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1 Please sit with someone from your region who shares your role

2 Making a Switch NTI Tuesday Night Session August 14, 2012

3 Tonight…. 3 What is our destination? Where do we start? How do we motivate other educators?

4 4 Trap Door Abandon all hope ye who enter here OK, I can do this Reality sets in Starting out with high hopes Neutral Common Core is great and will make a difference in how my students learn! Eh, this isn’t so different from what I was already doing. What was all the fuss about? Uh oh, this changes everything. This is going to be a lot more work for me and my students. This is WAY too hard. I don’t have time for this. I’m already giving everything I have. Wait a minute, this is starting to make sense. I can do this and so can my students!

5 Making a Switch “Our minds are ruled by two different systems – the rational mind and the emotional mind – that compete for control.” To effect change in our colleagues and systems, we have to reach both the rider and the elephant. The rational side: The RIDER The rational side: The RIDER The emotional side: The ELEPHANT The emotional side: The ELEPHANT


7 Directing the Rider Point to the destination. Envision a rich, detailed picture of the destination. Why are we doing all this work? Script the Critical Moves. Get crystal clear about next steps and actions. 7

8 What is the destination? 8

9 Are we at the destination when all students are engaged and motivated?

10 When we have a 100% graduation rate?

11 When all high school graduates go on to college?

12 Get good jobs?

13 Or is it when our students go on to explore the universe? Make enormous scientific advances?

14 Invent the next big thing?

15 Build great things?

16 What are the critical moves? 16

17 17

18 Directing the Rider What looks like resistance is often a lack of clarity, or too many choices to choose from. The rider needs focus and goals. How can we direct the rider? Get crystal clear about expectations for specific behaviors. Articulate exactly what you are asking teachers to do differently. 18

19 Critical Moves Are developed with the destination in mind Are specific about how people should act Start with an achievable first step

20 Determining the Critical Moves For Network Teams/NTEs…. For districts….. For teachers…. 20

21 Does the district have the capacity to develop their own curricular materials for all the standards? Create a job description with full- time responsibility for developing curricular supports, in collaboration with educators, that include model units and lesson plans with guidance on how to teach, develop and adapt them for every strand in every subject Provide evidence that the curricular materials reflect the shifts and the Tri-State Rubric Yes No Decide if the district will adopt or adapt the state curricular materials or purchase new materials If adopting the state curricular materials, clearly communicate to all educators what the state materials are, how they will assist educators, the timeline for rolling them out, and their alignment to CCSS and assessments If adapting the materials, consider who in the district has the content expertise to ensure the quality remains high while adapting the materials to the needs of the district If purchasing new materials, seek vendors who can provide evidence that their materials reflect the shifts, meet the publisher’s criteria and the Tri-State Rubric Step 1: Decide whether to adopt the state-developed curricular resources

22 Possible Critical Moves for Teachers End goal: Align ELA and math instruction to the Common Core State Standards ELA Review all planned reading material to evaluate the current balance between fiction and nonfiction. Math Map existing curricular resources to the Common Core to identify “green” (focus of the grade), “yellow” (secondary) or “red” (removed or moved to another grade level 22

23 Script the Critical Moves The scene: You have a realm of influence around you – a set number of adults. And there are a set of critical moves that you need them to make, to pull this off at the teacher, school, district and BOCES levels. The activity: Name the people whose behaviors you’re trying to affect. Decide the first 3 to 5 critical moves that you want them to do within the next month.

24 How do we motivate our colleagues around Common Core? 24

25 Motivating the Elephant Find the Feeling. What moves you as a leader in Common Core implementation? Rally the Herd. How will you motivate others to join in? 25

26 26

27 Motivating the Elephant 27 What looks like lack of motivation is often exhaustion. How can we motivate the elephant?  By finding the feeling: Knowing something isn’t enough to get people to do something; they need to feel something

28 What Is Your Elephant? Take a minute to write down what motivates you to be a leader in Common Core implementation. Be specific. Share your elephant with your neighbor. Is it the same? Different?

29 Motivating the Elephants of Others Think about the adults inside your sphere of influence. What are their elephants? How will you find the feeling that motivates their elephants?

30 Rally the Herd: Social Pressure Behavior is contagious: You do things because your peers do them. Overeating Getting married, having kids Shaking hands to greet someone Wearing fashionable fluffy boots Buying an iPhone

31 31

32 Thank You.

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