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Stupid pilot tricks (featuring a cast of thousands)

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1 Stupid pilot tricks (featuring a cast of thousands)

2 What is the stupidest trick of them all? Hint: all in this room are performing this trick right now.

3 It can happen to me It might? It will

4 Two ways to stay safe Be really smart: Think of all the things that can go wrong, and figure out ways to prevent them Be rather stupid: Pay attention to the problems other pilots encounter, and learn what you can from them. Goal: Make it a bit less likely that you’ll fall into the known traps.

5 Ego Face it: This is a really bad pastime for anyone with a big ego. You will look foolish - regularly People can be bluffed; weather, gliders, air, gravity etc. remain quite unimpressed Ego interferes with perceptions that help you succeed EM: “Soaring is about seeing things as they are, not as we wish them to be.”

6 Case study: The R-101 Conclusion: Human nature is complex and not especially rational. It intersects with aviation and its hazards in many strange ways.

7 Mental rigidity The monkey trap The pilot trap

8 Case study: Final glide at 2005 Senior Contest Conclusion: Pilots can have trouble letting go of the rice. EYA!

9 “Can do” A positive, confident attitude is expected of pilots But it isn’t the best approach in every situation

10 Case study: aero retrieve at New Castle Conclusion: Your response should be appropriate to the actual problem at hand. EYA! Other cases: Problem early in tow Tail dolly left on

11 Margin for error Form the habit of thinking about how close you are to a problem Experiment with “virtual” limits Final glide to a point above the field Landing at a chosen spot

12 Case study: Tree landing at 2005 Senior Contest Conclusion: When you plan a maneuver with a low margin for error, don’t expect to get away with even a small mistake.

13 Assembly problems If it can be done wrong, it’s only a matter of time until it is done wrong Your job is to postpone that problem Other pilots will show you where your time & attention should be spent PCC vs. CAC

14 Case study: ASW-20 Why does this problem keep happening?

15 Checklists Proven value “Proper & purposeful prior preparation persistently prevents poor (perhaps pitiful & painful) performance” Often ignored, skimped, skipped Standard vs. customized

16 Case study: gear-up landing Conclusion: A “nearly correct” checklist “sort of” properly applied isn’t worth much. If problems form a pattern, it’s time to pay attention.

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