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Welcome to the World of Selling on eBay. Copyright Information  This information is copyright © 2010, eBay Inc. All rights reserved. No part of these.

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1 Welcome to the World of Selling on eBay

2 Copyright Information  This information is copyright © 2010, eBay Inc. All rights reserved. No part of these materials may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means (electronic, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without the prior permission of eBay Inc.  eBay and the eBay logo are trademarks of eBay Inc.  PayPal and the PayPal logo are trademarks of PayPal Inc.  Please don’t take pictures or record the class without asking permission first. 1-2

3 Welcome to eBay  A people’s market that contains anything you can imagine  A revolutionary new way to buy and sell  Where trust, honesty, and efficiency are rewarded  Where over 1.3 million sellers make a part- or full-time living selling on eBay* *ACNielsen International Research, June 2006 1-3

4 A Short History of eBay  1995 – Pierre Omidyar launches eBay  1997 – 1 millionth item sold  1998 – Meg Whitman joins as CEO (retires 10 years later)  1998 – eBay goes public  1999 – eBay Motors launched  2001 – eBay Stores launched  2002 – PayPal joins team  2005 – Best Offer introduced  2008 – John Donahoe becomes President and CEO 1-4

5 Gross Merchandise Volume 1-5

6 On eBay…  Over 110 million items available worldwide  Over 7 million items added every day  Over 7 billion feedback comments left since 1996  A cell phone sells every 6 seconds  A car sells every 90 seconds  Most expensive item sold = Gulfstream II business jet — $4.9M in August 2001 1-6

7 eBay: Safe and Secure  eBay Core Values  People are basically good  Safe Trading  Industry-leading protection programs  eBay Trust and Safety  Proactively monitors listings and activity  Consists of over 1,000 dedicated reps working around the clock  Works with U.S. and global law enforcement, and the eBay Community 1-7

8 eBay Safe Trading Features 1-8  Feedback – Your eBay reputation  eBay Buyer Protection Program – Full coverage for all eBay purchases  Seller Protection – Against fraudulent chargebacks and claims of non-receipt  Resolution Center – (link on bottom of all eBay pages)

9 Detailed Seller Ratings 1-9 Detail Seller Rating requirements:  Avoid getting 1s and 2s  Excessive 1s and 2s lead to selling restrictions More Information:

10 eBay Safety Tips  Buyers  Always check seller feedback.  Always use approved electronic payment methods.  Everyone  Keep passwords complex and unique (numerals and letters).  NEVER provide your password or other personal information in an email! Report suspicious emails to  Never buy or sell an eBay item offline (except payment on pickup).  Use My Messages (in My eBay) for all eBay correspondence.  Sellers  Ship only after payment.  Obtain tracking numbers or delivery confirmation for all parcels.  Document all eBay sales (receipts, proof of delivery, etc.). 1-10

11 Success Is Just Around the Corner  eBay has created some incredible success stories!  Let’s see one now! 1-11

12 Getting Started – Registering as an eBay Member

13 Agenda  Register as an eBay member  Become an eBay seller  Obtain alternative verification with ID Verify 2-2

14 Register on eBay 2-3 1.Go to 2.Click Register. 3.Create a user ID and password. 4.Enter information. 5.Check email for confirmation.

15 Becoming an eBay Seller 2-4 1.Sign in to My eBay. 2.Click Personal Information under Account.

16 My eBay: Personal Information 2-5 3. Click the Update your automatic payment method link. 4. Sign in if necessary.

17 Create Seller’s Account 2-6 5.Choose how you plan to pay your eBay fees. 6.On the next page, click the Create a seller's account link.

18 Select Payment Method for eBay Fees 2-7

19 Placing Credit or Debit Card on File 2-8 Enter your credit or debit card information.

20 Verifying Your Identity Enter bank account information. 2-9 Enter data: Bank routing number Checking account number

21 Confirm Your Identity 2-10

22 Fee Payments 2-11 Tip! Change your fee payment method at any time. Click My eBay > Account > Seller Account

23 Alternative Verification with ID Verify:  Eliminates the need to place your credit card and bank account on file  Is an alternative form of identity verification  Allows you to bid above $15,000 without having a credit card on file 2-12

24 Summary 1. Register as an eBay member 2. Become an eBay seller  Go to My eBay and edit your personal information 3. Use ID Verify as additional or alternative verification 4. Ready to sell (almost…) 2-13

25 Getting Started – Researching the eBay Marketplace

26 Agenda  Select an item to sell  Search for matching “Completed listings”  Determine item’s current market value (CMV) on eBay  Adopt successful sellers’ “best listing practices” 2-14

27 Select an Item to Sell 2-15 * NOTE: If listing a brand name item, be certain it is authentic and not a replica or “knock-off.” Click the Help link at the top of any eBay page and follow links for: Membership & account > Rules & policies > Rules for Sellers > Rules about Intellectual Property Your first eBay item should be: Something you already own Of moderate value An unwanted gift (re-gift!) Easy to pack and ship Brand name a plus * Our first item: a digital camera

28 eBay Listing Policies 2-16 Lawn darts Puppies Replica designer handbag What do these items have in common?

29 Items Prohibited on eBay! 2-17 Stay informed! Before you list an item, click: Help > Membership & account > Rules & Policies > Rules for Sellers > Prohibited and Restricted Items Lawn dartsRecalled product PuppiesNo live animals Replica designer handbag Trademark infringing items are prohibited

30 Completed Listing Search  Click Advanced Search  Enter keywords  Check Completed listings box  Click Search 2-18

31 Matching Completed Listings Results page shows:  Number of bids  Final price (in green)  If price is red or black, it was not sold  Shipping cost 2-19

32 Researching on eBay 2-20 Comparison Points: Title Which keywords garner the most bids? Starting price Low, reasonable, or high? Description How much information is provided? Photos High or poor quality? No photos? Selling format Auction, Buy It Now, or Fixed Price? Reserve? Number of bids Few, many, or none? Payment options Which safe payment options? Shipping/handling fees Fixed or calculated? Return/refund policy Terms? Category/subcategory Was the item properly categorized? Hit counter How many hits? Let’s research our camera!

33 Summary  Select item from your possessions  Avoid listing prohibited items  Check the prohibited items list on eBay first  Search for similar “Completed listings”  Check how sellers have listed similar items  Determine and adopt sellers’ “best practices”  Avoid listing practices that don’t work  Determine the Current Market Value of your item 2-22

34 Getting Started – Fees Overview

35 Agenda  Selling fees  Calculating your listing fees 2-23

36 Seller Fees Overview There are four basic fees for listing and selling on eBay: 1. Insertion Fees – To list an item 2. Listing Upgrade Fees – To promote your listing 3. Final Value Fees – Commission based on final price 4. PayPal Fees – For collecting payment through PayPal 2-24

37 Insertion Fees  Insertion fees apply to:  Auction-style listings (zero when your start price is under $1*)  Fixed Price listings  Amount based on the starting price of an Auction-style listing  Fixed Price listings have a single insertion fee no matter the price or quantity  Significant discount when you have an eBay Stores subscription  Non-refundable 2-25 Find a full schedule of all basic selling fees by clicking on the Help link on top of any eBay page and then searching “Fees”. Or go to * Free insertion fees for Auction-style listings starting under $1; up to 100 listings every calendar month

38 2-26 Listing Upgrades  Gallery Plus  Picture Pack*  Each additional picture  Subtitle  Bold  Scheduled Listing  10-day Duration  Listing Designer  List in two categories For current fees, go to *Note: eBay-hosted pictures and Picture Packs are free for all listing formats and durations in the following categories: Collectibles, Art, Pottery and Glass, and Antiques. Free pictures are also available to all eBay Stores subscribers. Prices for upgrades are higher for 30 Days and Good 'Til Cancelled listings, and certain Classified Ads.

39 Final Value Fees (Auction-Style)  Final value fees are a percentage based on the item’s selling price  No final value fee charged if: 1.The reserve is not met 2.The item receives no bids or doesn’t sell 2-27

40 Final Value Fees – Auction-Style 2-28 Get the latest fees at: Auction-style format listings Final sale priceFinal value fee Item not soldNo fee $0.01 - $50.009.0% of sale price (maximum charge $50.00) $50.01 - $1000.00 $1000.01 or more Final value fees for Auction-style listings

41  Insertion fee$____  1st pictureFREE  2nd picture$____  Gallery picture FREE  Total listing fee$____  Final value fee  9% of $52.00 $____  PayPal fee (2.9% + $0.30) $____  Total selling fee$____  Total to list and sell$____  Starting price $0.99  2 pictures  Gallery picture  Final price $52.00  Shipping cost $8.00  Buyer paid total  $60.00 w/PayPal Example of Total Fees 2-29 0.00 0.15 4.68 2.04 6.72 6.87

42 Summary  Four basic fees  Insertion  Listing upgrade  Final value  PayPal  Calculating your total fees 2-30

43 Listing Preparation — Title and Description

44 Agenda  Create an effective title including searchable keywords  Prepare a good description 3-3

45 Descriptive Title  ONLY keywords (no modifiers: “rare,” “beautiful,” etc.)  Format: keyword [space] keyword [space] keyword…  Effective title example: Canon PowerShot S110 Digital ELPH 2.1 Megapixel Camera  Ineffective title example: L@@K best camera on eBay…Wow !  Only searchable word: “camera”  No one searches for “L@@K,” “best,” or “wow” 3-4

46 A Good Description 3-5  Complete item details: Dimensions Color Materials Age/condition  Detailed terms of service: Payment options Shipping terms and handling time Special shipping section for international buyers Return and refund policy  Professional: Simple, uncluttered layout Positive, friendly tone

47 Summary  Titles should include descriptive, relevant, and searchable keywords without modifiers  Descriptions should include keywords, item details, and transaction terms 3-6

48 Listing Preparation — A (Good) Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

49 Agenda  Taking perfect digital photos  Real eBay photo don’ts  Editing digital pictures for eBay 3-7

50 Creating Digital Pictures Three options: 1. Traditional film camera  Shoot photos with film camera  Take film to developer 2. Flatbed scanner  Perfect for flat items  Scan prints 3. Digital camera  Best all-around solution 3-8

51 What to Look for in a Digital Camera  Buy a brand name  Important features  3.0 megapixels minimum  Macro (ability to focus 1 inch from surface)  Ability to turn flash off  Find one on eBay!  Now, some “don’ts”… 3-9

52 What Is It? 3-10

53 Harmless Knickknack? 3-11

54 Honey, I Turned the Kid into a Lawn Sprinkler 3-12

55 No Reflection on You! 3-13

56 Taking Your Pictures  Setup  Place item on table or stand  Use solid, neutral color paper or cloth behind item  Lighting  Natural light  Add diffused artificial light  No flash  Camera settings  Set camera to JPG format  Always use a tripod (buy one on eBay)  Frame item in camera viewfinder 3-14

57 A Professional Photo Problems…  Background visible  Inadequate light Add…  Backdrop  More light First try… not goodBetter 3-15

58 Transfer Photo Files  Digital camera file storage  Compact flash card  SD card  Memory Stick (Sony)  CD-ROM  Transfer photo files to computer  Insert card into:  Computer slot  Card reader attached to computer  Direct cable connection (USB or FireWire)  Copy files from camera to computer  When in doubt, RTM! (Read The Manual) 3-16

59 Editing Your Photo Files  Use graphic editing software  OEM (on CD that comes with your device)  Shareware or freeware  Purchased software  eBay Picture Services  Four basic editing commands  Crop  Rotate  Resize  Save As 3-17

60 The Perfect Shot! Let’s edit a photo!  Taking the photo Items well lit with natural light Camera focused Camera stabilized with tripod Items isolated with white paper Items arranged to best aspect  Editing the photo Cropped tight to items Resized to 1000 pixels on the longest side  Professional photos for no $$$ 3-18

61 Summary  Purchase appropriate devices  Digital camera  Flatbed scanner  Set up the shot  Use a solid background  Set camera to.jpg format  Use mid to highest resolution  Use adequate lighting (no flash)  Focus and fill frame with item  Move photo files to your computer  Edit photo file (four basic commands)  Save to your computer for uploading to eBay during the listing process (covered later) 3-20

62 Listing Preparation — Pricing Strategies

63 Agenda  Pricing formats  Pricing options 3-21

64  Mandatory  Set as low as $0.01  Low starting bids tend to encourage first bids or  Set as high as needed, but…  High starting bids tend to discourage bidding  Insertion fee determined by starting bid 3-22 Starting Bid – Auction-Style Format

65 3-23  Optional  Hidden  Your minimum selling price  Enables you to keep the starting bid low  Incurs a non-refundable fee Reserve Price – Auction-Style Format

66  Your “sell it now” price  Optional  Incurs a fee  Helps encourage quick purchase  Your Buy It Now price must be $0.99 or more  Must be at least 10% above your auction starting price 3-24 Buy It Now – Auction-Style Format

67 Buy It Now: How It Works Starting bid = $5.00 Let’s submit a bid of $5.00 Buy It Now price = $20.00 No bids yet 3-25 5.00

68 Buy It Now: How It Works (cont.) Current bid = $5.00 Buy It Now disappears 1 bid 3-26

69 Persistent BIN 3-27 BIN still available:  Cell Phones  Clothing, Shoes & Accessories  Motors  Tickets Until:  Bids reach 50% of the Buy It Now price  Reserve price has been met BIN is still visible.

70 Example: Buy It Now – with Reserve 3-28 Bidder 1 submits a bid of $10.00 Starting bid = $1.00 Reserve = $66 hidden No bids yet Buy It Now = $75.00 10.00

71 Example: Buy It Now – with Reserve, First Bid 3-29 Bidder 2 submits a bid of $15.00 Current bid = $1.00 Reserve not met 1 bid BIN still available 15.00

72 Example: Buy It Now – with Reserve, Second Bid 3-30 Bidder 1 re-bids $67.00 Current bid = $10.50 Reserve not met 2 bids BIN still available 67.00

73 Example: Buy It Now – with Reserve, Third Bid (Reserve Met) 3-31 NOTE: When a bid is = or > the reserve, the current bid amount “jumps” to the reserve amount. Current bid = $66.00 Reserve ($66) met 3 bids Bidder 1 is now winning BIN disappears

74 Fixed Price Format  No bidding  Best for one or more commodity items  Single insertion fee  Fixed Price presented as BIN to buyers (must be $0.99 or more)  Eligible for Best Offer 3-32

75 Multi-Variation Format  List multiple sizes, colors, or other variations in a single Fixed Price listing  One insertion fee 3-33

76 Pricing and Format Options  Low starting price  Encourages bidding  Leaves seller vulnerable 3-34  High starting price  Protects seller  May discourage bidding  Reserve price  Ensures selling price  May discourage bidding  Incurs a fee (non-refundable)  Buy It Now  Best for multiple “commodity” items  Can help sell an item faster  Ability to accept "Best Offer"

77 Pricing Strategy 3-35 Fixed Price with Best Offer or Auction-style with BIN Auction-style Test pricing and format Fixed Price Uncertain Certain Value LowHigh Demand Use 30-day and GTC when you have more than one item

78 Summary  Three important prices:  Starting or Fixed Price (mandatory)  Reserve price (optional)  BIN price with Auction-style listing (optional)  Different sellers employ different pricing strategies  Research the market both on and off eBay  Think like a buyer 3-36

79 Listing Preparation — PayPal

80 Agenda  PayPal defined  How to register for a PayPal account 3-37

81 What Is PayPal?  Secure online payment service  Only requirement: an email address  Secure, trusted  One of the "most trusted" online payment services  Over 80 million active accounts  Part of the eBay team  Integrates seamlessly into eBay listings  Buyer simply clicks the button 3-38

82 Why Use PayPal?  Fast  Receive and send money quickly  No waiting for checks or money orders  Easy  Accept payments from credit cards  Increase the volume of sales  Satisfies the Safe Payment requirement  Secure  Keeps your financial information secure from sellers and merchants  Uses strongest encryption commercially available  Helps protect you from fraudulent transactions 3-39

83 Welcome to PayPal 3-40

84 Select Account Type 3-41 NOTE: If you plan to sell on eBay and offer PayPal, your PayPal account must accept all forms of payment, including credit card. Therefore, you must have a Premier or Business PayPal account or be willing to upgrade from a Personal PayPal account to a Premier or Business account if you receive a credit card payment.

85 Fill in the Information  Complete the registration form  Enter credit card and bank account information 3-42

86 Confirm Your Email Address 3-43 Activate your PayPal account by confirming your email address

87 Link Your PayPal and eBay Accounts 3-44 Link your PayPal account to your eBay account by going to: My eBay > Account > PayPal Account and clicking on the Link My PayPal Account button.

88 Summary and Questions  Accept payments online with PayPal  Offers both seller and buyer protection programs  Sign up to satisfy eBay's Safe Payment policy 3-47

89 Listing Preparation — Packaging and Shipping Information

90 Agenda  Package your item professionally  Weigh your item  Choose the right shipping  Find resources at the eBay Shipping Center 3-48

91 Pack the Item  Quality packing:  Looks professional  Protects against damage in transit  Your packing supplies check list:  Postal scale (analog or digital)  Boxes  Packing peanuts  Bubble wrap (big and little bubbles)  Clear packing tape  Labels 3-49 Get FREE Priority Shipping boxes from USPS at

92  Use a properly sized box  Fill packing material around all six sides  Item should NOT touch the sides  Wrap single items in bubble wrap  Double-box for delicate or fragile items (small box “floats” inside larger box)  Weigh packed box and jot down the weight (and dimensions for oversized boxes) Pack and Weigh the Item 3-50

93 The eBay Shipping Center Information on:  Packing items properly  Using the eBay shipping calculator  Printing shipping labels with PayPal  Shipping internationally  Tracking packages  Limits on shipping and handling charges in certain categories 3-51

94 Summary  Pack items professionally  Determine reasonable shipping charges  Visit the Shipping Center for more information 3-53

95 Listing Your Item on eBay — Post Your Item Using the Sell Your Item Form

96 Agenda  Click Sell  Enter keywords to find a selling category  Choose a category  Enter your item title  Upload photos  Paste and format item description 4-2

97 Starting Your Listing 4-3 1. Click Sell on any eBay page 2. Click Start selling 3. Enter a few words about your item and click Search 1 2 3

98 Choose a Category 4-4

99 Choose a Category (cont.) 4-5

100 Product Details  Enter information about your product and click Search  Choose the product that matches yours  If unavailable, skip this step or add the information to the product details database 4-6

101 Product Details (cont.) Some categories will allow you to add a product to the catalog database. 4-7

102 Customizing the SYI Form 4-8

103 Simplified Listing Form 4-9

104 Add a Descriptive Item Title Using Keywords 4-10

105 eBay Basic Picture Services  For all operating systems  Use any browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.)  Standard interface and upload process 4-11

106 eBay Enhanced Picture Services 4-12

107 Description: Option 1 – Standard  eBay description editor  Copy and paste text into the Standard pane  Use description editor toolbar to format highlighted text:  Bold  Underline  Font color and size  Bulleted lists  Insert a link to other listings 4-13

108 Description: Option 2 – Enter Your Own HTML 4-14  Your own HTML formatted text  Add your own HTML tags for:  Bold text  Underlined text  Font color and size  Bulleted lists  Inserting a link to other listings Mac users: Try GarageSale

109 Summary  Choose the appropriate category for your item  Use product details and item specifics whenever available  Create a title with relevant keywords  Provide a clear and detailed description 4-15

110 Listing Your Item on eBay — Price, Payment, and Shipping

111 Agenda  Decide your selling format:  Starting price  BIN price  Reserve price  Specify payment methods you will accept  Enter shipping details  Define your return and checkout policies 4-16

112 Pricing and Duration Enter:  Starting price  Duration  Start time Optional:  Reserve  Buy It Now  Donate percentage of sale 4-17

113 Payment Methods  Add your PayPal account to collect payment via PayPal  Include additional electronic payment methods  Click Add or remove options to reveal more payment options 4-18

114 Selecting Shipping Options 4-19

115 Flat Shipping Costs 4-20  Choose Flat: Same cost to all buyers  Select up to three shipping options and costs for domestic shipping  Select up to three shipping options, locations, and costs for international shipping

116 Calculated Shipping Costs 4-21  Choose Calculated: Based on buyer’s address  Select weight and size  Select up to six shipping options (three each for domestic and international)

117 Item Location and Ship-to Locations  Selected options determine who can see your listing  Consider Worldwide or choose the locations you wish to exclude  Add or remove options if International Shipping options don't appear on the SYI  Create an exclusion list by any region or country 4-22

118 Return Policy and Checkout Instructions  Choose your return policy from the drop down menu  Select duration  Select refund type  Enter detailed policy  Acceptable reasons:  Item not as described  Doesn’t fit, doesn’t work, just not happy, etc.  Who pays return shipping? 4-23

119 Summary  Choose pricing based on research  Provide your buyer with secure payment options such as PayPal  Select your shipping options and include reasonable costs  Include your return policy in clear terms 4-24

120 Listing Your Item on eBay — Completing Your Listing

121 Agenda  Preview your listing  Review your selling fees  Submit your listing 4-25

122 Preview and List 4-26

123 Review and Submit 4-27

124 Summary  Review and preview your listing  Submit your item! 4-28

125 Completing the Sale — Exploring My eBay

126 Agenda  My eBay views  All Selling  Accounts 5-2

127 My eBay 5-3  Items for sale and items sold  Messages from potential buyers  Favorite searches, categories, and sellers  Accounts  Feedback (received and obligations)  Personal information and preferences

128 My eBay: Your Personal Dashboard  All Selling to manage:  Active, sold, unsold, and scheduled listings 5-5

129 My eBay: Account  Access to  Personal information  eBay preferences  Seller account information  Dispute Console  PayPal 5-6

130 My eBay: All Selling All Selling features:  View items for sale  Check sold items  Manage scheduled items  Check number of item “watchers”  Customize view 5-7

131 My eBay: Sell: Active Selling  Monitor bids and amounts  Track # of Watchers and # of Questions  Easy listing of similar items  Revise item  Add to description  End item early 5-8

132 My eBay: Sell: Sold  Send invoice  View payment status  Second Chance Offer  Leave feedback 5-9

133 My eBay: Sell: Unsold  Relist  Sell similar 5-10

134 My eBay: Shortcuts 5-11 Click a link to get more information. You can edit shortcuts to show the most useful links for you.

135 My eBay: Account: Personal Information Change:  User ID  Password  Email address  About Me  Addresses  Checking  Credit card 5-12

136 My eBay: Account: Site Preferences Change:  Email notifications from eBay  Sign-in preferences  Seller preferences Note: Buyer requirements! 5-13

137 My eBay: Account: Seller Account 5-14  View latest invoice  Account status  Change payment method  Pay seller fees with PayPal

138 Check Your Listing  Check your listing regularly  Search for it (think like a buyer)  Browse for it in its category  Revising a listing  Make corrections before first bid  Limited changes possible after first bid  Add to the item description if necessary  Canceling a listing  For major mistakes or item no longer available  My eBay > Sell > Active 5-15

139 My eBay: My Messages Respond to bidder’s questions: 5-16  Check email often  Note buyer questions (add information to future listings)  Maintain a polite and professional demeanor

140 Summary  Check your listing Can shoppers find it? Is the description accurate? Revise or augment as needed Cancel listing if necessary  Communicate with buyers Communication is key to the eBay Community Prompt communication enhances your reputation  Monitor your listing Use My eBay to track your listings Check bid history and hit counter 5-17

141 Completing the Sale — After the Listing Closes

142 Agenda  If your item doesn’t sell  If your item does sell  Accept payment (sign up for PayPal!)  Leave feedback  Ship the item to the buyer  Join the eBay Community 5-18

143 If Your Item Didn’t Sell  Determine why Wrong time of year Opening bid/reserve too high Wrong category No discernible reason  Next steps Make changes to description/photos Change or add photos Adjust starting bid or reserve amount Consider another selling format Second Chance Offer (for unmet reserves) Relist using the Relist button in My eBay > Selling 5-19

144 Unpaid Items (UPIs)  What are UPIs? Sold items for which payment is not received  What should you do with a UPI? Report it in the Resolution Center (link on the bottom of most eBay pages) Offer item to under-bidder with Second Chance Offer  How does eBay handle UPIs? Sends an email to the buyer May lead to buyer's suspension from eBay If no resolution, eBay issues final value fee credit (you must report it)  Help prevent UPIs. Use Immediate Payment option Include clear payment instructions Include a flat shipping amount or eBay shipping calculator Fully integrate PayPal 5-20

145 If Your Item Does Sell 1. Collect payment 2. Print shipping label 3. Leave feedback 4. Ship the item 5-21 Congratulations! Now it’s time to…

146 Invoicing Your Buyer/PayPal Automatic Invoicing 5-22

147 Invoice the Buyer Manually 5-23 Send a manual invoice if you are combining and discounting shipping per request for multiple purchases to one buyer.

148  Safe Payment Options  Direct credit or debit card payment via a merchant credit card account  PayPal  ProPay, Moneybookers, Paymate  Payment on pick-up  PayPal  Integrated into eBay listings  Receive payment electronically  Funded from one of three sources:  PayPal balance  Bank account balance  Credit or debit card How Do Buyers Pay? 5-25

149 PayPal Payment Email 5-26

150 How Do You Get Your Money from PayPal?  Use your PayPal balance to: Pay for other online transactions Pay for merchandise with PayPal Debit Card ATM withdrawal with PayPal Debit Card Request paper check (1–2 weeks)  Transfer funds to another account Request Electronic Fund Transfer to bank account (3–4 business days)  Earn an annual return with PayPal Money Market Fund* 5-27 *This is an investment decision. PayPal cannot advise you on whether or not to enroll. The prospectus for the Money Market Fund can better help you determine whether or not this feature is of interest to you.

151 Withdrawing Funds Click Withdraw 5-29

152 Select an Option 5-30

153 Enter Amount and Destination 5-31

154 PayPal Fees  Personal account Send payments with credit card, bank account, or PayPal balance Accept payments from bank account or PayPal balance only  Premier account Accept payments from credit card, bank account, or PayPal balance All received payments charged 2.9% transaction value plus $0.30 Volume discounts are available for Premier and Business accounts  International processing fee 1% for receipt of payments from another country Waived for Canadian sellers receiving funds from U.S. buyers  Check processing fee $1.50 for paper check sent by mail 5-32

155 Tips on Shipping the Item to the Buyer  Ship immediately upon receipt of payment  Delivery to the buyer is your responsibility; you should buy insurance for high value items (you may include the price in your shipping costs)  Obtain tracking numbers (UPS) and delivery confirmation (USPS) for ALL items  Use signature confirmation for expensive items  Use eBay or PayPal to print shipping labels 5-33

156 Printing Shipping Labels on eBay In My eBay:  Selling: Sold  Locate the option for Print shipping labels 5-34

157 Printing Labels on PayPal In PayPal:  Check the details  Select the appropriate shipping options  Fill in an email to the buyer 5-35

158 Select Shipping Options on PayPal Select:  Service Type  Package Size  Weight  Signature Confirmation  Insurance 5-36 Follow the steps to print the label

159 5-37 Sample Shipping Labels

160 Single Label Printing on eBay  Print single USPS domestic and international shipping labels on eBay  Payment method accepted: PayPal  Includes small, medium, and large flat rate box  Use PayPal for UPS and multi-label printing  Opt in via My eBay or Selling Manager on Preferences page to start printing single USPS labels right on eBay 5-38

161 Shipment Tracking in My eBay  When you use eBay or PayPal to print your shipping labels, the tracking information is automatically uploaded to your buyer’s My eBay  When using other postage options, you can upload the tracking information manually in My eBay  Only available for UPS and USPS shipments 5-39

162 Shipment Tracking in My eBay: Details  By selecting the tracking number in My eBay: Sold or Won, tracking details will display in a pop-up in My eBay 5-40

163 Leave Feedback  Sellers: when payment is received (only positive allowed)  Buyers: upon receipt of the item (enclose a note in your shipment!)  In addition to feedback ratings for sellers of Positive, Neutral, or Negative, buyers may also leave Detailed Seller Ratings (anonymous) on 4 levels:  Item as described  Communication  Shipping time  Shipping and handling charges  Dispute? Contact buyer, go to the eBay Resolution Center, or use Feedback revision request 5-41

164 The eBay Community  Announcement Boards  General promotions, announcements, features, and system updates  Community Chat  Discussion forums on any topic for all eBay members  eBay Groups  Member initiated groups  Create a group for today’s seminar! 5-42

165 Seller Information Center  Selling best practices  Top tips for sellers  Important news  Shipping information 5-43

166 eBay Radio Group On the Groups page, click News & Events to access the eBay Radio Broadcasts Group. Sign up and receive weekly notices for upcoming eBay Radio Shows! 5-44

167 eBay Help 1.Click the Help link. 2.Click an appropriate topic link or Click Contact Us to email Customer Support 5-45 Tip: Find more helpful links on the bottom of My eBay pages.

168 Contact Us  Click Contact Us on eBay home page  Follow instructions  Real-time chat with eBay Customer Support rep 5-46

169 Summary  Relist if your item does not sell  Second Chance to offer item to an under-bidder  Contact the buyer and send an invoice  Buyers prefer PayPal  PayPal—easy setup and use  Welcome to the eBay Community! 5-47

170 Congratulations  You are now ready to sell on eBay  Remember to complete the Online Course Evaluation  Learn more about selling at:  Stick around for Q & A  Then…go home and start selling! 5-48

Download ppt "Welcome to the World of Selling on eBay. Copyright Information  This information is copyright © 2010, eBay Inc. All rights reserved. No part of these."

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