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Costin Pecingină Executive Director. Made in Germany.

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1 Costin Pecingină Executive Director

2 Made in Germany

3  Founded in Bochum, Germany in 1985.  Global head office & development: Bochum.  Security solutions for home and business.  Solutions available in 90+ countries.  ~ 400 employees worldwide.  Offices in Austria, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Poland and Spain.  Nine subsidiaries worldwide: six in Europe, two in Asia and one in the United States. OFFERING SECURITY SOLUTIONS WORLDWIDE

4 MORE THAN 29 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE 2013 1987 2008 1989 2005 1990 1986 1985 1997 1999 2001 1997 1987 1988 1998 1988 2013 2001 198519871995200020012002200320052008 Development of Double Scan Technology Launch of business products Entered the Asian market First in world to integrate Cloud Security Technology Founded in Bochum, Germany by K. Figge Establishment of first foreign subsidiary Implementation of Finger- printing Technology Conversion into a stock cooperation 20122013 Launch of world’s first Antivirus software Integration of BankGuard Launch of CloseGap Technology

5  Based on typically high German standards, with no backdoors.  Our SecurityLabs provide unparalleled analysis of and protection from malware, security risks, vulnerabilities and spam.  G DATA SecurityLabs recently discovered and analyzed a highly sophisticated, complex spyware: Uroburos.  Rootkit Uroburos is designed to steal highly sensitive secret information from major networks such as national institutions, intelligence services or large corporations. TECHNOLOGY BASED ON GERMAN STANDARDS

6 Official G Data Statement G Data does not work together with the NSA, the CIA or any other intelligence agencies or investigating authorities. G Data security software does not contain any backdoors for state agencies or organisations — G Data issued a clear statement on this issue in 2011. US Patriot Act and IT Security The introduction of the USA Patriot Act …. in 2001 removed almost all leeway for US-based companies. By law, they are under obligation to collaborate with authorities such as the NSA or the CIA. Applying this general obligation to American IT security providers, such as anti-virus providers for instance, this would also require them to collaborate with the intelligence services.


8  “Offers the best protection” based on comparison test results of the highly respected German organization “Stiftung Warentest” – winning seven times in a row.  Attaining awards and certificates across the world.  Excellent customer service and support, with a high customer loyalty rate. High quality proven by consistently and persistently winning awards and certificates worldwide. AWARDS / CERTIFICATES DEMONSTRATE QUALITY

9  As more and more of our lives are lived online, cyber-criminals are increasingly attracted to the worldwide shopping and communication platform provided by the Internet.  Cyber-attacks are getting more intelligent as well as technically advanced; criminals are getting more professional.  The number of new malware types remains at the same level as previously: the first half of the year saw the appearance of 1,848,617 new signature variants.  Since 2006, G DATA SecurityLabs has recorded 15,197,308 new malware types.  Statistically, a new malware type is discovered every 8.6 seconds. TRENDS AND CURRENT THREATS Consistent increase of malware demonstrates an increasing threat.

10  Overall the Top 10 make up a share of 80.3% of all classified websites, which is a significant 8.3% more than even in the previous half year. The Top 5 alone are responsible for 59.0%.  A growing number of websites are manipulated by cyber-criminals; one visit to a manipulated website is enough to infect your computer.  All kinds of websites are being manipulated, for example news, sport betting, or even children’s sites.  Theme of a website is no indicator of whether the website is likely to be infected or harmless. TRENDS AND CURRENT THREATS Everybody surfing the Internet is in danger, no matter which websites is visited.

11  Growth in the use of smartphones to access the Internet has created another potential route for the spread of malware.  Growth in data mobility has led to increasing incidents of online industrial espionage and intellectual property theft.  Number of licenses for Mobile Device Management increased dramatically in the past four years.  In business, the ratio of Internet access is shifting from desktop PCs towards mobile devices. TRENDS AND CURRENT THREATS Cyber-attacks are happening across all kind of devices, including smartphones and tablets.

12  Exploit kits have been as active as ever  The criminals behind the banking Trojans have also been infecting large numbers of computers recently, using massive waves of spam as their starting point.  Depending on the type of malware, a particular focus of the attackers is banking and financial services providers.  In principle, two formats need to be distinguished in attacks by banking Trojans: there are invisible attacks, and attacks from the social engineering sector. BANKING: Trends in the Trojan market The banking Trojans sector remains the most lucrative in the underground economy

13  825 different targets were attacked by the banking Trojans investigated  On average, the Top 25 targets determined were attacked by 8.68% of the banking Trojans investigated; the Top 100 targets were attacked by 4.69% on average, and all 825 targets by 0.83%.  Of the Top 25 targets of attack, 12 come from the USA, 6 from the United Kingdom and 4 from Canada. Hence 88% of the targets of attack were located in English-speaking countries. Two payment service providers came from Russia and just one bank in the top list came from Germany. BANKING: Trends in the Trojan market * Source: G DATA

14 All of which can be used to launch cyber-attacks:  Websites and the Internet  Email / Attachments  Manipulated search results  Software  Adware  Bluetooth / USB sticks  Chat / Instant messaging  Captured web servers / DNS hijacking POTENTIAL GATEWAYS FOR MALWARE

15  Use comprehensive security software  Regularly update your software  Send SPAM mails straight to the digital recycle bin  Choose secure and strong passwords  Backup your data  Beware of short URLs  Keep in mind not everyone is your friend  Do not reveal too much about yourself HOW TO SECURE YOUR ONLINE LIFE

16  Detection rate of malware close to 100%.  Active hybrid protection with CloseGap technology closes holes and so is significantly faster than a double engine.  Offers protection against current and future threats.  Software is easy to install, simple to operate and offers excellent performance levels.  Protection runs in the background; your system performance will not slow down. KEEPING UP THE PACE: HIGH DETECTION RATE Total peace of mind due to typically high German standards, with no hidden backdoors.

17 Engines are highly effective against a lot of threats Perfect malware protection Lots of scans are redundant High level of safety through separate scan technologies DoubleScan

18 Focus on the customer Quick reaction Optimized cleaning Geographic specification Increased performance Flexibility in new threat scenarios CloseGap

19 Source: VB100, 04/2014


21 ANTIVIRUS BUSINESS CLIENT SECURITY BUSINESS ENDPOINT PROTECTION BUSINESS SMALL BUSINESS SECURITY Antivirus BankGuard Report Manager Mobile Device Mgmt. Firewall Antispam Policy Manager Mail Security / Backup Patch Management Managed Service Included Optional IT SECURITY SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS

22 IT SECURITY SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS (1/2)  Virus-free clients: for trouble-free, productive working.  Protects your company network using proven, multiple award-winning antivirus technology, central management and automatic protection for all servers, workstations, notebooks and mobile Android devices.  Optional Modules: Mail Security / Backup or Patch Management. ANTIVIRUS BUSINESS  Ready for any threat: with virus protection and client firewall.  Offers the best possible end-to-end protection for company data of any type against threats from viruses, Trojans, spam and hackers.  Provides a secure barrier against virus epidemics, sabotage and theft.  Optional Modules: Mail Security / Backup or Patch Management. CLIENT SECURITY BUSINESS

23  The all-round, no-fuss package: complete protection for networks of any size.  Maximum security through active hybrid protection, using CloseGap technology offering the best reaction times to current threats.  Offers Policy Manager module that controls Internet usage and the use of programs and devices such as USB sticks.  Optional Modules: Mail Security / Backup, Patch Management or Managed Services. ENDPOINT PROTECTION BUSINESS IT SECURITY SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS (2/2)

24 G DATA PatchManagement - Unbroken protection for your company Detection of software vulnerabilities and software inventory Patch prioritization and installation planning Risk assessment and testing of relevant patches Patch deployment & installation Assessment of compliance in the system G DATA PatchManagement offers significant advantages for companies through improved IT security and a simultaneous reduction in costs compared to manual management of software updates.

25  Technology based on German standards.  Offering security solutions worldwide.  Over 29 years experience.  Continuous growth: trusted by customers.  Keeping up the pace: high detection rate.  Easy to use due to a well-structured user interface.  Awards and certificates demonstrate quality.  Excellent customer service and support. 25 WHY G DATA IS THE RIGHT CHOICE

26 26


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