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“A company devoted to change Through organization”

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1 “A company devoted to change Through organization”

2 What is Start Your Collective? Where we are located? What we do: Start Your Collective, Inc. is a consulting firm dedicated to helping you start a compliant Medical Marijuana Collective. We organize your collective in strict compliance with Proposition 215, Senate Bill 420, Attorney General Guidelines, and the California corporation code. Where we are: We are located in San Diego and we are happy to meet with clients in person anytime in San Diego. But, feel free to save your vacation days because we can do all business over the phone, email, and FedEx.

3 Should I organize a Collective? Are you currently cultivating plants to supply Medical Marijuana to patients for medicine? Are you currently providing Medical Marijuana to patients in California? Are you considering operating as a store front Dispensary? Would you like to know the risks and benefits involved with organizing a Medical Marijuana Collective? If you answered YES to any of these questions: Give us a Call !!! 1-800-420-7026

4 We offer 3 different ways for your Collective to operate:

5 Cultivation: Growing medical grade Cannabis is not for the weak of heart. Cultivation involves skills and experience to consistently provide a top notch crop. Are you up for the challenge?

6 Delivery Service : **The form of operation we would recommend most often, having the least amount of risk involved, and the lowest start up cost, this is the best way to operate until your city/county develops Medical Marijuana store front regulations.

7 Dispensary/Store Front ** A popular way to provide MMJ in Southern California. This form of operation comes with the most risk. Cities have either adopted no regulations or don’t allow for store front Dispensaries. Therefore the operator assumes the risk of being shut down by the city or county. Store front Dispensaries open almost everyday in Southern California. But, nobody knows which city will decide to enforce current or new laws on the books.

8 There are risks involved in starting your own Medical Marijuana Business: YOU are currently NOT protected FEDERALLY from arrest, seizure of property and assets, charged with a crime and prosecution in Federal Court. ** This is a rare occurrence however in the State of California. In the State of California you are ONLY protected from prosecution, NOT arrest and seizure!!! Read that twice.. **Let us explain ALL the risks as well as help you stay in compliance with many of the Laws in California.

9 Start Your Collective will provide a comprehensive business package which includes: Approved articles of Incorporation Board of Directors Filing Approved Sellers Permit E.I.N. # Patient Registration Form Membership Agreement Client Code of Conduct/ Hold Harmless Agreement Corporate Bylaws/Minutes Authorization to Transport/Cultivate Notice to Law Enforcement Employment Contract Compliance Review Our Company will organize your medical marijuana business in strict compliance with the California Medical Marijuana Laws Organized over 500 Compliant Marijuana Collectives in California!

10 We offer 3 Different Options for Our Clients: 1.) Emerald Green Package – (Most affordable): $1,599 : Includes 2-3 weeks turnaround time plus 90 days of Compliance Review 2.) Super Silver Package - (Best Value) $1,799 : Includes 2-3 weeks turnaround time plus 365 days of Compliance Review. 3.) Golden State Package – (Express Options) $2,199 : Includes 5-6 business day turnaround time plus 90 days of compliance review. *** Compliance review - gives you the client unlimited phone calls, emails, and text messages concerning the operation of your business. Question’s like: How much can I pay myself as a corporate officer? How do I keep my books without incriminating myself, or my patients? How do I pay taxes? What is the protocol for acecpting new members/patients? Advertising? Company checking account? Credit Card processing? Any and all operational questions for a defined time period are included.

11 Payment options: Credit Card Over the Phone PayPal Bank Of America company checking account Cash in person

12 Ready to open your own Medical Marijuana Collective? Call us today 1-800-420-7026 If no one is able to answer please leave a message with the best way and time to contact you. Thank You -Start Your Collective-

13 Still Looking for more information????? Check out our blog: Check our facebook page for updates:

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