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MEDIA GUIDE 2011 P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 33747 1-888-578-1190.

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1 MEDIA GUIDE 2011 P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 33747 1-888-578-1190

2 ADVANTAGES OF ADVERTISING IN WWW.LOCALGAYBUSINESS.COM P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190 LGB is the only International LGBT Online Business and Organizational Directory functioning on real-time and able to respond to the exhaustive demands of a world-wide directory. LGB offers the highest quality of professionalism in marketing and advertising to the LGBT International and National communities. LGB highlights and promotes the as individuals, businesses, organizations,professionals and their friends in the LGBT community that create positive actions that move us forward in consciousness, personal and community growth. LGB is the most affordable LGBT International Directory online and includes all the additional non-profit listings for free if they fulfill our qualifying criteria. LGB is currently reporting researched information for all 50 states of the United States, The US Virgin Islands, the US Territory of Puerto Rico,, Amsterdam, A rgentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, the Netherlands, and Wales.

3 POLICIES P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190 is published daily as an online business and organizational directory to the LGBT community and their friends worldwide by Phoenix Rising From The Ashes, LLC. The Publisher is Serenity Publishing. The sexual orientation of the advertisers, sales agents, photographers, writers or any other persons portrayed in should neither be inferred or implied by their publication. All written copy, display copy, illustrations and photographs are published with the understanding that the advertisers are fully authorized and have secured written proper written consent for the use of all submitted as materials. Advertiser warrants that may fully publish said materials and advertiser(s) agree upon submission of any materials for publication to hold the Publisher harmless for all expenses stemming from such publication, and to assume all liability for any expense, loss or damages, incurred as a result of publication. accepts no responsibility for ads created by outside agencies or individuals or for errors or omissions in any published ad and cannot be held liable for any loss or damages resulting from failure to publish any ad or to print and distribute the advertised online service. reserves the right to edit or reject any listing or advertisement that the Publisher believes is in poor taste or which advertises or promotes illegal items or activities. Advertisers agree prior to placing listings and/or advertisements that if there is a publication error by our online business, the liability of is limited to the cost of the ad, by credit only. lists of advertisers are confidential and will not be sold or marketed to a others; reproduction in whole or part of ads or copy is impermissible without the written consent of the Publisher.

4 DIRECTORY CONTENTS P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190 ADDICTION RECOVERY RESOURCES As in any community, there are those who are suffering from addictions and are searching for help. Their loved ones are also looking for support. We offer a myriad of listing of websites, meetings, live online meetings and chat rooms where folks can access free help. ADOPTION SERVICES Do you long for the pitter patter of little feet? Adoption agencies top this list of services for all those looking to adopt children from all over the world. AIR CONDITIONING We are a group of people who love our fun in the sun, but when it’s time to come in out of the heat, we want our air conditioner to be in tip top shape. If you are looking for a gay-friendly HVAC professional, this is where to look. ALL NATURAL HEALING PRODUCTS Nothing heals better than mother nature herself. This section is dedicated to natural healing products and products made from all natural materials that promote a healthy lifestyle. ARCHITECTS Whether you are looking to support the gay professional community or are seeking someone with a flair for ingenious creative space, this is the place to start looking for all your architectural needs. ATHLETICS Got game? If you are looking for Gay and lesbian oriented athletic groups, and athletic- related organizations, sprint through this listing.

5 DIRECTORY CONTENTS P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190 ATTRACTIONS Gay-owned tour companies, sightseeing organizations, and novelty destinations are listed in this happening list. Whether it’s cable cars or lighthouses that rev you up, you can connect with a gay-owned company to show it to you in this section. AUTOMOBILIES & MOTORCYCLES This category includes American and European automobile repairs and sales and motorcycle repairs and sales. Visit a gay-friendly dealer today. BAKERIES Cream puffs and cakes, pastries and pies, hot buns and fresh bread are yours for the purchasing at one of these gay-owned establishments. Can you say Mmmmm? BANKS This list contains banks, both local and international, which have a policy and reputation of maintaining gay-friendly relationships and business practices. BARS We listed gay and gay friendly bars together but separately from restaurants. Bars may serve food but the intention and attention is on alcohol. Whether you want to meet new prospects or just want to hang out, you can find what you are looking for in this comprehensive bars directory. LGBT-friendly establishments internationally are listed here. The quest to eat, drink, and be merry begins right here. BIKE & SCOOTER RENTALS Beep Beep! Zing! Take a ride on the boardwalk through these gay-owned and -friendly bike and scooter rental companies. BOOK STORES Looking for gay-themed books or videos? Like the eclectic feel of those OUT book shops? There’s nothing like a bookstore specifically aimed at our community to make you feel at home. Get the real story here.

6 DIRECTORY CONTENTS P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190 BUSINESS AND ORGANIZATIONAL DIRECTORY It is our intention to create and maintain the most accurate international business and organizational listings. We currently maintain listings in thirty (38) countries and territories. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Do you have a dream? Would you like to be financially secure? Have you figured out that JOB means Just Over Broke? If you are willing to grow and change and learn new systems, contact any of the companies listed in this directory. CAMPGROUNDS Pass the marshmallows and stroke the fire! It’s time to go camping! Plan your visit to one of the many gay-friendly and gay-owned campgrounds listed here from around the nation. CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE Chambers of Commerce are the business advocates and direct links between LGBT business owners, corporations and government, representing the interest of more than 1.4 million LGBT businesses and entrepreneurs. provides a complete listing of national and international LGBT-friendly Chambers of Commerce for business and non-business owners. CHIROPRACTORS Away from home and need an adjustment? Pick a friendly local chiropractor from among the listings here. COFFEE SHOPS From lattes and pumpkin soup to meeting venues and wireless internet, coffee shops have increased in popularity among those in the LGBT community. This category is due to our love of java!

7 DIRECTORY CONTENTS P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190 COMEDY Got a gay funny bone? We are a people who have learned to laugh at ourselves and our own unique sensibilities and mannerisms. If you are looking for LGBT comedy at its best, check out this list of comedy venues from around the world. COMMUNITY CENTERS & SUPPORT Whether it’s a pride center, gay alliance or LGBT-related support group that you desire, the search starts here in our comprehensive list of centers and support groups. COMPUTERS & COMPUTER REPAIR No LGBT directory is complete without a complete guide to computer-related services. From repair to parts to software and devices, you’ll find gay-friendly techie stuff here. CONFERENCES This category is for conferences that are open to the LGBT community and their friends. CRISES HOTLINES - FREE It’s a free call to talk to someone who cares and knows how you feel. Please use it. DANCING Whether it’s gay-friendly dance lessons or a venue to dance with your special someone that you seek, check out this list of great dance venues, lessons and gay-friendly dancing opportunities. There’s nothing like openly strutting your stuff with the one you love. DOMAIN REGISTRATION/PURCHASE This site offers you the opportunity to purchase domains, park domains, look up domains, purchase SSL certificates, buy bulk domains, buy websites and create your own online business! DOMESTIC VIOLENCE & SUPPORT SERVICES Being members of the gay community doesn’t immunize us from the societal problems of today. If you or someone you love is a victim of domestic violence, check out this list of support services and domestic violence resources.

8 DIRECTORY CONTENTS P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190 DRAG The art of Drag has been with us for thousands of years. If you love to hang where the Kings and Queens strut their stuff, take a gander in this directory to find a primo stage near you. You can even book a drag queen for your viewing pleasure! ELECTRICIANS Having an issue with something electrical? No need to send up a kite. Help from a gay- friendly electrician is only a click away! EMBROIDERY & DESIGN Need your business logo embroidered on your employee shirts? Want to strut a particular message for your pride event? If it has to do with garment printing, embroidery design, garment digital design embroidery or converting digital material to clothing, this is the place to start. FINANCIAL DIRECTORY Professionally licensed and registered financial specialists from all over the world list their services in hopes of helping you to create financial stability, investment portfolios and retirement accounts. The buck stops here if you need financial help! FOSTER CARE SERVICES For those of us who answer the call to provide foster care for children in need of a time out or temporary home, this list of gay-friendly organizations and services may be the place to start. GAY & LESBIAN MERCHANDISE Rainbows and triangles, things to slip on and off – if it’s got a gay theme or is something the LGBT community would want to buy, you might find it among the businesses listed in this part of the directory.

9 DIRECTORY CONTENTS P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190 GAY RODEO Can you imagine? Cowboys...horses...spurs...leather… hmmhmm! GLSEN - GAY, LESBIAN & STRAIGHT EDUCATION NETWORK If you work or study in a school community and seek an alliance with a group that strives to assure that you or those you love or teach are valued and respected in your school community, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression, GLSEN might be a good place to start your search. GLSEN openly welcomes membership from those from all occupations, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. GIFT SHOPS Need to find that special eclectic something that is just right for someone you care about? Check out this list of LGBT-friendly and –owned gift shops. GRAPHIC DESIGN Nothing expresses who you or your business is like a good graphic design. Listed in this directory are the best LGBT-owned printing, design, sign and banner companies around, uniquely qualified to understand who you are and present you in the best light. HEALING CENTERS Our understanding of a healing center is a place where someone licensed and trained has a healing space and can provide therapeutic massage, Reiki energy work, healing energy work, aromatherapy, etc on your body temple. HEALTH COLLECTIVES Health education resources, health collectives and Health funds are among the organizations represented in this listing. Search here for those LGBT Health Collectives who concentrate on gay health issues. HEARING IMPAIRED For those who seek a rainbow alliance for the deaf, we have listed on several organizations that cater to that specific demographic.

10 DIRECTORY CONTENTS P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190 HIGHER EDUCATION DIRECTORY We are the first to list Higher Education Resources with our Directory. College and University Resource Centers, Transgendered Groups, Lesbian Positive Groups and Scholarship Information is listed within this category for undergraduate, graduate, medical and law studies. At this time we have the most complete listings of scholarships offered to LGBT teens and older returning students. In addition, we include Higher Education Alumni listings, College and University Resources and Lesbian Resources. HIV/AIDS CASE MANAGEMENT & SUPPORT SERVICES No one wants to hear the words that indicate that life as they know it is about to change. Often it’s difficult to know where to turn or what to do next. For this reason, we’ve listed education, case management and advocacy organizations specifically focused on HIV/AIDS. HOMELESS COALITIONS Everyone needs help at one time or another. If someone you love is homeless and needs a gay-friendly organization to help, search for a house or coalition near you in this section of the directory. INTERNATIONAL LGBT COMMUNITY RESOURCES LGBT Community Resources from out of the United States and may include a few of the US resources that are large enough to handle the issues. JEWELRY Handmade and LGBT-unique jewelry accent this listing of jewelry establishments from around the world. Find something to adorn yourself or the one you love from among these talented ornamental artists. LAWN MAINTENANCE Yes, we even list lawn maintenance services on!

11 DIRECTORY CONTENTS P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190 LEGAL ADVOCACY If you have need of an advocate to help fight for your rights, this directory will help you find an organization which specializes in LBGT-related issues. Legal defense funds, gay immigration organizations, and service veterans’ legal defense organizations are among those listed. LEGAL DIRECTORY Need an attorney or a legal advocate? We have a Legal Directory that includes lawyers and law firms from all over the country that are either LGBT-friendly or LGBT-owned. When the need arises to list international lawyers, we will do so. LESBIAN ONLY If you are female and want to hang with other females, check out this section of the directory. Festivals, support groups, community centers, concerts, lesbian media, organizations, dating sites, magazines and all things women only are listed here. LODGING Whether you need overnight gay-friendly accommodations or need an extended stay establishment, what you seek can be found here. Hotels and motels, condos and cabanas, guest houses, and vacation bungalows populate this directory of establishments worldwide catering to the LGBT community. MASSAGE THERAPY SERVICES This list of massage therapy and massage therapists is a hands on task. Browse through this list of massage centers and places with gay-friendly Reiki masters on staff. MEDIATORS This is a list of professionally trained arbitrators who help settle personal conflicts and mediate court issues.

12 DIRECTORY CONTENTS P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190 MEDIA DIRECTORY Listed here are professional businesses that share the intention of getting accurate and valuable information out to the gay community in a timely manner through a plethora of venues: Print, radio, internet, video, tv, etc. MEDICAL DIRECTORY We have a Medical Directory on the site that includes doctors, medical practices, holistic healing centers and hospitals that are either LGBT-friendly or LGBT-owned. MEN ONLY Ladies? This category is for the guys only! Gentlemen? Enjoy! MEN’S GROUPS Want to share ideas and associate with activity-specific groups that cater to men? Look here for everything from wellness and community centers to social networking. MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES Therapists, counselors, and mental health organizations and facilities populate this list of gay-friendly mental health professionals and centers. METAPHYSICAL Looking for a metaphysical shop or church? Want to take a class or connect up with a group that focuses on metaphysical concerns and belief systems? Search this section of the directory for all your metaphysical needs. MOVIE THEATERS Want to go to a movie theater where great LGBT films and foreign flicks are all the rage? Peruse this list to find a great venue for your next film outing. MUSEUMS From contemporary art to classical sculpture, this list of museums will temp your cultural palate. This list includes museums that both cater to the LGBT taste as well as those gay- owned and –friendly.

13 DIRECTORY CONTENTS P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190 MUSICAL ENSEMBLES Ever want to join an LGBT musical ensemble in your area? This listing is for you! It includes choruses and bands within our LGBT community all over the world. Examples of this include gay men’s choruses, mixed choral groups, rock bands, and other organized volunteer musicians and singers. MUSICIANS FOR HIRE We are a community of extremely talented musicians. Here are some of the best for hire for your party, wedding, or event! NATIONAL COMMUNITY RESOURCES We list National Community Resources all in one convenient location to ensure that folks needing information can assess it quickly and with assurance of its accuracy. NATIONAL/INTERNATIONAL LGBT FESTIVALS DIRECTORY There is no doubt that we are a festive community and that we enjoy socializing with each other! Film, Pride, Arts, Music etc. We list all official national and international pride festivals, film festivals, arts festivals, women's festivals, men's festivals, and a conference listing to assure that our information is exhaustive. We have hundreds of festivals in our listings with additions regularly posted. NEIGHBORHOODS Make this list and you need to be extra proud! This is the list of well known/nationally known Gay neighborhoods. Honey! The real estate values just went up! NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS Products that will help your body feel better, get stronger, lose weight and/or eliminate deficiencies.

14 DIRECTORY CONTENTS P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190 OUTDOOR ADVENTURE Everything from adventure groups, hand gliding, kayaking and canoeing, boat rentals and high adventure outfits are listed in the adventure directory. If it's fun and LGBT friendly and outdoor adventurous, you'll find it in this playground of exciting activities. PETS Most of us have a four-legged best friend who is more loyal than our partners have been. This directory for pet lovers includes listings of groomers, veterinarians, pet products and nutritional support. PFLAG – PARENTS & FRIENDS OF LESBIANS AND GAYS PFLAG provides support and resources for the parents and friends of lesbians and gays. PFLAG family members can find a complete directory of PFLAG organizations internationally in this separately listed directory. PLUMBERS Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh, what a relief it is to have this fine group of plumbing professionals on the job. It’s not a pipe dream! POLITICAL GROUPS Make your voice be heard by checking out the listings in this directory. Political advocacy, political action committees, Gay Republican and Gay Democrat groups can all be found here. Be the change you want to see in the world! PRINT MEDIA High quality printing for your business and home endeavors abound in this directory of printing and media services gay-owned and –friendly. Get your next printing needs met here!

15 DIRECTORY CONTENTS P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190 PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS Realtors associations, medical organizations, professional pilots’ organizations, IGLTA, the Gay Rodeo Association, National Gay and Lesbian Journalist organizations, and government LGBT organizations are listed in this section of the directory. If you are looking for an organization to support your profession, this is a good place to start. PSYCHICS/READERS Can you guess what the future holds? Maybe not, but this group of talented professional psychics and readers may be able to get close to the truth. From card reading to palmistry, you’ll find gay-friendly psychic resources abound! PUBLISHERS Do you need a gay-friendly publisher? We’ve got many of them listed here. Take that book you wrote a while back off the shelf and dust it off! REAL ESTATE DIRECTORY Looking to buy a home, lease a house or relocate? National and international listings for real estate agents, mortgage brokers, title insurance brokers and land surveyors list in this directory. Renting, buying, selling and investing are all accommodated. RESORTS Overnight accommodations and fun places to play, pay and stay are listed in this directory. Resorts listed here to spoil yourself and others include bed and breakfasts, resort spas, men- and women-only venues, retreats and much more. RESTAURANTS Restaurants, defined here as places where the intention is on eating and fine dining, establishments that cater more to dining and non-bar food. They may serve alcohol. SALONS & DAY SPAS It doesn't matter what gender you are if you want to feel pampered. Look on this list to find the closest LGBT salons and day spas for your next luxurious experience.

16 DIRECTORY CONTENTS P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190 SENIORS RESOURCES Included in this directory are LGBT-friendly aging projects and aging programs, senior organizations, assisted living organizations, SAGE resources, OLOC resources, and much more! SIGNS & BANNERS Signs and Banners! You want them? We'll make them! We are some of the most creative people in this Universe! SPIRITUAL CONSULTING This category is for folks who are searching for answers to some of life's toughest questions. Perhaps some guidance could help steer them in a new direction or a new way of thinking which leads to a new way of being. SPIRITUALITY The LGBT community has a diverse sense of spirituality and can be found in many places of worship or sacred places. This category includes listings for UFMCC, Non-UFMCC Christian Churches, Jewish Synagogues, Muslim Mosques, Unitarian Universalist Churches, Pagan Resources, Wiccan Resources, New Age Resources, Science of Mind, Religious Science, A Course in Miracles, and 12-Step Recovery information. STATE COMMUNITY RESOURCES We list non-profit resources in the states separately from national resources. This category includes but, is not limited to, community centers, AIDS/HIV support, local community resources, case management, youth resources and counseling services. THEATRE All the world’s a stage with this international directory dedicated to all things dramatic. This is a listing of theatre companies and stage theatres all over the world. Honey, you know we ARE the theatre.

17 DIRECTORY CONTENTS P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190 THE PRESS ROOM We are the only site, national or international, that has a PRESS ROOM with nationally based news media services offered all in one location. The reader can review news from various locations throughout the United States -from San Francisco to Maine, from Dallas to Boston, from Wichita to Washington, D.C., from Seattle to New York, and from Chicago to Orlando! THRIFT STORES Need something new-to-you at a bargain price? Treasure hunting for gently used gems? Here is your starting place! TRANSGENDER RESOURCES All things transgendered can be found in this section. This resources directory was created to support and education transgendered people and their families. It includes everything from scholarship funds to veteran associations that administer to and support this community. TRAVEL & TOURISM We are a community that likes to travel. International travel consultants, tours, educational information and websites are available here to help meet all your travel needs and to provide opportunities for you to visit the world. TUTORING Offering coaching and educational assistance for various needs, these groups and individuals seek to be your link to success. UPHOLSTERY Looking to repair, replace or create upholstery for your home, business, or other personal use? These businesses will fill that need.

18 DIRECTORY CONTENTS P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190 WEB SERVICES Whether you need to create a website, grab a domain name, set up business financial networks, media marketing and advertisement, find a good business printing service, create a blog, graphic design, set up SSL services or just need how to make the internet work best for your business, you can find what you need listed here on Stop here for all your business needs. WEDDING & EVENT SERVICES Here come the brides! A myriad of things go into making your same sex wedding or gay event just right. Whether it’s a wedding planner or a party planner you need, you’ll find it here in our directory. Bottoms up! WINE & VINEYARDS Ahh...the fruit of the vine! How delightful... how...delicious! WOMEN & WOMYN ONLY These listings are for women/womyn only. Womens Groups...groups made just for women/womyn. YOUTH RESOURCES This category includes listings of support and information that may facilitate a gentler coming out process for LGBT youth. Listings include youth community centers, Rainbow Youth Alliance, gay youth programs, national help lines, case management, HIV assessment, referral and resource for substance abuse, and education services.

19 -Leo Burnett Sources: Witeck-Combs Communications, Harris Interactive, Simmons Gay & Lesbian Markey Studies, MRI Advocate Subscriber Studies, Community Marketing, Inc. Gay & Lesbian Consumer Index, Gay & Lesbian Market Research Reports, U.S. Census data. South Florida Gay News TARGET CONSUMER P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190 It is estimated that there are approximately 30-50 million self identified as LGBT individuals worldwide. The annual Value of the Gay & Lesbian Market is 815 billion in the United States. Over one-in-five GLBT households have children Most important voting issue: Lesbians – gay marriage Gay Males – the economy South Florida’s and South West Florida's combined gay and lesbian population may be one of the largest, and, from a demographic standpoint, one of the most attractive, with a full-time GLBT population of easily 1,000,000 Among GLBT individuals who identify themselves as consumers of news, 94% at­tended or graduated college; 89% are employed; 66% own their primary residence and the average value of their primary residence exceeds $160,800 Purchasing Behavior: other things being equal, GLBT consumers believe companies should do the following when reaching out to the GLBT population: advertise in gay media (72%); establish and publicize progressive policies towards GLBT employees (71%); show GLBT images in advertising (50%) When GLBT consumers conduct business, it is important their financial institutions:... are very knowledgeable and experienced (89%);... have friendly and responsive employees (80%);... provide fast, efficient service (78%);... have competitive pricing (70%);... provide a variety of methods to access accounts (65%);... are convenient to where they live or work (64%);... have inclusive policies and ban discrimination against people like them (57%) LGBT consumers most frequently use their credit cards for a) entertainment expenses b) travel expenses c) emergencies The top three financial worries of GLBT consumers are a) loans and debts b) healthcare costs c) retirement The three most attractive features for GLBT consumers when choosing credit cards are a) interest rate b) credit limit c) good rewards program LGBT Consumers dine out per week 3.5 times LGBT Weekly spending on alcohol (median) $31 Advertising says to people: "Here's what we've got. Here's what it will do for you. Here's how to get it."

20 BY THE NUMBERS P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190  88% of gay newspaper readers say they would be more likely to support businesses which advertise in a gay publication than ones that did not  64% of LGBT consumers are very open about their sexuality with close friends  63% of LGBT consumers purchased a cell phone last year  32% of LGBT consumers have at least two telephone lines in their home  25% of LGBT consumers purchased a car last year  43% of LGBT consumers plan to purchase/lease a new vehicle in the next 24 months (compared to 30% of heterosexuals) It is estimated that there are approximately 30-50 million self- identified as LGBT individuals worldwide  73% of LGBT consumers plan to redecorate their house or apartment (compared to 65% of heterosexuals)  48% of LGBT consumers spend more than 16 hours weekly online (excluding email)  9% of LGBT consumer time spent online is dedicated to Internet commerce  77% went to see at least one first run movie;  18.0% Purchased a plasma or HDTV in the last year  28 % Gay & Lesbian households have income greater than $50,000 per year.  88.3 % buy products and services of national business because of the advertising.  60% took a foreign trip in the last three years.  51 % plan to take a foreign trip within the next year.  96% ate at a full service restaurant;  76% went to a nightclub;  73% purchased cd's;  39% Have guardian of a cat  48% Have guardian of a dog  3% Drive a hybrid car  52% Prefer vodka among spirits In the next 12 months: 77% plan to see a live theatre performance 56% plan to see a live band performance 52% plan to purchase mutual funds 53% plan to purchase insurance

21 BANNERS P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190 Banners are available in numerous categories, locations and price points. There are two types of banners on this site: rotating and exclusive banners. Rotating banners move each time someone clicks on the site currently thousands of times per day. Once you get in the rotating banners you gain a great opportunity to lock in for one to five years. Exclusive banners remain in their same location and are purchased annually with the option to keep the location for the following year. This is important to the advertiser because once you find a niche market and are making a great return on investment you usually don't want to lose that position. Exclusive banners are available to run on the Home Page and Major Pages such as National Community Resources Page, International Community Resources Page, Press Room and Festivals Pages. These are the highest demand pages. The next level are the Category Pages. Ever category has its own banner space. States page banners are available for all fifty states plus Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Cities page banners are available in three tiers: Metro Cities (Highest demand); Major Cities (Major Demand) and Smaller Cities (Consistent Demand). Metro Cities include, but, are not limited to: New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Hollywood, Seattle, Detroit, Phoenix, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Washington, D.C., Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Key West, Provincetown, Copenhagen, London, Mexico City, Dublin, Jerusalem, Edinburg, Brussels, Puerto Vallarta, Rio de Janeiro, Munich, Paris, etc Major Cities include capitals of states and high populated areas in the United States, and non Metro areas of International countries. Smaller Cities and Towns complete the offerings with the ability to reach the true locals. There are five sizes/location areas of banners available for purchase: 125 x 125 Small square 234 x 60 Medium rectangle 468 x 60 Tall right side 468 x 60 Tall left side 728 x90 Bottom footer All banners include one listing and website link.

22 BANNER RATES P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190 EXCLUSIVE BANNERS Run in a locked in location of the highest demand pages. $1500-$4000 annually based on size Home PageMajor PagesCategoriesStates 468 x 60$4000/yr$2800/yr$2400/yr$2000/yr 160 x 600$3600/yr$2400/yr$2000/yr$1600/yr 125 x 125$1500/yr$1200/yr$1000 /yr$800 /yr 728 x 90Call for Pricing: 888-578-1190 (must be approved by advertiser) Metro AreaMajor CityCity/Town 468 x 60$2400/yr$2000/yr$1600/yr 160 x 600$2100/yr$1800/yr$1400/yr 125 x 125$1800 /yr$1400/yr$1200/yr 728 x 90Call for Pricing: 888-578-1190

23 BANNER RATES P.O. Box 530923, St. Petersburg, FL, 337471-888-578-1190 ROTATING BANNERS Home PageMajor PagesCategoriesStates 468 x 60N/A $1500/yr 160 x 600N/A $1200/yr 125 x 125N/A $900 /yr 728 x 90Call for Pricing: 888-578-1190 (must be approved by advertiser) Metro AreaMajor CityCity/Town 468 x 60$1800/yr$1400/yr$1200/yr 160 x 600$1200/yr$700/yr$600/yr 125 x 125$600 /yr$500/yr$300/yr 728 x 90Call for Pricing: 888-578-1190 We offer customized marketing accounts for those companies who wish to purchase multiple locations. Ask about our discounts for multiple banner packages! Call 888-578-1190 to reserve your placement now!

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