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Motion of Our Ocean JEOPARDY! Grade 5 Science SOL 5.6.

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2 Motion of Our Ocean JEOPARDY! Grade 5 Science SOL 5.6

3 RULES OF ENGAGEMENT 1.Only speak when called on 2.Think before speaking 3.Listen to the speaker READY TO PLAY!

4 JEOPARDY! Round In Too Deep Spelling Sea Creatures Stupid Ocean Answers 20 40 60 80 100

5 In Too Deep Spelling 20 The deepest parts of the ocean are called this…there is more than one (7 letters) _ r e _ _ _ e s

6 In Too Deep Spelling 40 Fishing is best when you are on this continental area…how shallow (5 letters) _ _ e _ _

7 In Too Deep Spelling 60 Don’t droop when you slide down this part of the ocean. Other parts will “rise” up later to meet you (5 letters) _ l _ _ e

8 In Too Deep Spelling 80 How “boring” can it be when you are covered in sediment at the most mysterious part of the ocean? (2 words) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

9 In Too Deep Spelling 100 Due to a lack of this, plant life in the abyss is different on the bottom of the ocean (8 letters) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ t

10 Sea Creatures 20 Don’t throw out your back with this response but the creatures pictured have one major thing in common

11 DAILY DOUBLE You can get double the points if you answer correctly!

12 Sea Creatures 40 These drifting organisms come from the Greek words meaning “drifting plants”

13 Sea Creatures 60 The Mariana Trench is the deepest part of the Earth going down over 36,000 feet (120 football fields). The animals seen in the picture look this way because there is none of this available.

14 Sea Creatures 80 You don’t have to live with the animals to know that this type of microscopic sea organism drifts freely with ocean currents

15 Sea Creatures 100 This is missing from the ocean food chain

16 Stupid Ocean Answers 20 If you wanted to travel from the Virginia to England on the Atlantic Ocean, the Gulf Stream will take you there. If you want to travel from England, like the settlers in 1607, to Virginia, this ocean current is the one to travel on

17 Stupid Ocean Answers 40 Oceans cover about 70% of the Earth’s surface. This means that this liquid is on the Earth’s surface more than dirt.

18 Sodium chloride is another name for salt. The salinity of ocean water depends on the rate of the water cycle and runoff from nearby land. Therefore we know that ocean water is a mixture of gases and this dissolved solid. Stupid Ocean Answers 60

19 Stupid Ocean Answers 80 Sunlight cannot hit the bottom of the ocean and it is cold. If we had a special transport to take us to the deepest trench on Earth, the pressure would increase as the amount of light and this would decrease.

20 The mixing of ocean water from fresh to salt depends on ocean currents. In the movie, Finding Nemo, the turtles traveled on this, off the eastern coast of Australia Stupid Ocean Answers 100

21 DOUBLE JEOPARDY! Round Stupid Answers Again? It’s A Jungle Out There Don’t Push Me Lions, Tigers, and Bears… OH MY! 30 60 90 120 150

22 Stupid Answers Again? 30 Researchers collect data, record data, and report this

23 Stupid Answers Again? 60 A key can be used to open doors. This is also an important tool to help identify objects and organisms

24 Stupid Answers Again? 90 A useful tool for making approximate measures is estimation. This can also be performed in mathematics when rounding.

25 Stupid Answers Again? 120 A gradulated cylinder measures liquid in milliliters. If you wanted to measure how much 3 ounces of water was in milliliters, you could use this measuring device.

26 Stupid Answers Again? 150 In science experimentation, variables change independently by the researcher, remain constant, or depend on other variables. This kind of variable changes because it relies on the other variables in a fair experiment

27 It’s a Jungle Out There 30 The anther makes pollen and the filament holds up the anther. These two parts together make up the male part of the plant called this

28 It’s a Jungle Out There 60 This process is how plants make their own food

29 DAILY DOUBLE You can get double the points if you answer correctly!

30 It’s a Jungle Out There 90 This process is when plants “sleep” especially during the winter months

31 It’s a Jungle Out There 120 Name two ways that pollen is spread during pollination

32 It’s a Jungle Out There 150 Moss and fern reproduce without seeds. They reproduce with this instead.

33 Don’t Push Me 30 Energy that is stored is called this Hint: Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge

34 Don’t Push Me 60 Don’t get tired but you must have this in order to do work

35 Don’t Push Me 90 This is Sir Issac Newton’s First Law of Motion that states that an object in motion will stay in motion and an object at rest will stay at rest

36 Don’t Push Me 120 This force occurs when two objects rub together and produce heat

37 Don’t Push Me 150 Imagine you are on this coaster headed down. What kind of energy is demonstrated?

38 Lions, Tigers, and Bears 30 When an organism hatches from an egg, the wormlike creature that comes out is called this…don’t get it confused with a part of the rock cycle

39 Lions, Tigers, and Bears 60 The biggest threat to ecosystems are these organisms that stand on two feet

40 Lions, Tigers, and Bears 90 I am a bear and eat plants and animals. I am classified as this in the forest carnivore producer omnivore herbivore

41 DAILY DOUBLE You can get double the points if you answer correctly!

42 Lions, Tigers, and Bears 120 A mouse, a dog, a cow, a witch Their contribution to the food chain is called a (hint: it rhymes)

43 Lions, Tigers, and Bears 150 The physical features of an organism like a bill on a duck or fur on a bear is this type of adaptation mimicry structural behavioral consumer

44 FINAL JEOPARDY! Make your wager! You can wager some, all, or none of your points…you get it right, you get the points you wagered added…get it wrong and you get nothing! GOOD LUCK!


46 MATTER In order for a substance to go from a liquid to a solid the temperature must do this

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