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‘Changing Perspectives’ Personalized Learning. Defining ‘Changing Perspectives’ Understand that changing perspectives is not something we can easily do.

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1 ‘Changing Perspectives’ Personalized Learning

2 Defining ‘Changing Perspectives’ Understand that changing perspectives is not something we can easily do as young children, but as we grow and learn, we usually become aware that our perspectives do not always match the perspectives of others. Being able to see something through the eyes of someone else. Cause and effect

3 The Big Question ? Does tapping into student’s passion assist in their engagement in the inquiry process?…. HOW does tapping into student’s passion assist in their engagement in the inquiry process? ( And learning in general)

4 Aims of the National History Curriculum Interest in, and enjoyment of, historical study for lifelong learning and work, including their capacity and willingness to be informed and active citizens knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the past and the forces that shape societies, including Australian society

5 The National History Challenge Foundation to Level 6 THE NATIONAL HISTORY CHALLENGE Learn they are capable of researching a topic that interested them, and that they could successfully compete against Secondary Schools students. Gain a sense of pride in their work and achievements. Students to be confident in talking about their topic because they had researched it thoroughly The main focus was for the students to extend themselves, to follow their interest, to do quality research and prepare a presentation they would be proud of.

6 AusVELS History Content Descriptors Changing Perspectives Level 1 Differences and similarities between student’s daily lives and life during parents and grandparents childhoods. Level 2 The impact of changing technology on people’s lives (at home, work, travelled, communicated and played) Level 3 One important example of change and ONE of continuity in the local area. The importance of Country and Place to the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people

7 AusVELS History Content Descriptors Changing perspectives Level 4 The ways Australia’s First peoples are connected to Country and Place.The journey of at least ONE world navigator, explorer and any impacts. Stories of the First Fleet. Level 5 Patterns of development, aspects of daily life of the inhabitants including the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people. The impact of a significant development or event on the colony.-- Eureka Stockade; internal exploration; advent of rail;expansion of farming;

8 Level 6 History Achievement Standard Identify change and continuity and describe the causes and effects of change on society. Compare different experiences of people from the past. Explain the significance of an individual and a group. Sequence events and people in chronological order, Create timelines. Identify a range of sources. Develop questions. Examine sources Develop texts. They use historical terms They use primary and secondary sources.

9 2014 National History Challenge 2014 - F to Yr 6 Theme :- Changing Perspectives 1. Defining ‘Changing Perspectives’ 2. Creating groups 3. Deciding on a topic - that is relevant to the History National Curriculum. 4. Creating ‘Wonderings’ or ‘Research question’ 5. Completing research 6. Writing a persuasive text. 7. Preparing a presentation

10 The old man and the elephant There is an old story of blind men and an elephant. The blind men all meet and are asked to describe the elephant. One says that an elephant is long and skinny like a snake. The other says an elephant is like the trunk of a tree, round and thick. The third says they are both wrong, that an elephant is wide and circular like a giant disc. In some versions, they stop talking, start listening and collaborate to see the full elephant. When a sighted man walks by and sees the elephant, they also learn they are blind.

11 My library program 3/4 hour weekly lesson Children borrow during their lesson Focus is on history

12 Year 6 entering the National History Challenge Yr 6 2014 Long Service Leave.. 8 weeks (last 2 weeks of Term 1 and 6 weeks of Term 2) Preparation work completed before taking LSL. Students to research during my absence and to be in contact via email as to their learning's.------- Google docs!

13 The class 2014 = two Yr 5/6 classes 19 students in Yr 6.. 3 have Designated Learning needs.. History Challenge is a ‘Special Yr 6 ‘ Project All have an ESL background. Students have difficulty transferring knowledge to writing. Students are hesitant to ‘speak up’.

14 Time allocation Took to the end of Term 2 to complete writing their persuasive essay. 600 to 800 words Bibliography Start of Term 3 library classes for Yr 6 - 1-1/2 hours each week. 5 weeks to finish presentation. Yr 5 entering the HTAV Historical Fiction writing competition

15 The process Defining ‘Changing Perspectives’. Sheet to ascertain what they are interested in. Discussion …what are they interested in… Newspapers Selecting partners - boy + girl; Consulting with class teachers re working groups

16 Special categories Australian Wartime Australia’s Heritage; Asia and Australia; Women’s History Australia’s Democracy History Teacher’s Prize (Indigenous Perspectives in Australia and the world, Sport; Human Rights) Museum Prize

17 Learning focus Students participate in activities in which they identify problems that need to be solved. * They use a range of techniques to represent the problem, and work individually and with others, develop a range of creative solutions and explore the advantages of generating unconventional rather than conventional solutions. They begin to develop criteria to select and prioritise possible solutions. They learn to make links between ideas … to reflect on how ideas and beliefs change over time.

18 Choosing a topic

19 Topic choices and AusVELS ANZAC DAY - how two songs changed people’s perspectives. ‘And the band played Waltzing Matilda’ ; ‘I was only nineteen’ AusVELS- Development of Australia as a nation. INDIGENOUS view of AUSTRALIA DAY - some Indigenous people want it called SHAME or INVASION Day. AusVELS - The lack of citizenship rights for Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in Australia. The forcible removal of children from their families.

20 Topic choices and AusVELS WOMEN DOCTORS FIGHT - Constance Stone and her fight to become a doctor in Melbourne AusVELS :- investigating the stories of individuals who fought for rights; Investigate the experiences of democracy and citizenship of women. FROMELLE - Lambris Inglesis and his fight to find the missing bodies from WW1 in Fromelle. AusVELS:- Considering notable individuals in Australian public life and their contribution to Australian society.The story of individuals who fought for rights….

21 Topic choices and AusVELS GALLIPOLI OAKS - To change people’s perspective and use the acorns from the original Gallipoli Oak tree for the Gallipoli Oak Project. AusVELS: -Development of Australia as a nation Exploring individual narratives using primary sources. CLOSING THE GAP speeches - The changing view of Tony Abbott about Indigenous issues. AusVELS :- The lack of citizenship rights for Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait peoples in Australia. The forcible removal of children.

22 Topics and AusVELS MARK DONALDSON - Change from a hooligan to a VC winner AusVELS:- Notable Australians across public life - Army WOMEN AT EUREKA - The changing understanding of the role of women at Eureka and the start of Democracy AusVELS:- Significant event or development in a colony. Democracy. Investigating the experiences of Democracy and citizenship for women.

23 Topics and AusVELS WHITE AUSTRALIA POLICY- The history of the White Australia Policy and it being abolished. AusVELS Investigating key elements of Australian law. Examine population data. BLACK SATURDAY - How the deaths and damage changed people’s perspective. AusVELS Cause and effect of change on society.

24 Research… different forms… visual You Tube Students were matched with a partner from the other Year 5/6. Students researched independently. Then wrote their own 600 word text. Pairs then were conference to create one document that reflected their combined findings and understanding. You Tube..excursions RUBRIC …!!!

25 Quirky happenings that added to understanding Mark Donaldson ; Closing the Gap speech; Lambris - Gallipoli Claire Wright talk; Gallipoli Oaks; Aldi T-shirts; Centenary celebrations; ‘And the band played Waltzing Matilda’; Constance Stone. Bushfires;

26 Excursions deepen understanding and foster empathy

27 People are SO helpful

28 Creating their presentation

29 2103 Student reflections Those who followed their passion were more engaged The girls researching Dr Fiona Wood became distressed when they saw pictures of people who were burnt. But they persevered and got to State Finals. Students learnt they needed to demonstrate empathy to be historically accurate and not make unfounded judgments. Eight of the nine groups got to State Finals and were definitely assisted by tapping into their passions. Two students were the last to form a group and select a topic…After much negotiation and encouragement they worked well together and won an Honorable Mention certificate.

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