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All About Asian Elephant

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1 All About Asian Elephant
The Asian Elephant is an endangered animal. This PowerPoint will give you information about where a Asian Elephant lives, what a Asian Elephant likes to eat, the early stages of a Asian Elephant’s life, why they are endangered, and how they are getting help. By: Zoey Welter Mr.Erickson 3rd Grade

2 Where an Asian Elephant Lives
An Asian Elephant lives in India an southeast Asia They are home to tropical jungles, mountain forests, grasslands, and farm areas

3 What an Asian Elephant Likes To Eat
Asian elephants are omnivores They eat lions, tigers, hyenas, plants, leaves, grass, roots, fruit, and bark

4 An Asian Elephant’s Early Stages of Life
Newborns usually weigh 265 pounds When they hunt the babies can be easily killed The mother carries the baby in her tummy for about two years

5 Why Asian Elephants Are Endangered
People think that there are only 50,000 left in Asia They are being hunted for sport They are also being killed because their habitat is being destroyed

6 How Asian Elephants Are Getting Help
Countries are establishing refuges to protect Asian Elephants

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