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1AJ2 My region Zdenka Mullerová 2.1.2013 Inovace únor 2014 Zdenka Mullerová.

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1 1AJ2 My region Zdenka Mullerová 2.1.2013 Inovace únor 2014 Zdenka Mullerová

2 My region

3 Facts: Moravian dialect Haná dialect Haná architecture Folk costumes Agriculture and industry International Partnership with: Italy (reggio Emilia), the Netherlands (Veenedaal), Poland (Opole), Srbia (Vojvodina),Germany (Wurzburg), Hungary, Southern Denmark,USA, Russia

4 Vocabulary –Landscape What is the difference between: Parkwoodorchard Riverstreamwaterfall Cliffmountain rangevalleyhill Pondlakedam Bankcoast Pathroadmotorway Fielddessert

5 Places in the region: Velké Losiny A popular Czech thermal spa Popular tourist destination Located on the foothills of the Jeseníky Mountains Has a rich history and valuable cultural monuments Worth mentioning are: Museum of Paper, Spa, Chateau The first mention comes from 1297 – it is reminded as one of the oldest communities Can you guess what famous book does the picture suggest? What is it about?

6 Museum of Paper Presentation of the traditional manufacture production of paper and wide scale of original products Paper has been produced here for four centuries This craft is lasting as you can see in exhibitions Various hand made paper products available as souvenires It is the last paper making mill in Europe

7 Velké Losiny Chateau Built in the rennaisaince style, it replaced the original wooden fort Fascinating arcades, frescoes, grafiti Most of the castle equipment (furniture, tapestries, paintings,…) preserved unchanged – shows uthe life of 16th century noble families Surrounded by a vast French park 17th century – „dark side“ – witch trials, 56 people burnt – verdicts by the tribunal (Frantisek Jindrich Bobik of Edelstadt – Hammer on the Witches by V.Kaplický, O.Vávra film) ao2Ba0ICDf8&feature=related ao2Ba0ICDf8&feature=related

8 Rešov Waterfalls Protected as a natural national monument Lies on the river Huntava Hiking place, fir-birch forest, primeroses tourist trails – advnturous as there are wooden stairs and footbridges across the stream Water mill bellow the waterfalls

9 Dlouhé stráně Pupmed-storaged hydroelectricity One of the Czech wonders, near Kouty nad Desnou This method stores energy in the form of water, it pupms it from a lower elevation reservoir to the higher elevation. The pupms are run using low-cost electric power. When there is a high electrical demand the stored water is released through tourbines. Pumped storage is the largest capacity form of grid energy storage now available

10 Praděd The highest mountain in the Moravian Region 1492 m The Observation point located on the peak (1567m) offers a stunning veiw of the Jeseníky Mountains

11 Moravian Karst Protected landscape area (caves, abbys) One of the most important karst areas in Central Europe, more than 1100 caverns and gorges (only 4 caves are open to public) Punkva caves – with their underground river, you can see the bottom of the famous Macocha abbys Catherine´s Cave, Balcarka Cave, Sloupsko-Šošúvské Caves Protected plants and animals

12 Questions to discuss What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in your region? What places would you recommend to see? Why? How would you describe the landscape? What should be improved and why? Are you happy about living there?Would you like to live there all your life? Have you ever lived anywhere else? How would you characterize the local people? Are there a lot of job opportunities?

13 A letter Write an invitation letter to your English friend and invite him/ her for a week holiday in your region Suggest 3 places you want to go to and explain why, (suggest a backpack tour) Write about where you are going to sleep and what you are going to eat Tell him/ her what to bring Some other plans and suggestions

14 postcard Imagine you have been travelling around the Olomouc Region for a week and write a poscard to your friend/ family. Include: What places you have been to What kind of weather it is What you are doing now and what plans you have got for the next few days.

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