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Presented by Wesley S. Vaughn, Deputy Reno County Sheriff Office

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1 Presented by Wesley S. Vaughn, Deputy Reno County Sheriff Office
OMG Trends in Kansas Presented by Wesley S. Vaughn, Deputy Reno County Sheriff Office

2 About Me Served 9 years with the Sheriff Office. 8 years on Patrol. 7 years investigating gang, register offenders, and other extremist groups. Before the Sheriff Office Case worker for New Beginnings Shelter. Attended University of Michigan with degrees in Sociology and Political Science. Local kid born and raised in Sterling KS. Grew up with my wife of 8 years. I have 2 girls that have given me my grey hair. Treasurer for Kansas Gang Investigators Association. Member for 6 years. A brief plug for KGIA,

3 Objectives Learn recent history of OMG in KS that have brought us to the current state. Learn or perhaps review officer safety concerns with OMGs. What known 1% groups work and reside in KS.

4 OMG History in KS from 2007 to 2014

5 No time for ancient history
Briefly: You can find OMG incidents starting from the 70’s and 80’s in most LE agencies. Our focus is the recent expansion seen in the last several years that are based out of events starting in 2007.

6 2007 A Bad Start OMG’s region wide had been in decline.
Big 3 in KS; Sons of Silence, El Forastero, Galloping Goose were aging and had declining memberships. Federal Cases had been also whittling down the numbers and upping the risks to memberships. But we dropped the ball.

7 Young Guns/new blood Focus on SOS outfit. With its clubhouse in Reno County. National takes a new direction in recruitment. Younger Statewide President, KS Tim. KS Tim has vision and is smarter than he looks.

8 To the support clubs / AAA team
Learning from how we investigate OMG’s look to Support clubs for recruitment.

9 Westward ho Bikers Support club Silent Brothers recruit members in and around Liberal KS. SOS set up clubhouse for support club in Liberal KS. Silent Brothers members become SOS members. Liberal is now SOS Clubhouse.

10 Wichita 2009 Other OMG outfits do not expand.
Hells Lovers set up shop in Wichita and KC-K/KC-MO. Bandidos toy with setting up in Wichita. Decide against it cause of SOS.

11 Topeka 2010 SOS expansion into second club house in Topeka. Establish East and West chapters. Majority of SOS Leadership lives in area. Hutchinson historical influence with SOS Nationals keeps it functioning.

12 Kansas City Area 2009 KC-MO LE create cases that causes power vaccum in El Forastero and Galloping Goose. Vagos intial 1% to enter KCMO and set up clubhouse. Break unwritten treaty starts a free for all. Now SOS, Mongols, and Bandidos have a presence in KC area and Missouri as a whole. Outlaws are rumored to be a presence in KC area.

13 KS OMG Outfits 2014 Not Since 1980’s have OMG populations been this large. This from KS Tim. SOS have Clubhouses in Liberal, Hutchinson, Topeka and in KC-MO. Also recruiting in other cities. El Forastero and Galloping Goose remain in Wichita and KC areas. Rumor of expansion into Easter KS along I-135. Hells Lovers friendly with SOS remain in Wichita and KC areas. Members of Bandidos, Mongols, and Hells Angels live in and near KS.

14 So what sort of OMG member is in kansas
Younger, running from mid 20’s to mid 40’s. Criminal history is minimal for many. We have some in KS that have concealed carry permits. Have been in support clubs or other 1% outfits. Military experience is a bonus and is sought after. Have a history of substance abuse. Course the old guard is still here and teaching the young.

15 OMG’s making money Most work 9-5.
That money is not enough to satisfy club obligations. And we are talking about OMG’s.

16 OMG’s Criminal enterprises
Drugs Guns Stolen goods Human trafficking

17 Counter surveillance by OMG
OMG efforts have tactical and strategic importance. OMG’s rely primarily on human assists but are involved in electronic countermeasures. Internet/social media is a two way street of information.

18 More on Human assets Difference between Street Gang and OMG outfits.
More assets we care to admit are involved in and around LE and Government agencies. Personal history.

19 Law enforcement encounters
Traffic Stops Interview/Interrogation during the course of an investigation. Other encounters while completing your daily tasks and assignments. Regardless assume a weapon is on the person or nearby. In encounters outside it is rare for the OMG to be on his own or have no contacts that are close by.

20 Traffic Stop One of the more common contacts LE will make.
The following slides are from what I have learned and experienced with OMG Outfits. Other instructors have different approaches. Please continue your education by seeking out Matt Lynch and Scott Nace.

21 Info, info, info Pre-Stop Observations
Unsure whether group or solitary biker is part of a 1% or support club treat as such until you have proven to yourself otherwise. Dispatch is your friend here so be descriptive. With Bike, With Rider, With cut or cuts of riders. Description of cut and bike are important for other’s response and follow up if things get hairy.

22 Stop & Have Confidence Whether a solitary biker or in a small to large group Rule 1 Control the stop. Rule 2 assume a weapon is readily available to the biker. Pad lock, Helmet, handlebar. When you make the stop have the biker keep the kickstand up. Gives more control. Resistance from biker inform him you will explain why after the stop is completed and before he is on his way. Helmet if in use is to be taken off. Trade off between weapon in hand or his head is a weapon. Personal choice for me have the helmet hang on the handlebar.

23 What are you looking for.
Criminal Activity. Information on set and or rival/other sets. Simple Traffic stop and the information collected. Of the 1st two how successful you are will be dependent on the situation. Remember be smart about this do not be the guy that makes bad case law.

24 Keep Your head on a swivel
You have to consider the mobility of bikers while conducting your stop. Even if there is only one at the start of your stop expect that others will show up. Not all the time will they arrive on bikes. Do not think the Old Ladies are harmless.

25 Stop conclusion Always ask to search. Cause you never know.
Take time to explain if he has questions. He is the one opening the dialogue. Write out your account and forward a copy to the gang unit. Keep the original for your files. If there is an arrest no special treatment. They live for that. Follow procedure, Follow procedure, Follow procedure

26 Lets wrap it up OMG’s are as close to organized crime that the state has outside of the Cartels from Mexico. OMG’s are still attempting to keep a low key. As numbers increase and open territory is claimed violence will become the 1st option. OMG’s are no longer aging long grey haired men w/ beards. OMG’s are sophisticated and adaptable to LE tactics. Keep your head up and your wits about you.

27 Thank You!! Wesley Vaughn Reno County Sheriff Office
210 W. 1st Hutchinson, KS 67501 & &

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