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2 Rules All Leaders Hardly Know Sompong Yusoontorn.

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1 2 Rules All Leaders Hardly Know Sompong Yusoontorn

2 Rule # 1 : If you think saying good morning to your people is a waste of time, THINK AGAIN.
Good leaders connect with their people. Starting the day by acknowledging their existence works wonders.

3 Rule # 2 : Don’t Judge the people you are working with, TEACH THEM.
Leadership masters a positive attitude. Few good things come out of focusing on problems or shortcomings. People thrive on positive feedback.

4 Create an atmosphere in which people get to choose the things
Rule # 3 : Tasks are performed better when they’re chosen instead of assigned. Create an atmosphere in which people get to choose the things they like to work on.

5 Rule # 4 : True leadership exists when people still
follow you regardless of your title and position. Imposing through authority and symbols is not enough to win the hearts and souls of your people.

6 Rule # 5 : If you fill the room, how can your people grow?
Leadership moves from doing a lot of talking to doing a lot of listening. Command & control work, trust & inspiration work better.

7 Rule # 6 : Leadership is acknowledging the elephant in the room.
The elephant being the necessary change that everyone avoids, the work required to adapt. Leadership upsets the status quo.

8 Rule # 7 : In sameness we connect, in differences we grow.
Leadership is inclusive. Leadership protects the voices of the minority and dares to confront cultural differences.

9 Rule # 8 : Leadership develops talent in everyone.
Development is not a privilege. Leadership doesn’t pigeon-hole people.

There is no such thing as leadership that works for every organization. A leader who listens will quickly work that out.

Leadership doesn’t wait for the coach’s call. Leadership has no safety nets. It’s your choice.

12 Rule # 11 : Leadership starts by giving, not by asking
favors. Reciprocity is key in leadership. Giving makes people want to give back.

13 Rule # 12 : Leadership & Authority aren’t the same
thing, but both need POWER. Authority is restrained by position and provides order and direction. Leadership is unrestrained and produces real change.

14 Rule # 13 : Leadership implies you know your company, but
first and foremost that you know yourself. Leadership tests reality, also the reality of your own self. Leadership is awareness.

15 Rule # 14 : Leadership is moral. Are you honest
Rule # 14 : Leadership is moral. Are you honest? Or are you just pulling the strings? Truth comes before politics. Leadership looks for the truth and the beauty of it.

16 Rule # 15 : Imagine your actions on the front page of a newspaper.
Leadership is stakeholder-proof. It flourishes in society’s fishbowl. Be proud of what you do or don’t do it.

17 Rule # 16 : Leadership is making this world a better place.
It goes beyond creating value for the shareholders.

People follow what you do, not what you say. The question for leaders is: which example do you want to set?

19 Rule # 18 : Leaders aren’t afraid to fail, but are afraid not to try.
Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.

20 Rule # 19 : Leadership is all about having your own
story and being true to it. Leadership is more than just telling a story. It’s being the story. What do you and your people stand for and how do you convey this?

21 Rule # 20 : 95% of leader’s assets drive out the gate every evening.
It’s leader’s job to maintain a work environment that keeps those people coming back every morning. – Jim Goodnight Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn

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