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6 Presented by Maryclaire Becan GRAAAR! Title

7 Objectives 1. 1.To give the conditions of lives of captive animals 2. To demonstrate the difference between a life in captivity and a life in the wild 3. To give statistics on the endangerment of captive animals 4. To show the tools, or weapons, used by trainers in common circuses 5. To give organizations that promote proper treatment, as well as Animal-Free Circuses 6. To show what people can do to help

8 *Most animals used by circuses are captured in the wild. *The average size cage for a captive feline is 4’x6’x5’. *In training, bears learn submission by having their noses broken and paws burnt. *The well-known elephant, Dumbo, spent 20 years of his life in chains called Martingales. Facts

9 *Natural environment *Freedom *Circle of Life *Strangers to environment *Terrible living conditions *Limited nourishment and care Comparison

10 DANGEROUS STATISTICS  ELEPHANTS:  57 people killed, 120+ injured  FELINES:  46 people killed, 150+ injured, and 70 felines killed  PRIMATES:  2 people killed, 130+ injured, and over 450 primates killed.  BEARS:  13 people (8 children) killed, 40+ injured, and over 26 bears killed. Statistics Since 1990

11 Conditions This is what we see: This is what we don’t:

12 Bull Hooks Whips Bats Clubs Chains Muzzles Tools of the Trade

13 "Sink that hook into ‘em... when you hear that screaming then you know you’ve got their attention… “ -”Carson and Barnes” elephant trainer, Tom Frisco, caught on tape. Notice the whip And the cane… Quote

14 Organizations That Help

15 These circuses have found it possible to succeed in entertaining their audience without exploiting animals. Cirque Du Soleil Cirque Eloize Circus Millennia Cirque Eos Earth Circus

16 How Can You Help? *Support the organizations and circuses that promote safe and healthy treatment of animals *Visit for more ideas on how to help! *Start a campaign to end animal acts in your community *Sponsor an ad or an organization that promotes animal welfare



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