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Who Killed Jeremy Burns?

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1 Who Killed Jeremy Burns?
CRIME WATCH UK Who Killed Jeremy Burns? Case#: D

2 The crime scene – Castleton (Peak District National Park) – The Elephant & Castle Pub
Cam2 CCTV Cam1 2015 30/04/05

3 Copy of Derbyshire Police Crime Scene Report
Victim Report: a}Name: Jeremy Burns b)Age: 28 c)Sex: Male d)Relationship Status: Single e)Residence: Liverpool f)Time of Death: 8.15pm Crime Scene photo #1

4 Post Mortem: Injuries: Two slash wounds to the chest caused by a sharp instrument Cause of Death: Fatal loss of blood Time of death: 8.15pm Coroner Report: Murder

5 Suspect #1 Giles Jones Aged 54, Occupation: Farmer
Family: married with 3 children and many animals. Alibi: Claims he often visits The Elephant and Castle, and enjoys a pint of Mild following a long day milking the herds. He also stated that he has no motive? DC – 002 –DOC Jones, Giles

6 Suspect #2 Jack Lad Aged 21 Occupation: Bar tender, Family: single.
Alibi: Says he was in the back room washing glasses when he heard a male voice screaming abuse, and then a thud. Described a peaceful day in the public house previous to this. DC – 002 –DOC Lad, Jack

7 DC – 003 –DOC Goodlad, Gareth
Suspect #3 Gareth Goodlad Aged 37 Occupation:National Park Ranger Family: married Alibi: Was enjoying a drink with his ‘bit on the side’ when the disturbance occurred, therefore reluctant to give evidence. Has a reputation of being hardworking and taking his job very seriously. DC – 003 –DOC Goodlad, Gareth

8 DC – 055 –DOC Ellsworth, Elsie
Suspect #4 Elsie Ellsworth Aged 77 Occupation: Retired Local resident Family: widowed, 2 children. Alibi: Waiting for Doris- meet for a sherry every Tuesday, sight is quite poor. Heard some fracas but didn’t spot the perpetrator." DC – 055 –DOC Ellsworth, Elsie

9 Suspect #5 Holly Holiday Aged 31 Occupation: B&B owner
Family: Married. Alibi: "Well I entered the pub just before the police arrived. I love the tourists coming to visit, but to be honest I could see this coming. Not everyone is as welcoming. DC – 005 – DOC Holiday, Holly

10 Eyewitness Accounts Derbyshire POLICE on 01/05/05, carried out door to door questioning, generating interesting eyewitness reports With the evidence provided by the police and the eyewitness accounts, work out WHO killed Jeremy Burns and WHY? Were against the clock 15 minutes:

11 Oldershaw Magistrates
Now in session The Honourable Mr ? Residing

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