant, irrelevant employees are inherited

51 Your Charlie Sheen of the workplace was created by your own actions

52 1.Stop surveying the victims. 2.Close your doors. 3.Work with the willing. 4.Measure value not performance. 5.Fix the right stuff – emotional expense. 6.Accountability is KEY!!! 7.Work with the willing. 8.Value actions over opinions. 9.Buy in is not optional - engage or leave.

53 Thanks!

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