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Ford Fiesta Clever Fiesta / Stupid Dogbot Campaign Joe Talboys.

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1 Ford Fiesta Clever Fiesta / Stupid Dogbot Campaign Joe Talboys

2 Campaign information Agency: Ogilvy Creatives: Jo Griffiths & Kate Clough Production: Stink Running from 2006 to 2008

3 What is the campaign about? The Clever Fiesta, Stupid Dogbot campaign is based around the idea that a Ford Fiesta has many hi-tech features that a robotic dog cannot compete with. The Dog’s shortcomings are used to illustrate the Fiesta’s features

4 Why Dogbot? It is commonly thought that the Dogbot is intended to represent cars with Japanese technologies that would compete with the Fiesta, such as the Toyota Yaris. It is important to note that the majority of audiences are not at all aware of this link, and feel dogbot is created simply for fictional means of comparison - not such a powerful strategy.

5 Strategy I would estimate the strategy for this campaign would be: “By demonstrating how the Ford Fiesta’s new features make it superior to any other small car on the market”

6 Campaign Features TV Spots: e e Website: Clever Fiesta/Stupid Dogbot /fie_0508_micro_dogbot/-/-/-/-

7 Clever Fiesta / Stupid Dogbot Website The website allows you to interact with Dogbot to an extent, although he is seemingly unresponsive to all attempts to get him to complete the preset commands of ‘Sit’ or ‘Bark’.

8 Tone of Voice The copy speaks of Dogbot as “My stupid little friend”, and shows how Dogbot can demonstrate some of the car’s enviable features through his stupidty, and lack of them himself. An extract from the interior tour of the Fiesta - observe the tone of voice

9 Problems with the campaign Strategy Comparing the Fiesta with a fictional robotic dog seems to make little sense to audiences.The blog below illustrates the public’s perceptions of the campaign ( g_blog/2008/01/what-exactly-ha.html) ( g_blog/2008/01/what-exactly-ha.html)

10 Why is Dogbot relevant? An artificial character has been created simply to be inferior to the product in question. This strategy could be applied to any product. Many feel that this campaign is flawed by dogbot’s lack of relevance to the consumer.

11 Siding with Dogbot Dogbot has created a somewhat loyal following : ex.php?showtopic=159989&st=10 ex.php?showtopic=159989&st=10 Audiences tend to side with Dogbot over the Fiesta. Blogs are awash with seeming outrage from sympathetic viewers who feel dogbot should be given a ‘good home’, or ‘be taught so he’s not stupid anymore’

12 Dogbot is dropped It is notable that this campaign is based purely around drawing attention to the car’s superiority over dogbot. Once this is done, the idea of Dogbot is irrelevant. Upon delving deeper into the Fiesta website, taking action a buyer would take - eg: configuring your Fiesta, or booking a test drive, dogbot is missing. He is a shallow concept.

13 Ways to improve the campaign Competition: From looking at competitors websites such as the Honda Element, it can be seen that a much more comprehensive brand experience is achievable. Available at

14 Honda Element It features other animals. Eg: Horses and Turtles. The most popular of which being ‘Pinchy the Crab’. Pinchy has become a much loved character. Pinchy has his own merchandise, as well as a myspace account in his name. He also has a Youtube account

15 Dogbot Myspace Dogbot can take the same action Posting videos on his myspace and youtube accounts, not only of the current ads, but adding videos of new adventures that Dogbot could take part in. Discussion boards could be opened covering topics like - “Should Fiesta leave Dogbot alone?” Where users could contribute to the future of the campaign, those who follow Dogbot would appreciate this opportunity I am quite sure. More of a sense of dialogue between Dogbot and Fiesta could be created.

16 Dogbot Robotics Looking at Wowwee  robotics bo1/robomain.html bo1/robomain.html There is scope to create a dogbot toy, that could be sold in toy shops, creating further brand awareness.

17 BobbleHead Dogbot Bobbleheads for dashboard could be bundled in with the sale of the car, and also sold separately. Creating a presence on the road similar to the PG Tips Monkey that is often seen in car windows.

18 Digital Interactivity Honda Element ment-and- friends/?from=elementandfriends. com has managed to incorporate a computer game into it’s website, where you tour an island in a Honda Element car. ment-and- friends/?from=elementandfriends. com A similar interactive approach has also been shown by Wilkinson Sword in their Fight For Kisses campaign: http://www.ffk-

19 Dogbot vs. Fiesta 2 Ford could create an interactive element, whereby visitors to Clever Fiesta/Stupid Dogbot to play a game, where Dogbot and the Fiesta perhaps compete with eachother. (In a 2D fighting game for example - with the Fiesta perhaps taking a leaf from the Citroen C4 and transforming to an upright position) An image from Wilkinson Sword’s Fight For Kisses campaign in France

20 Dogbot vs. Fiesta 3 Perhaps Dogbot & Fiesta could compete in less violent circumstances such as racing to areas, or by getting through mazes. A way of engaging the audience in the characters could work well here. A simple format but surprisingly addictive

21 Strategy/Campaign Change I think the campaign line should be changed to: Clever Fiesta / Silly Dogbot - Making the Fiesta’s attitude to Dogbot seem less confrontational and more jovial, therefore changing the tone of voice of the campaign. Creating a partnership between to the two, more so like PG Tips - Johnny and Monkey. This change would reflect well on the Fiesta, destroying this bullying image some have of it from these ads. The approach of there being less animosity between Fiesta & Dogbot increases the campaign’s appeal.

22 Dogbot Widget Dogbot is the perfect candidate for a Widget. He could act as a companion on your desktop to toy with (similar to his current functions on the website such as ‘bark’ or ‘roll over’). Perhaps Dogbot could have other functions, such as a dictionary or a calculator.

23 Dogbot Tamagotchi From a bluetooth poster, a link could be sent to your mobile that could send you to the Clever Fiesta/Stupid Dogbot website. Here you can download a Dogbot mobile Tamagotchi. Examples of these Mobile Phone Tamagotchis can be found here: otchi/index.html otchi/index.html

24 Conclusion I think if some of the changes I have suggested were implemented, Fiesta could expect their campaign to be more well received. There would be less discrepancy over the purpose of Dogbot. Dogbot could also be put to good use considering his wide appeal

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