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Candida Albicans The Quiet Epidemic Special Thanks to Barbara Stuart, APRN, NP-C, CEN Integrative Medical Practitioner Presented by Melody Covino.

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1 Candida Albicans The Quiet Epidemic Special Thanks to Barbara Stuart, APRN, NP-C, CEN Integrative Medical Practitioner Presented by Melody Covino

2 What is Candida albicans? A benign sugar fermenting yeast. Integral part of intestinal ecology in small amounts. One of 600 strains of Candida. Can cause disease when overgrowth occurs.

3 Ecological Balance in GI Tract Candida is a yeast that is normally harmless as a single-celled fungus. If it changes into a mycelial form it can take root in tissues and colonize.

4 Candida causes “leaky gut”

5 What causes Candida to grow? Imbalance of GI yeast vs good bacteria. Immune dysfunction: ◦Exposure to toxic metals. ◦Internal toxins from poor digestion. ◦Stress ◦HIV Reduction of good bacteria in the gut: ◦Consumption of refined carbohydrates, alcohol and caffeine. ◦Antibiotics ◦Immunosuppresive medications. Upset in intestinal pH: ◦Acid blocking medications. ◦Decreasing digestive enzymes and HCL as we age.

6 Candida By-products Proliferation of Candida Releases waste products called mycotoxins (poisons) and oxalates. These further weaken the immune system.

7 Auto-Brewery Syndrome Candida Toxic Waste = Acetaldehyde Affects Central Nervous System. Interferes with hormone metabolism: ◦Pituitary ◦Thyroid ◦Adrenal glands Increased blood alcohol levels. ◦Brain fog symptoms

8 Candida By-products Digestion of proteins = beta-alanine. Lowers Taurine levels. ◦Taurine increases uptake of magnesium & potassium inside our cells. ◦Taurine binds toxins and removes them from the liver.

9 Heavy Metals affect Candida Silver amalgam dental fillings have 53% mercury! Mercury has an antibiotic effect. Difficult to control yeast overgrowth.

10 Candida affects all ages & gender Women are more susceptible! Women are 8 times more likely to have a yeast syndrome. Vaginal yeast infections: ◦With Antibiotics ◦During pregnancy ◦Using Oral contraceptives (OCP) Progestin from OCP: ◦Changes vaginal lining ◦Causes release of yeast- feeding sugar into bloodstream. Candida Transmission ◦Sexually ◦Mother to newborn  Thrush  Diaper Rash

11 3 primary causes Parasites Hormonal imbalance Food allergies

12 Predisposing Factors Antibiotics Corticosteroid drugs Compromised Immune System Damp, moldy environment Diet high in refined carbs Mercury fillings Stress Decreased digestive secretions Impaired liver function (NAFLD) Altered bowel flora (bacteria balance) Pregnancy

13 Candida Signs and Symptoms Chronic fatigue Brain fog ( ↑ acetaldehyde) Anxiety Depression Food cravings ◦Sweets, alcohol, carbonated drinks Hyperactivity & learning disabilities Decreased libido Autoimmune disorders Headaches Eczema, psoraisis Muscle aches Arthritis Bladder infections Gas & bloating Constipation and/or Diarrhea Bad breath Rectal itching Sinusitis Burning tongue Nail infections Diaper Rash

14 Causes Major Health Issues Auto-Immune Diseases caused by Leaky Gut Lupus Rheumatoid Arthritis Multiple Sclerosis Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Fibromyalgia Thyroiditis (Hypothyroid) Crohn’s Disease Vitilego Vasculitis Ulcerative Colitis Urticaria (hives) Diabetes

15 Candida = Allergies Mycotoxins in the bloodstream! ◦Normally, the lining of the intestinal tract prevents mycotoxins from entering the blood.  Toxins  Microorganisms  Undigested food particles ◦The body launches an immune reaction that causes the allergic response.

16 Healthy live blood cell analysis vs unhealthy Leaky gut

17 Candida Affects All Systems Candida toxins in the bloodstream filter through the liver. From there, they proceed to other organs. ◦Brain, Nervous System, joints, skin, etc. If impaired liver detoxification ability these toxins will not be eliminated and can initiate states of chronic disease. ◦Inadequate nutrition, poor cellular health and/or toxic overload impair detoxification.

18 Candida Treatment ◦Essential oils  Lemon, melaleuca, oregano.  GX assist capsules Dietary changes!  Gluten free  Diary free  YEAST FREE  Consider other grains  Corn/soy (consider)  Try to do organic meats and eggs Supplements for intestinal health: ◦Probiotics ◦Digestive Enzymes ◦Fiber supplement ◦Omega 3 Oils  DHA, EPA ◦Vitamin D ◦Multivitamin ◦Essential Oils ◦Digestzen, Myrrh, Frankincense, wild orange, lemon.

19 Candida and doTERRA Probiotics ◦Crowds out bad organisms. ◦Uninhabitable environment to yeast. Digestive Enzymes ◦Helps digest and absorb nutrients. ◦Take with meals

20 Candida and doTERRA Omega 3 Fatty Acid ◦Restores moisture to GI tract. ◦At least 2000 mg daily Fiber ◦4-5 grams twice/day ◦Absorbs toxins ◦Reduce “die off” reaction w/Candida Vitamin D3 ◦At least 1,000 iu/day ◦Helps heal leaky gut and decrease inflammation. L-Glutamine Powder

21 Candida and doTERRA Multivitamins ◦Corrects dietary insufficiencies. ◦High potency

22 Liver Detoxification Daily Detoxification ◦Zendocrine  Oral capsules Essential Oil Blend ◦Rub over abdomen in area of the liver ◦Apply to reflex points.

23 Candida and doTERRA Candida Treatment ◦GX Assist (10 days)  Caprylic acid plus essential oils. Essential Oils ◦Oregano, Lemon, Melalueca ◦Take internally ◦Apply to reflex points. ◦Other oils to enhance immune system, onguard plus, DDR prime.

24 Candida and doTERRA Candida Treatment ◦Important to treat Candida aggressively and consistently. ◦Candida can become resistant to some treatments. ◦Essential oils have many constituents making resistance less likely. ◦Mix up your oils when treating Candida. Essential Oils for targeted areas: ◦Thyme & Clary Sage, Clary Calm – female, ◦Coriander & Myrrh – skin ◦Cinnamon – blood sugar ◦Clove – Thyroid ◦Rosemary – Adrenals ◦Grapefruit - Energy ◦Take internally ◦Apply to bottom of feet

25 Candida overgrowth affects 8 out of 10 people. Dietary changes are the single most important change necessary to control Candida. Improve your vitality & energy while preventing inflammation and chronic disease.

26 $10-30% back in free oils on future purchases December incentives 200pv order free frankincense Add Terrazyme capsules Zendocrine capsules On guard essential oil Oregano essential oil Veggie capsules

27 $550, $100 in free oils, 15-30% back in future purchases. December Enrollment incentives… 400pv or Natural solutions kit gets FREE frankincense and Modern essentials book

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