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Chaitanya Baliga, Ph.D., ASQ-CQA/CMQOE/CSSGB Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting111 March 2015.

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1 Chaitanya Baliga, Ph.D., ASQ-CQA/CMQOE/CSSGB Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting111 March 2015

2 ManageChange LeadChange Change is one phenomenon which remains inevitable in the life of any organization. Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting211 March 2015

3 Triggers: Business Environment Technology Market Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting311 March 2015

4  Why the need for change/ reason for the change Fear of the unknown  Lack of competence  Connected to the old way  Low trust  Temporary fad  Not being consulted ◦ Poor communication  Changes to routines  Exhaustion/Saturation  Change in the status quo  Benefits and rewards Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting411 March 2015

5  Organizations need to anticipate, direct and cope with changes within their organizational environments.  Proactive and progressive leaders, are able to ensure and maintain stability, survival, sustainability, and competitive edge within the fiercely competitive and globalized business environment. Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting511 March 2015

6 Change Initiator Early Adopters Early Majority Late Majority Laggards Willing to take risk on change Waits to hear good anecdotes Pragmatic: Wants anecdotal evidence Conservative: Wants to see; Hold on Skeptic: No Way Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” ― Peter F. Drucker Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting611 March 2015

7  False Evidence Appearing Real  FOG: FACTS Vs Opinion and Guesses “F-E-A-R has two meanings: 'Forget Everything And Run' or 'Face Everything And Rise.' The choice is yours.” - Zig Ziglat Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting711 March 2015

8 Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting811 March 2015

9 Late/ Early Majority Change initiators/ Early Adopters Laggards Potential Adopters + + - - Accountability= Behaviour + Position Attitude = Belief + Perception Change Initiator Early Adopters Early Majority Late Majority Laggards Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting911 March 2015

10 Consideration by potential adopters from awareness to adoption.  Relative advantage - Change is perceived as being better than the current state;  Compatibility – Change is perceived to be consistent with the existing values, past experiences and needs of potential adopters;  Complexity - Change is perceived as difficult to adopt;  Trialability - An opportunity to experiment with the change on a limited basis  Observability -Change is visible to others Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting1011 March 2015

11  10% are positive leaders and 10% are negative leaders.  80% of people in any given group are followers. Too many leaders are like travel agents – they are sending people where they have never been themselves. Instead you want to be a tour guide – you want to take people with you. Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting1111 March 2015

12 Level 5 : Executive Paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will Level 4: Effective Leader Pursuit of a clear and compelling vision / higher performance standards Level 3: Competent Manager Organizes resources on achieving objectives effectively and efficiently Level 2: Contributing Team Member Individual contribution to team objectives Level 1 : Highly Capable Individual Makes productive contributions through competence, talent, knowledge, skill and work habits Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting1211 March 2015

13  Understand the change (improvement) to access the potential value !  Manage the System and Not People Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting1311 March 2015

14  Elephant ◦ Emotional part is instinctive and feels pain and pleasure  Rider ◦ Reasonor Rational part is reflective, conscious, deliberative and analytical Everyone in an organization is both a Rider and an Elephant Direct the Rider (rational) Motivate the Elephant (emotional) Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting1411 March 2015

15  Caused by the elephant ◦ The elephant is much stronger than the rider, but it is lazy and prefers immediate gratification over delayed gratification ◦ Exhaustion due to things that are “true but useless”  Motivate the Elephant ◦ Shrink the change ◦ Find the feeling ◦ Implement small change Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting1511 March 2015

16 o Change that person’s situation o The solution to changing people behaviour is to change their situation o Emotional conviction o Self control o Laziness is often exhaustion (the Rider wears out trying o to control the Elephant) o People simply run out of will power o Rational direction o Provide crystal-clear direction Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting1611 March 2015

17  Direct the Rider ◦ Provide crystal-clear direction  Resistance = Lack of Clarity  Motivate the Elephant ◦ More Elephants than Riders ◦ Elephants need emotional reasons to change  Laziness = exhaustion  Shape the Path (change the situation) ◦ Workflows, systems, habits ◦ Understand the "why" behind the change ◦ Commitment from leaders throughout the organization Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting1711 March 2015

18 Understand the Direction Grasp for Current Condition Establish the next Target Iterate towards Target Condition Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting1811 March 2015

19  Utilize a structured change management approach from the initiation of the project  Active and visible participation by senior leaders  Advocacy by management levels including middle managers and front-line supervisors  Communications that describe the need for change, the impact on employees and the benefits to the employee (answering "What's in it for me?" Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting1911 March 2015

20 Leadership: Level 5 Leader who has blend of personal humility and professional will/Mentor Right people: Attitude /Behaviour/ Ability Facts based culture Passion for doing right for the organization Managing systems rather than people Discipline approach by following the process Change the situation by implementing small changes and show the bright spots in the path “ “Don`t be afraid to take a big step when one is indicated. You can`t cross a chasm in two small steps.” ― David Lloyd George Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting2011 March 2015

21  Switch : How to Change Things When Change is Hard - Chip Heath & Dan Heath  The Five Levels of Leadership - John Maxwell  Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...And Others Don't - Jim Collins  What Causes Behavior Change? -Dr. B J Fogg Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting2111 March 2015

22 Chaitanya Baliga - ASQ Meeting2211 March 2015

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