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The Immune System Nicole Petry Gabrielle Henderson Marquis Equan Dixon Ethan Chaparro.

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1 The Immune System Nicole Petry Gabrielle Henderson Marquis Equan Dixon Ethan Chaparro

2 Functions of the Immune System made up of special cells, proteins, tissues, and organs, that defend people against germs and microorganisms Keeps people healthy and prevents infection Problems lead to illness and infection Attacks organisms that try to harm the body cells involved are white blood cells, or leukocytes

3 Two basic types of leukocytes Phagocytes- help the body chew up invading organisms Lymphocytes- cells that allow the body to remember and recognize previous invaders and help the body destroy them

4 Leukocytes are produced or stored in many locations in the body, including the thymus, spleen, bone marrow, and lymph nodes LET’S EXAMINE THE MENTIONED ORGANS


6 BONE MARROW Not exactly an organ Lies inside most of our bones Creates hematopoietic stem cells through the process of hematopoietis stem cells differentiate into all sorts of blood and lymphatic cells - such as red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets Some cells mature in bone marrow and others travel to other areas to complete their nutrition

7 Bone Marrow

8 Spleen Filters the blood, destroying old or damaged blood vessels Contains specialized cells of the immune system that look for foreign particles as blood circulates

9 Spleen

10 Thymus Precursors from bone marrow(thymocytes) mature into T-cells T-cells are responsible for directing and making the immune system adapt to foreign antigens The thymus grows until puberty then starts to deteriorate after puberty Old people get sick faster and are more susceptible to cancer because of lack of a thymus

11 Thymus

12 Lymph Nodes Lymph nodes filter the lymph Found in the throat, armpit, stomach, and other places Lymph is confused of fluids which drain from tissues Lymph nodes contain the same specialized cells found in the spleen, which sample the incoming particles and respond accordingly

13 Lymph Nodes

14 What happens when it breaks down? If our immune system does not recognize the different antigens, its response for these antigens will cause use disease FOR EXAMPLE: If food isn’t recognized as harmless, the immune system will ‘overreact’ and will cause a hypersensitivity reaction and the person can be considered ‘allergic’.

15 HIV and the immune System HIV attacks T-cells created by the thymus Because the thymus deteriorates with age, your immune system gets worse AIDS is caused by the HIV virus because T-cells die

16 Bibliography asics/immune.html asics/immune.html y-system/b/what-organs-make-up-your- immune-system/ y-system/b/what-organs-make-up-your- immune-system/ 221183340.htm

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