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SAFETY Is Everyone’s Responsibility

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1 SAFETY Is Everyone’s Responsibility
Date: <Date of meeting> Presenter: <Presenter’s name> SAFETY Is Everyone’s Responsibility 1 NEXT

2 SAFETY Is Everyone’s Responsibility
Today, we’re going to talk about safety and why you have the authority and the responsibility to stop an unsafe act. Here’s what we’re going to review: Why safety is your responsibility What authority you have What we expect from you 2 NEXT

3 SAFETY Is Everyone’s Responsibility
But first, let’s talk about THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM! 3 NEXT

4 SAFETY Is Everyone’s Responsibility
Did you notice the PINK ELEPHANT in the room? Did you point out the PINK ELEPHANT to other employees? Did you question or bring the PINK ELEPHANT to the attention of a supervisor/manager? Let’s talk about why or why not … 4 NEXT

5 SAFETY Is Everyone’s Responsibility
Think of the PINK ELEPHANT as a safety hazard. If you noticed the PINK ELEPHANT but did nothing, you acted in an unsafe manner by letting a safety hazard go uncorrected. You put yourself and your worker’s at risk. Why didn’t you bring the PINK ELEPHANT to anyone’s attention? 5 NEXT

6 SAFETY Is Everyone’s Responsibility
If you noticed the PINK ELEPHANT and discussed it with other employees, you notified the wrong people. Again, a safety hazard was left uncorrected and endangered lives. Why did you tell your co-workers about the PINK ELEPHANT? 6 NEXT

7 SAFETY Is Everyone’s Responsibility
If you questioned the PINK ELEPHANT by talking with a supervisor or manager, you did the right thing. You noticed something questionable and brought it to the attention of someone who needs to know. You acted in your own best interest and that of your co-workers. Well done! 7 NEXT

8 SAFETY Is Everyone’s Responsibility
How does this activity relate to safety hazards on the floor? Hazards can be anywhere. We are all responsible for recognizing and reporting hazards. Your life and the lives of your co-workers depend on making our workplace as safe as possible. 8 NEXT

9 SAFETY Is Everyone’s Responsibility
What are some of the reasons safety-related hazards go unreported? People are afraid they will look stupid. People don’t want to be considered tattletales. People aren’t paying enough attention. People aren’t sure what is considered a hazard. People think it isn’t their responsibility to report hazards or potential hazards. 9 NEXT

10 SAFETY Is Everyone’s Responsibility
What should you do in the best interest of your safety and the safety of your co-workers? If you see a hazard, or just notice something unusual or out of place, report it to a supervisor immediately. Remember, we are all responsible for making our workplace as safe as it can be. 10 NEXT

11 SAFETY Is Everyone’s Responsibility
To prevent accidents and eliminate safety hazards, we are introducing a “Stop Me” Program. The purpose of this program is to keep you and your co-workers safe. It gives you the opportunity to recognize and report hazards and near-misses so that we can stop accidents before they happen. How many of you have stopped an unsafe action from occurring? 11 NEXT

12 SAFETY Is Everyone’s Responsibility
We have a safety culture that does not accept accidents. As a company, we give you the authority to stop any unsafe act that you see. Let’s review the “Stop Me” Program. You have the AUTHORITY to stop and question any employee who you believe to be performing an unsafe act. You have the RESPONSIBILITY to stop and question any employee who you believe to be performing an unsafe act. If you witness an unsafe act, immediately stop the individual (only if it is safe to do so). 12 NEXT

13 SAFETY Is Everyone’s Responsibility
Summary In a strong safety culture, everyone feels responsible for safety and pursues it on a daily basis. Remember, we’ve given you the AUTHORITY and RESPONSIBILITY to question and stop unsafe acts. Let’s go beyond “the call of duty” to identify unsafe conditions and behaviors, and intervene to correct them. Let’s look out for one another and point out unsafe behaviors to each other. 13 NEXT

14 SAFETY Is Everyone’s Responsibility
Remember to identify those PINK ELEPHANTS before they cause accidents and injuries! 14 NEXT

15 SAFETY Is Everyone’s Responsibility

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