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Towards Zero Carbon Bute Aims to help Bute people to reduce the island’s overall carbon footprint This will reduce our impact on climate change It will.

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2 Towards Zero Carbon Bute Aims to help Bute people to reduce the island’s overall carbon footprint This will reduce our impact on climate change It will help us all reduce our energy and transport costs And make the island an even lovelier place to live! Funded by the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund. A Fyne Futures project

3 Home energy efficiency review How to save £££ on your energy bills Heating/electricity for your home from renewable energy source, e.g. a solar panel? Measure your carbon footprint Where are most of your CO2 emissions from: travel, your home, or your lifestyle? Use this to save money Free home insulation survey Survey/quote and help with grant sourcing

4 Help with sourcing grants For insulation, in-house energy generation, for community projects and charitable groups Information about wood fuelled heating We are helping to develop a local source of wood for wood burning stoves & central heating systems

5 Help with travel planning Easy source of information across different public transport types Find out about electric vehicles Feasibility study for an electric vehicle car club/hire for Bute Car club members wouldn’t need to own a car but could hire one when needed

6 Lift sharing scheme Would a scheme for good for Bute? Monthly info on a different theme To help you reduce costs and CO2 emissions Handy hints monthly by post or email

7 Sister Fyne Futures Projects Recycling Find out more about recycling Buy local Buy from local suppliers and local products and not only reduce the CO2 emission from travel but support Bute too Growing your own fruit and vegetables Encouragement to grown your own

8 Please get in touch We’d love to hear from you Sheena Stone and Karen Hilton Tel: 01700 504636 Visit us any Thursday 2-6pm at: 1 st Floor, 7 Castle Street, Rothesay (Above Achievement Bute and below Bute FM!)

9 A Baseline Survey of Environmental Issues on Bute Presentation of Findings to Bute Residents 17 th January 2010

10 Carbon Footprinting Study + Baseline Survey attitudes behaviour interest Actions on Bute to address climate change Target of 25% reduction in carbon emissions Methodology Households (from edited Electoral Register) Businesses Farms

11 Household Survey Sample of 398 (320 postal, 63 telephone and 15 online) Data accurate to +/- 4.5% (based on 2,224 households) Data accurate to +/- 4.74% (based on 5,733 adults) No survey yet of young people; possibility of online survey through school? Attitudes to Environmental Issues The Home Getting Around Recycling Food Getting Involved

12 A Word on the Sample These distinctions will be accounted for in “weighting” of data for the carbon footprinting and other analysis. Demographic2001 CensusThis Survey In employment52%33% Aged 65+35%50% Owner occupied56%72%

13 Attitudes to Climate Change (1) Base: 392Base: 386Base: 390Base: 386

14 Attitudes to Climate Change (2) Base: 387Base: 378Base: 388Base: 382

15 Attitudes to Wind Farms Base: 398

16 The Home 60% of homes built pre-1929 99% of respondents were from main family home* 52% of homes are flats 92% have central heating - 23% have a boiler aged 10 years+ * Do we need to consider engagement with owners / users of holiday homes?

17 Sources of Energy Main source Base: 382

18 Sources of Energy Important additional sources are: - electricity and gas - wood logs (8% of the total) - coal (5% of the total) - bottled gas (3% of the total) No discernible use of renewable energy Additional fuel usually delivered to home (80%)

19 Energy Efficiency in the Home * Not always relevant Base: 392

20 Energy Efficiency in the Home Base: 386Base: 376

21 Getting Around HouseholdsBaseWalkCycle Public Transport Car or other vehicle A journey of less than half a mile36687%-1%12% A journey of between half a mile and one mile 34859%-6%35% A journey of between one and two miles 34825%1%17%56% A journey of between two and five miles3446%3%21%70% A journey of more than five miles3441% 27%72% Journey distance and method of transport

22 Estimated Miles Driven Per Year Base: 335

23 Estimated Miles Driven Per Year Overall mean is 3,959 miles For people who work it is 5,350 miles Only a small part of the sample commute daily More likely to visit the mainland once or twice a month (or less often)

24 Bicycles * On average 2 bikes for each of these households. Main barriers are perceived to be fitness and “getting wet”. Base: 167 Base: 398

25 Walking Miles walked in an average month The mean number of miles walked is 25 Base: 376

26 Public Transport Main barrier is that using a car is more convenient. On average, people had taken 1.67 flights (a return counts as 2 flights) Base Most days (Monday to Friday) Once or twice a week Once or twice a month Every few months Less often than that Never Ferry3843%21%45%22%6%3% Bus35712%17%22%15%11%24% Train/ Underground3071%5%20%32%21%

27 Car Sharing Main barriers are appropriateness to journey and having to rely on others Base: 278

28 Interest in Car Sharing, Car Club, Car Hire Base: 398

29 Street Lighting Base: 398

30 Interest in Initiatives % of respondents Number of Respondents Extrapolation for Bute Population Take part in a Community Panel9%37516 Calculate your carbon footprint14%54803 Home visit to advise you about energy efficiency16%62356 Attend free workshops on carbon reduction10%38573 Receive handy hints by post or email33%1311892 Receive information about in-house energy generation26%105578 Free insulation survey15%59334 Volunteer with Revive Rothesay2%8115 Volunteer with Bute Recycling Project2%8115 Volunteer with Bute Produce4%15229 Find out about having your recycling collected9%34200

31 Business and Farms Survey 48 businesses responded from a total of 315 - 39 businesses (from a total of 274) - 9 farm businesses (from a total of 41) Main business sectors: - Retail / wholesale (28%) - Hotels, catering, tourism (21%) - A diverse set of others Provides strong indicative data

32 Business Attitudes to Climate Change Similar views to households except… Businesses less likely to believe climate change is impacting on their organisation (38%) Although farm businesses are more likely (89%)

33 Next Steps Further review and formal report Carbon footprinting Prioritisation and delivery of actions

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