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The “Jungle” A guide to U.S. Navy ranks.

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1 The “Jungle” A guide to U.S. Navy ranks

2 Gazelles = Ensigns Although easily frightened, they have been known to stupidly lounge in plain sight of the “lions” Runs at high speeds, with no purpose or direction The slow and weak are frequently slain

3 Cheetah = LTjg Loner, feisty
Makes the occasional kill on a weaker animal

4 Lions = Lieutenants Hunts in packs
Can bring down a larger animal with coordination Easily slays the “cheetah”

5 Water Buffalo = Lieutenant Commanders
Aging, slower beast, but- Cannot be brought down by a single “Lion”

6 Hippopotamus = Commanders
Slow and cumbersome on land Safe in own environment Lays low to avoid enemies

7 Elephants = Captains Rules the “Jungle”
Impossible to bring down except by his peers

8 Hyena = The Chief Laughs continuously at the “Cheetahs” and “Gazelles”
Helps the “Lions” complete the kill on larger animals but is known to alter its natural instincts and assist “Elephants”, “Hippopotamuses”, “Water Buffaloes” and “Sloths”

9 Sloth = Chief Warrant Officer
Skilled in one area only Comes around only to feed and take care of bodily functions

10 Dung Beetle = Sailor Forced to deal with the “crap” created by the other animals

11 Sand Crab = GS Employee Side-steps responsibility
Has a hard shell which cannot be cracked, even by “Elephants” Immune to “Dung Beetles”

12 Ant = Contract Employee
Lowest on the food chain Extremely productive, but can be eliminated by even a “Cheetah” “Dung Beetles” and “Sand Crabs” enjoy tormenting them

13 Master Chief King of the ocean Very tuff skin and sharp teeth
The other creatures get eaten alive if they step into his world

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