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1 2014 Community Fund Drive. 2 Community Fund Drive Partner Federations.

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1 1 2014 Community Fund Drive

2 2 Community Fund Drive Partner Federations

3 3 Helping Our Community The Community Fund Drive is a great way for employees to give back because : It’s Safe — Member charities are approved 501(c)3 organizations. It’s Easy — Through payroll deduction, an employee’s gift is spread throughout the year, making it easier to give a larger gift. It’s Personal — Employees can donate to a charity that is important to them.

4 4 My First Community Fund Drive

5 5 Grassroots Volunteers All Set

6 6 P&A Senate Goals Strong Support of Grassroots Volunteers Fundraising goal: Trying for just over $1.45 million Participation goal: Increase participation to 40% overall

7 7 Coordinate Ask and advocate Reach out and rouse Energize and empower Volunteers CARE

8 8 Coordinate Community Fund Drive Volunteer guide

9 9 Ask & Advocate You are an advocate for the Community Fund Drive within your work unit or college Community Fund Drive website Customizable posters and emails Speaker request forms Tips and best practices Volunteer training manual

10 10 Reach Out & Rouse Prize drawings continue! Enthusiasm is contagious Highlight the fun and benefits of participating

11 11 Energize & Empower The Community Fund Drive is nothing without you!

12 12 Online Pledging: Safe and Secure

13 13 Donating

14 14 Main Menu

15 15 Donation Confirmation Donation Confirmation Page Thank You Page

16 16 Brainstrom Session Ideas Promotion Ideas For staff are spread across campus, look for new digital tools like Prezi to share, pictures, stories, and videos about the campaign and your eventsPrezi Have one event per week Utilize team or department meetings and invite a federation speaker to talk about the needs in the community Email communications—specific messages about what even a small dollar amount can do Yummy Ideas Chili Cook-of (pay per bowl) Bake Sale—variation is to have folks bring "signature" items that the person is known for that will bring more bidding and higher yield (e.g., flourless chocolate cake, baklava, etc.) Bake sale variation that includes ordering specific items in advance (certain type of pie, cake, etc.) Pancake breakfast Bagel breakfast Salsa making contest Taco party Cookie baking or decorating contest Crock-pot cook off Pie baking contest Use incentives such as candy for pledging Hold an event around the theme, "Donating is as easy as pie" and promote giving plus providing a slice of pie to those who attend. Another option is to have cupcakes with a "flag" inserted in each describing the steps to donate online. Theme is "Donating is a piece of cake."

17 17 Brainstrom Session Ideas Event Ideas To stage events one must be aware of the specific group you are working with. For example, what works for FM may not work for CLA Silent auctions with themed baskets, donated items, or parking spaces Mini-golf fun putt (pay to play) Balloon pop with prizes in them (pay to pop) Pumpkin carving contest Jail and bail event Bingo or Trivia games: pay to play or U of M Trivia contest between departments, staff/management, with each wrong answer requiring donation Themed cube decorating contest (pay to participate, and pay to vote for the winner) Bring in a professional photographer (maybe someone in your unit) and have staff pay to have a photo taken for use on LinkedIn, etc. Bring large card board photo of head of supervisor, co-worker, etc. and place in employee cubicle. They must make donation to campaign in order to get it out of their cubicle. They can send it to a co-worker. (Federation representative noted that this is very popular in Washington County Campaign). Communication Ideas Email progress reports each week. Let your colleagues know how much they’ve pledged at and how much more you need to meet your goal. Post or share a thermometer image via email to show your giving progress each week Place a note with candy attached on each of your colleagues’ chair reminding them to donate Hang posters in work areas to bring awareness to the campaign Write personal emails, like you’d tell a friend. Share personal story of why you give or how you’ve been inspired personally

18 18 Brainstrom Session Ideas Make it Personal Coordinate personal visits to individuals to solicit campaign pledges Make one-on-one “asks” to people who attend events and give dollars Bring in federation speakers to motivate others to give Putting It All Together—Success Stories Office of the General Counsel: silent auction and a chili cook-off. Events are "a real morale builder." Volunteers also coordinate personal visits to individuals to solicit campaign pledges. Student Affairs: offices—spread across the TC campus—offer giveaways including University Bookstore gift cards, bike safety equipment, classes at the Recreation Center. They also stress in their messaging the actual “how-to’s” of making a pledge. Libraries: Libraries focus on popular and quick events like pizza lunches and candy giveaways. The Humphrey School of Public Affairs: holds a Fall Festival including a pumpkin carving contest to raise cash donations for the federations. Last year they improved faculty results by having Dr. Barbara Crosby bring printed pledge forms to a faculty meeting. College of Veterinary Medicine: creates an event or communication per week that connects with their mission and culture and often include a federation speaker: Week 1: Send an email explaining the Community Fund Drive and explain the "Name That Pig" Contest that will be going on throughout the month. It is $1 per guess and the faculty who work on swine research vote on the winner entry. The winner receives a gourmet meal made by a volunteer. Week 2: Have an animal-themed silent auction/ garage sale that can involve students. Week 3: Soup luncheon and relay race. Week 4: “Pumpkin Pop” using orange balloons with a slip of paper inside listing a prize. Each pop is $1. Week 5: Animal-themed treats: Monkey Chow (Beanie Baby Monkeys on a rope with bunches of bananas), Elephant Chow (a bucket of Shell on peanuts), kitty litter (a huge litter box filled with sunflower seeds and also filled with Tootsie Rolls, mini Baby Ruth Bars, chocolate covered raisins, etc., People Chow (in a dog dish), and a fish bowl filled with Swedish fish and goldfish crackers. Cost is roughly between $1 and $5 to participate.

19 19 Thank you! Your efforts make a huge, positive impact in the community!

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